Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dorm Rooms Benefit From NewAir Water Dispenser

NewAir Disclosure

I’ve had two girls head to college so far. I’ve got two boys going in the coming years. Knowing what the kids will need is important. Thinking about what would come in handy that isn’t usually on the list is easier now having gone through it twice.

NewAir WCD110SS

I learned that if you can accessorize in small dorm rooms with awesome products, the college days can go a lot smoother and end up saving money in the end. What college kid, or family, doesn’t want to save money during these years!

One item that belongs in any dorm room is the NewAir Water Dispenser! The WCD-110SS model is great because it has hot and cold dispensers. Your college student can fill up a water bottle any time of the day, warm up a bowl of instant oatmeal on the run to class in the morning along with a cup of coffee, and heat up a bowl of ramen noodles for an afternoon snack all in the blink of an eye.

Water Dispenser Collage

Let’s talk about the dispenser itself. It’s a pretty light appliance. I was able to carry it myself, no problem. The 5 gallon jug was another story. That bad boy was heavy so Fred brought that into the house. It was a super easy set up. It comes with a Quick Start Guide so you can pretty much start using it right away.

Overall it went well with everything else that is stainless at Fred’s house. It definitely fit in. It would look great in any dorm room. It takes up very little space and that’s the biggest bonus. We’ve even brought it back to my little house and it’s currently sitting next to my stove. This house is tiny and it is in the spot our case water bottles used to take up.

Going Green

The buttons on the front seemed like they could be of a better quality. They were just very loose when I pushed them. Above the hot water button is a safety switch. You have to slide that safety switch up to be able to push the hot water button. The water can get extremely hot (176°F to 203°F), so this is a necessity.

Flushing Water Dispenser

We went through the process of the set up which takes about half an hour. We flowed water through the cold and hot water spouts to see how well they poured. We turned the switches on in the back (they make the water hot and cold). Because dust can accumulate during shopping, they recommend flushing it after you’ve had the water bottle on for half an hour. We took the bottle off and emptied the taps. After the taps were emptied we drained the remaining amount from the back.

This has been a great addition to the kitchen. It would fit nicely into any dorm room because it’s so slim and would tuck away easily into any available nook. There’s also the bonus of saving money because you’re not buying bottles of water any more and you’re going green by reusing the large water bottle!

What one thing couldn’t you live without in college?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Heading to Middle School with Master Lock & Giveaway

Master Lock Disclosure

Last week I took my youngest to middle school for the first time. It was an open house and he’s never been the middle school here. It was quite the experience. The middle school is currently sharing it’s space with the elementary kids while their school is being rebuilt.

Master Lock & Backpack

We brought along Doodle’s new Master Lock padlock to try out on what could be his future locker. Oh, and speaking of the word “Doodle” while we were walking around, I started to say his nickname out loud, “Hey Dood…dude, check this out.” As soon as I said it, I thought to myself, “he’s going to kill me.” And sure enough, a moment later, he came up to me and whispered, “Can you not call me that in front of people?” Sigh…a little piece of me died.

Moving one, we had a tour of the school. We went to the 6th grade wing and got to see the classrooms. The rooms are pretty decent sized and it was a pretty large wing. We headed to the lunch room and gym. Looks like they’ll be pretty closed off from the big kids. Makes me happy to know that!

Master Lock Practice

After we finished the tour, I had DOODLE (cuz I can say that on my blog still) practice putting his padlock on the locker. He spent quite a bit of time practicing the directions to click. These are so much easier than remembering numbers, going right, going left and going right again. Hoping that you land on the right numbers each time and that it opens. I always had a little bit of stress when I was in school and having to remember a new combo every year.

I’m loving this new Master Lock padlock. It lights up in the direction that you click. Once you have the code right, you hear/feel the click and the center circle turns green. Codes are, in my opinion, much easier to remember than numbers back and forth.

Master Lock Collage

We’re really excited for the school year to start and not having to worry about memorizing a combination on the first day is a relief!

Now through September 7, 2014 visit for a chance to win back-to-school security items, and create a wish list for easy shopping with the Master Lock Photo Hunt Challenge.

Be sure to enter to win the Master Lock dialSpeed padlock below!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Target $150 Gift Card Giveaway

So excited to be able to bring you this giveaway! I know that at this time of year, any little extra helps around our home. Just think of all the awesome back to school supplies you could get!

Target Giveaway

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Extended Family

It’s so important to me that my boys see their dad’s family as much as possible. So glad they made the trek from IL to VA. The boys headed down to Williamsburg for the week to be with them. I’m so happy they have this opportunity!



Do your kids (or do you) get to see their cousins a lot?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Prize Candle: It’s Like Reading A Novel

Prize Candle Disclosure

I’m not the only one right? You start reading a novel and it’s starts to get really good, and you do what I do, right? Turn to the end just to confirm what you believe will be the end. You do that right? You’re impatient like I am, right?

When my Prize Candle came last week, I could see at the front the tiniest sliver of my prize (or at least the prize holder). I lit the wick and sang in my head “burn baby, burn.”

Prize Candle

The fragrance of my Prize Candle is Adriatic Fig. Honestly, I probably never would’ve chosen this scent simply for the fact that I never in a million years would’ve had a clue what it smelled like. Now, I’m bad at explaining how something smells, but to me it was, well it still is, a mix of musky and a light “floral” (maybe on that 2nd one). It’s a very easy fragrance. It didn’t overwhelm the house at all.

Prize Candle Adriatic Fig

Back to that darn, stubborn prize. Prize Candle offers candles that contain a prize that’s valued at $10-$5,000! Can you imagine typing in your candle number and getting something over $10? Yes, I was imagining. That’s what makes it exciting and sheer insanity all at the same time.

This is where it comes to relate to reading a novel that I just HAVE to read the end of so I can enjoy the rest, even though the end has been ruined. Day 1 of burning, which was only a couple of hours, I was really good. No desire to “help” it along. Then I saw a couple of people talking about their prizes and how they had to dig into their candle because they just couldn’t wait.

Burning Prize Candle

I thought I had more patience than that. A couple of days went by and I started burning the candle again. It burned for about a half an hour and I could see more of the plastic bubble holding my prize. Then, yes, then I got impatient. Nothing wrong with helping it along. A little scraping here, a bit of digging there and voila, out came my little prize.

Only problem? It was late at night and I had to take photos of it for my post. lol Guess what that meant, waiting until the next day since the lighting in this house is so terrible!

Candle Burning

Next day came and I pulled out my silver ring. I wonder if there’s a general size ring the company goes with because there’s no way they can know the size of the candle burner. My ring was pretty with a blue gem. I went to the site and typed in my ring number. It was valued at $10. Not $5,000, but it was fun wondering what it could be worth!

Prize Candle Prize

Now I can burn the rest of my Prize Candle and enjoy the fragrance. I think it would make a cute gift and who knows, that could be worth a LOT!

Have you ever found a prize in a candle before?

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