Friday, May 27, 2016

Get Out Your Sprinkler!

When we were building our house, I had a lot of specific things I wanted done to it. I actually have a vision of what my dream home would look like. Well, probably more than one dream home. Probably several. The house we moved into last October is designed very much by me (with the approval of my hubby of course). There were basics on the inside, but I tweaked it quite a bit. We also modified the outside just a tad.

One of the things I asked was for two spigots to be placed in very specific areas. The was a reason behind my request: how our house and property were designed. I wanted a spigot on the left side of the house and one to the far right side at the back of the house. The builder put one on the left...and the right, but not the back. Well, ok. Unfortunately, our backyard is larger than our front so taking care of the backyard could be a pain. Thank you for that builder.

I reached out to Melnor to do a review of one of their sprinklers because they're a local company, and I was tired of being jealous of our neighbor who has a telescoping sprinkler. I had a couple that stick in the ground. Let me just share that the ones you stick in the ground here don't actually go into rock hard clay very well.

So, they sent me their Metal Pulsating Sprinkler with Tripod to try out. And rained, for almost an entire month. Since the end of April until this week I think we saw 2 1/2 days of sun. The opportunity to use the sprinkler was absolutely non existent. I'm not sure how frustrating that is when you have reviews to do for things like a sprinkler or bathing suit! Rain = not helpful.

One of the two and a half days that it didn't rain, I ran out to our backyard to take pictures of the Tripod. When I shared about it on Facebook, one of my friends laughed saying my neighbors must think I'm crazy putting a sprinkler on the ONE day it doesn't rain. hahahaha Well, you do whatcha gotta do when you're trying something new. =)

There's so much I love about this Tripod! There are two extensions that will take the sprinkler up to 48". It will also water up to a 85' diameter circle. With this backyard, it's exactly what we need. I've played around a lot with the sprinkler portion for the diameters I want sprayed and they type of mist I want. Around my garden I wanted more of a misting pattern. For the grass I wanted a straight stream to get to the farthest part of the yard.

Then there's the dog who's completely interested in the sprinkler! I had no idea she'd want to get up close because she's typically a fraidy cat of odd looking things. When she was out back with it one day, she would not stop trying to drink from it, all the while trying not to get wet. She cracks me up.

So if I hook the hose to the opposite side of the house, the sprays should meet somewhere in between so that all of the grass is covered! No more fighting the dumb clay ground for this gal! Now, we just have to work the ground to be able to plant grass seed to one day have a decent lawn!

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Baby and Beyond Giveaway Hop

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Baby & Beyond –  What It Means
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SignUps close on August 6, 2016. Details will be emailed by August 10th or you can grab it in our Facebook Group anytime! If you have any questions about the event, we’re available to help!
Hashtag: #babynbeyond
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

For The Love Of Coffee

A coffee maker is a coffee maker is a coffee maker, right? No, not in the slightest, especially if you ask my husband who used to be a Regional Coordinator for coffee at Whole Foods. You have to have the right coffee, the right grind, and the right maker! I didn't realize this until I met Fred.

Then it turns out my dad has a thing about the latest and greatest in coffee makers! Not kidding. I mean, I knew the guy like his daily pot of coffee, and that if there was a new electronic gadget out he had to be one of the first users, but coffee makers? Who knew that would be a talking piece? I found out when we moved from MN. Go figure.

So, a couple weeks ago, they came to visit us at our new home. They hadn't been here yet, and I figured it was time to pull out the Ninja Coffee Bar I'd gotten for review. I knew he and Fred would both appreciate trying it out. My dad more so for the experimentation of a new shiny toy, and Fred for the technicalities of how coffee is brewed. I think we made 2 pots of coffee and 3 single cups in the span of a half an hour.

Once I had my Bar to myself, I tried a couple of specialty drinks. I'm so ready for the warm weather, I knew I wanted to make a couple cold beverages. The first one I made was the one I spied when I opened the recipe book the first time. It was the Sweet Sofiaccino...named after Sofia Vergara who is promoting the Ninja Coffee Bar.

I was thrilled with how easy the recipe was to follow, and the ingredients are ones you'd typically have on hand! I'm not sure about you, but I always feel a bit intimidated when it comes to making drink recipes. And let me just say about the recipes, as a side note, they have food recipes as well!

When you make one of the Ninja Coffee Bar recipes, it tells you which cup to use as well as which brew to choose. I felt like with the Sweet Sofiaccino, I could've sipped on it until the cows came home it was that delicious!

Now, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before or not, but before if I had wanted a specialty coffee I would've had to drive almost a half an hour into town to get one. Truly, that's just never an option for me. I work from home, and I'm not going to drive that far to get a specialty coffee. So, I've always just ended up having coffee with creamer at home. At least until now. Now I can make pretty much anything under the sun that's coffee related. I don't have to drive anywhere, and I save money. That last piece is what I love the most!

The second drink I made was the Coffee, Cookies, and Cream Frappe. My favorite warm weather drink is the frappe. Making them at home now for myself...glorious!!! I'm SO thankful one of our friends got us a blender for our wedding because it's totally coming in handy.

This treat I could've sucked down all at once and not come up for air if I could've. The cookies ground up, the ice really can't go wrong!

With the Ninja Coffee Bar, you get a  Hot & Cold Insulated Tumbler and....AND a frother! There must be angels singing somewhere! That's the tumbler above. I had too much whipped cream on top with cookies to add the lid. Not a bad problem to have if I do say so myself!

I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch drinking iced coffees through the summer, and enjoying my days. I definitely want to try some of the food recipes they have.

Be sure to follow Ninja Coffee Bar to see all of their delicious recipes: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Big shout out to NinjaKitchen for making my like much more delicious! Check out my most recently tried recipe, the Iced Caramel Macchiato!

What is your favorite specialty coffee?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Doing Groupon Coupons

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it, but June, and especially July, are months filled with either holidays or birthdays! My boys' birthdays are in June and there's Father's Day. Then July...whoa Nelly, July has 6 birthdays and one holiday! That's why Groupon Coupons will have to be my go-to for discounts! So, let me share with you this sponsored post! And let me just say, all the opinions are mine.

Have you ever used or even heard of Groupon Coupons? They have offers and coupons to almost 10,000 stores! Score, because for real, if you can't find something you want or need in that many may want to analyze what you're looking for. =)

My boys are pretty much taken care of for their birthdays, but one gift for my oldest son! He wants a Harry Potter quote on a Fathead! That's definitely something we'll be getting him. Then there's Father's Day. Got two men in my life who will be needing gifts. My dad and I can bond over tools by getting him something from Zoro Tools! He's the one who showed me a flier for a local hardware store that was going to be opening last fall. It was so cute.

Next comes birthday month. The one store I know I can always count on for anyone in my family for any holiday is Kohls. They've literally got something for everyone. Now I just have to work on all of them getting me lists of what they want. The sooner I can jump on their gifts, the better!

Thinking about all the people I need to get gifts for some of these companies are at the top of my list for shopping with Groupon Coupons:

World of Watches
Rue 21
Coldwater Creek

Do you have any birthdays coming up where you could use some of these deals?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

DIY Flower "Pot" Stand

I really like salads. A LOT! I don't typically make them at home because mine tend to be on the boring side. Chick-fil-A on the other hand makes salads that are to die for. After Mother's Day they offered a challenge to make something with the salad containers. I'm not known for any DIY projects on my site, but I figured I'd give it a go. See what happens.

The first thing that came to my mind was stacked flower pots. Now, since these salad trays are small and flat, I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Usually when you see them, they're nice and tall. This one would be short and a little wide.

Fred and I went shopping at the hardware store last weekend, and he was so funny. I had grabbed some muted spray paint colors, and he said I should get some bright ones. I may have groaned and made a face. With the cruddy weather we've had for three weeks, I needed some brightness, so I agreed to change my colors.

I started off in the backyard with my trays upside down and gave each bottom piece a coat of blue. I also got a bright green to paint the glass light cover which will be a bird feeder. While that was drying, I cut out the center piece of the lid with the logo on it. As soon as I finished that, I went back and gave the trays & light a second coat.

We found one of our old yard stakes, and I used that to make the stand the containers would sit on. Now, let me just say, this started off as a DIY fail at this point because I tried it initially with just a bamboo rod. First, there wasn't enough space between the containers. So I went and bought some spacers, painted them, and tried to use them to create height. Nope. The containers just fell over. Then I tried to rearrange the flowers so the containers could sit more on each other, and that was basically just like stacking plates. GAH! Dang DIY experience.

I had a lightbulb moment yesterday, and realized what I needed to do. Instead of them stacking, I made it so it was a stand instead. I ran BACK to the hardware store. Thank goodness it's like 45 seconds away from our house! I bought some 'L' brackets. I added some flat pieces of particle board that were leftover from a different project. Holy cow, thank goodness that worked or I might've been crying out in the rain!

From there, I added potted soil and two little Vincas, and put the container top on. I had to be careful because I added two flowers instead of the one I was initially going to add. Thankfully none of the flowers broke off.

Fred had gotten me a fender washer to glue to the bottom of my lamp shade. That way all I had to do was screw it onto the wooden stake. Because I didn't want the bird seed to be too deep in the glass, I ran once again BACK to the hardware store to find something that would sit at least halfway up it to stop the seed from falling too far down. My thought was to find a piece of flat steel, maybe something from the electrical dept. Didn't find anything to fit there, but it was a good start. Then as I strolled through the plumbing, I realized I'd need to get creative. I grabbed a sink stopper and turned it upside down! Totally worked. Score!

I went home, and dropped it into the lamp shade, and viola, I had a bird feeder. My project was finally done! I have a veeeery long way to go before I do any major projects, but this one was good experience. It certainly had me thinking. Now all I need is for some birds to come for a visit.

What is your favorite DIY project?

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