Saturday, October 22, 2016

Beza Threads Helps End Slavery & Giveaway

Do you know how you go through life hearing about terrible things, but it's always so obscure in your life? One of those things is slavery. When I reached out to Beza Threads to work with them, the reason why it was so important to me is because my daughter's best friend, when she went to college, became very involved ending slavery!

Their main focus is Ethiopia. What's really cool is, their name, Beza, means "redemption." The company was started after a group of students went to Ethiopia and learned about the children sold into prostitution. "Through its partnership with Hope for Children in Ethiopia, one child is freed from slavery for every 240 scarves sold." Boys and girls are lured away from families and sold into prostitution, working in factories, and forced labor.

These scarves are made by teenagers, and they take about 8 hours to complete. It's such a good way for them to learn a skill so that one day they can provide for themselves. You will love the scarves that they make. They're beautiful, affordable, and are for an amazingly good cause.

I wasn't able to do the review before we left, but as soon as we get it, we'll be sharing pictures as soon as my daughter gets it! We're excited to share our experience it with you! In the meantime, be sure to enter the giveaway of one of their scarves!
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Friday, October 21, 2016

How Faucet Face Gives Back & Giveaway

You've had water, nice cold water out of a glass, right?! Isn't that the best taste? There's something to be said about how good it feels going down! When I reached out to Faucet Face to see if they would work with me on a review and giveaway, they jumped on board right away!

Faucet Face believes that everything tastes better in glass. Plastic and metal cans can taint liquid, but glass will help it tasting fresh, and who doesn't want that? When you buy their bottles, you help provide 100 liters of clean water to families in India. Now, I must say we have a connection to India. My 2nd daughter loves it there! She went once for a month when she was 16 with Royal Servants, and recently went with World Race. I know she wants to go back and do Bible translation there.

"Through its 1 for 100 program, Faucet Face donates 2.5% of ALL sales of hose water, tap is terrific and hummingbird feeder glass water bottles, PLUS, a complete filter for each sale of 5 or more individual bottles to the clean drinking water charity Third Millennium Awakening (TMA)."

So here I am, after reaching out to them getting to do a review with three of their glasses. They're the same ones I'll be giving away starting today. Faucet Face has a super cute selection of glasses to choose from. They have their Classic Line, which are the three I was sent. They also have a Limited Edition collection. Then, there's the Custom Design option which I think is fantastic!

I decided to do a fun project to go along with these adorable glasses. Now, you could do this project to fit anything you'd like. I grabbed some leftover scrap wood we had from who knows what, that was sitting in our garage.

First Fred cut three pieces that were equal in length. Those were for the long sides and the bottom. Then we measured the ends for the right fit. Next I put in the bottles to see where I wanted the spacers to go, and cut them down to size. I actually had to run to the hardware store because I didn't have any small head nails. I ended up deciding on wire nails. They had the look I was going for and the right size head.

After I got my bottle holder together, I stained it a brown that's one of my favorites. As I let that dry, I braided the grass rope that I've had sitting in my garage, waiting for a project. To be honest, after I had finished the project, I would've actually done two braids for balance. For me, it's really going to be more decorative than anything.

I'm so excited to give these same three bottles away to one winner! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mitscoots Gives Back & Giveaway


Working with a company like Mitscoots is such an honor for me. Today I've been given the opportunity to do a review their socks that you're going end up loving as much as I do! I've spent years do what I can to help people who are homeless. My first time being introduced to homeless people was with my ex-husband taking blankets and meals to people living on the streets in Seattle. I remember we'd go with people from our church or on our own with our first daughter when she was just a toddler. She made them smile so much!

Then when we lived in Minnesota, we'd go down with the youth group to Salvation Army to feed people who were living on the street. It was amazing watching the children see the start reality of how people lived, but also how they could care for and love on them.

Mitscoots sees how important it is to help those who are in need and employ the transitioning homeless! How do they do that? When you purchase an American made piece of gear, they'll give back an equal quality item! Everything they make is 100% American made in the USA.

I received a couple pairs of their super adorable socks to use as reviews! Honestly, there are so many cute ones to choose from it was hard. The first pair I got are The Independence. Each pair of their socks are part of the #PatternOfGiving. You'll notice at the top of their socks, they have the Mitscoots logo.

The other pair of socks I received were the Noonday! So incredibly cute. The reason they've got the name Noonday and their color is because of a company in Austin, TX that "uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world by developing artisan businesses through fair trade." So much good coming out of our good ol' US of A! I absolutely love the color of their socks, and they fit wonderfully!

Of course, they don't just have socks. Mitscoots also has hats, scarves, t-shits, and more! I'm seriously digging the beanies for the upcoming cold weather. I love the idea of them for gifts, because it's like you're giving twice!

Be sure to enter the giveaway below to win two pairs of Mitscoots socks! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Giving Back With Boot Campaign & Giveaway

I know everyone has a different idea of who a hero is. Mine will always be the men and women who put themselves in a place of protection. Men and women who serve our country! My dad who served in Vietnam as a Marine and my brother who was Army Reserves. Whenever I see a man or woman in uniform, I make sure to thank them. Occasionally I dissolve in a puddle of tears because it's overwhelming what they do for our country.

This is where Boot Campaign comes in. I approached them about working with me to do a review & giveaway because I was incredibly thankful for how they gave back. They agreed and now I have the pleasure of introducing you to them. The boots you see are from their site used with permission!

First, let's talk about boots...combat boots. If you're anything like me, compact boots conjure up visions of men and women in uniform, and how they serve us. It's the perfect place to start! Boot Campaign has a fantastic selection of boots. My favorite boots are the Gratitude Boots. Ok, well, they're a collection of Boot Campaign boots, but they're ones you don't purchase for yourself, they're ones you purchase to give back to a veteran who needs them! Sigh...isn't that the best?

Boot Campaign does have boots to fit everyone in your family. I love that they're representative of the different branches within our military. Check these out as a sample:

They don't only have boots. They have men & women's tops, and a large selection of accessories! Truly something for everyone. You don't have to have someone in the military to appreciate this apparel. Yo, if you're patriotic, you should really own something that shows it, dontcha think?

Wondering how Boot Campaign gives back? I mean other than allowing people to buy a pair of boots for veterans. Let me tell you! They have something called ReBOOT. Here's what they've shared on their site:

"Boot Campaign’s ReBOOT provides a comprehensive, individualized, multi-disciplined approach to increasing mental and physical well-being for our nation’s veterans. Whether combating traumatic brain injuries (TBI), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, or other transitional issues, ReBOOT tackles the root cause of the struggles affecting so many of our brave servicemen and women. This unique program brings together world class mental and physical treatment partners, and thorough diagnostic evaluations, so each veteran gets specific care needed to live a fulfilling life after service."

What better what to give back than in such a tangible way. I appreciate what this company is doing for our military people who have suffered with so much. Wondering how you can be a part of what Boot Campaign is doing? Trust me when I say there's something for everyone! Sure, you could definitely give a monetary donation, but you can also volunteer, join Pushups For Charity, start a fund raiser, attend/host an event, corporate sponsorships, and more! What matters is you getting involved!

This giveaway will feature two winners. One person will receive a package of Boot Campaign gear with the white t-shirt featured above, and one person will receive a package with the blue t-shirt featured above. I can't guarantee which package you will receive. Both shirts are size Medium. The packages are seen below.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Senteurs d’Orient Soap Review & Giveaway

It's not very often I have the opportunity review something I consider luxurious. Then along comes the chance to try Senteurs d’Orient. I haven't used a bar soap for years, and the thought of going back to basics by trying these were very appealing to me.

Now, I'm going to call myself out on something here before my husband has the chance to. I have a slight "addiction" to the scent of the first bar I tried. After the first time I'd showered with the Tuberose aromatherapy scent, we were driving somewhere, and he looked over at me like there was an issue. I think it was the fact that I kept randomly smelling my skin. It's entirely possible this has occurred each time I've showered with the Senteurs d’Orient.

These Hammam soaps are made with essential oils. In case you didn't know, a Hammam is a Turkish bath! Think...luxurious. That's going to be the word of the day my friends. Artisans make these in Lebanon, where they are hand-mixed and dried for 10 days. The aromatherapy scents are created by master perfumers in Grassse, France. What more could you ask for in a soap?! What a perfect combination in one bar.

When I took my shower, the soap gave me a very rich lather (I completely skipped a wash cloth). Unlike the liquid soaps using the Senteurs d’Orient I haven't been left with a film on my skin. It felt extremely clean! Much different than my usual, drab showering experience.

Now let me tell you about how Senteurs d’Orient gives back! "With a belief that education is the key to empowerment, Senteurs d’Orient is an official partner of the United Nations Development Program for Women’s Education in Lebanon and donates 10% of the proceeds from every product to help Lebanese women." What an amazing way for a woman owned and run company to give back to the women who are part of her heritage!

The available scents include:
  • Orange Blossom/ Fleur d’Oranger: Infusing the fresh Mediterranean air with soft sensuality, Orange Blossoms uplift the spirit with a clean and floral yet woodsy perfume.

  • Jasmine of Arabia/ Jasmin d’Arabie: Among all the legendary Jasmine flowers on the Mediterranean coast, the Jasmine of Arabia imparts the most exquisite and sublimely soothing scent.

  • Amber/ Ambre: Revered across the Middle East for its rich and luxurious palette, Amber’s seductive notes of musk and wood evoke the majesty of the Orient.
  • Rose of Damascus/ Rose de Damas: A voluptuous bouquet embodying the essence of femininity, the Rose of Damascus is at once fresh and stimulating, graceful and elegant.

  • Tuberose/ Tubereuse: Celebrated throughout the Middle East, Tuberose, also known as the mysteriously nocturnal "Queen of the Night”, entices with a warm and sensuous fragrance.
I'm excited to offer one of my readers one of their soaps that retail for $38!

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