Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath

Last week I blogged on Brandon's first hit and then I planned on posting his newest song this week. Lo and behold, Sunday at church we had Youth Sunday. The youth pastor talked about the woman at the well. All the disciples left Jesus to go in to town to get food. When the disciples came back, they came back alone. When the woman ran back to tell about her encounter, she returned with much of the town! The disciples, the ones who were with Christ, didn't look around to see all the people around them who needed to come face to face with the Savior! Before and after the sermon, the youth band played this song! It was very meaningful with the message!

Do you walk around during your day not noticing those people who need to encounter the living God through you? Maybe there's someone you see every day: the check out person at the grocery story, gas station attendant, mail person, UPS driver, etc. All those people are right there, and I have no doubt God would love for us to be available to touch their lives!

Without further ado, here's another message filled song Give Me Your Eyes.


Pamela J said...

Great song, video, and post!! I hadn't heard the song before. I have a friend the Lord impressed on me I need to share this with. Thanks.
Pam W

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

Our local radio station plays this song a lot. Love the video. I saw it the first time last week.

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