Monday, November 24, 2008

Brandon Heath "I'm Not Who I Was"

When I first heard this song, it made me think of high school. I am not who I was way back when. Personality wise I'm still the same. People could spend 5 minutes with me and realize I'm still the dork I always was. I was the class clown back then and still am. It's what's on the inside that's different. Oh, I'm still the same sinner I always was, still struggling with doing right from wrong. Feeling like I'm living Romans 7 more often than not. But, I have a hope and a future, something I didn't have back then.

I went back and forth between putting up this video or Brandon's new song Give Me Your Eyes which I love. If I keep it in my brain (hahahahaha) that'll be my video next week. Oh, it's so hard not to share my thoughts on that song right now. Thanks for testing my patience Lord. Tonight, for this moment it's working. :)

About I'm Not Who I Was, I also think about those relationships that either weren't very good or ones that I had a negative impact on. I also think about my relationship (or lack thereof) with my dad. I think he knows I'm not who I was, but I don't know.

One thing I've noticed about Brandon's songs is that he's got this clapping thing going on. He has it in this song and Give Me Your Eyes. I have no idea what the instrument is that he uses but I find it intersting that it's been used in the songs have have gone straight to the top. Brandon's songs aren't just feel-good, yippy I'm a Christian songs. They have deeper meanings and challenge us. I appreciate that about his music.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.


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