Thursday, March 23, 2017

Zonderkidz Activity & Coloring Books Reviews & Giveaway

You might have noticed that I've really enjoy sharing about the Berenstain Bears Activity books! I think they're such a great book for kids to learn from. When I was offered to review The Berenstain Bears Easter Fun Activity Book as well as The Beginner's Bible Coloring Book and Activity Book, I couldn't resist!

I remember when my kids were little around preschool age. I searched high and low for good resources for them to learn about their faith as well as educationally! Sadly, there wasn't much available unless you were a full fledged homeschooler, which I wasn't.

I've loved the combination of activities for the holidays as well as a general view of the holiday in the Berenstain Bear books. You get the traditional fun of thinking about spring and family traditions along with being reminded of why we celebrate Easter, Jesus' resurrection.

The Berenstain Bears Easter Fun Sticker & Activity Book is absolutely delightful! As always they have fun activities like mazes, matching, coloring, and using stickers are all together in one book. I also love the size of the book. It's long and great for little hands.

All of my kids spent time reading through The Beginner's Bible when they were really young. We loved reading the stories and looking at the pictures. It was such a great introduction to Scripture. My heart went pitter patter when I saw the new Coloring Book and Activity Book. Where have they been all my kids lives? We have them now so that's all that matters, right?

These books are exactly how I want my kids to learn. The coloring book gives 60 bible stories & characters to color and learn about! What a fun way to reinforce Bible stories. The stories really move wonderfully from the children's Bible to the coloring book.

The activity book is full of fun features. You can learn, you can be creative, and you can do both at the same time! Wouldn't these be wonderful to take to church for your kids to have something to keep their attention during the service? You could make a busy bag with them in it!

If you want to get a jump start on teaching your children academically at home, these books are such a great way to go. I really hope they have a whole line of these for parents to choose from!

You have the opportunity to win your choice of one of these books! That's right, I'll let you choose either the coloring book or one of the activity books! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Showers Giveaway Hop Sign Ups

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Beauty And The Beast In Theaters & Activity Sheets

This past week I was able take my guys to see a preview of Beauty And The Beast. We saw it in 3D, which I'm not a big fan of, but was able to enjoy it for the most part. There were a couple moments when the 3D had me jumping! Thankful for the partnership I had that we were able to get tickets to preview this before it came out at the end of the week.

When the movie opened I was literally taken back in time to when the animated version came out. It was a bit emotional for me. My girls really enjoyed this movie, and I just remember watching it through their eyes. The songs were absolutely delightful, and I was so happy they stayed true to them. Don't you always worry that a remade movie will detour too far from the original that you and your children adored?

That's certainly not the case here. It was animation brought to life! It was so magical to see Lumiere and Cogsworth, Chip and Mrs. Potts, Plumette and Garderobe even as CGI. You really felt they were the same as the original, just "real." I didn't feel like Belle was nearly as feminine or wide eyed with wonder. My husband said that he saw an interview with Emma Watson where she mentioned she was intending to make Belle stronger. Not sure how I feel about that, but I still enjoyed her character.

As for the Beast, how Disney created him was pretty spectacular. I honestly thought I could reach out and feel his horns. There were moments when I thought his design was distorted, but that could've been because of the 3D. Of course you can't forget Gaston and Lefou, one who's a complete oaf and the other who's kind of a dingy wingman.

I wish I had watched the original before this release because there was a lot I had forgotten and it would've been nice to have that comparison fresh in my mind. I know there's a lot of talk about Lefou and his sexuality. Aside from a moment at the end and 1 other quick scene, I think it has been overplayed by the media to make it a "thing." I can't remember how the character is depicted in the animated movie, but I'm planning to watch it again this week to see if Lefou's character portrays a gay man back then or if he was just the goofy sidekick. My boys are teenagers so I didn't have to discuss this part of the movie with them. I actually think that if you have small children they won't actually realize that Lefou is gay.

Many of the scenes were mesmerizing! Of course "Be Our Guest" went above and beyond what a fan of the movie could hope for. I actually had to plug my ears at one point because the music was so loud. lol By the end of the song, I thought I was back at Disney World watching the fireworks finale. HA!

They added in a couple of extra songs, making them unique to the new movie. Because I couldn't remember all of the original, so much of Beauty And The Beast felt new to me. Of course, they weren't going to make it 100% the same, but it followed along so well, I enjoyed this version just as much as the first one.

Be sure to download some fun activity sheets, including this maze, to go along with the movie excitement!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Precious Moments Fill My Heart With Cheer Care Bear Giveaway

When you think of ways to cheer up someone you know, how do you go about it? Maybe bring them a card, a bouquet of flowers, or some candy? While meaningful, they won't be a reminder of the care you have for the person who needs cheering. Well, when Precious Moments asked me to share about their Fill My Heart With Cheer figurine, I couldn't resist! I don't think there are many times in our lives where we don't have someone we know needing some cheering up!

I know that as soon as I pulled this figurine out of the box, it put a smile on my face. If it did for me, it would for anyone. I mean, it's so adorable! There are actually a couple unique pieces to this figurine. The rainbow is sparkly. I kept trying to capture it, but alas couldn't do it the justice it deserves. The other part is that the Care Bear is actually fuzzy! Isn't that fantastic?

So, while I did take it out of the box so I could show you how wonderful it is, I'll be gifting it to a friend of mine. I love that the purpose of this Precious Moments is to cheer someone up! Everyone goes through ups and downs, and to receive a thoughtful gift like this would be a reminder of how much they're loved.

Now for me, if I were to keep it because I need cheering sometimes, too, I'd add it to my entryway table. Then I could share the cheer with everyone who came into my home. What a gift to be able fill hearts with cheer with every visit.

This porcelain figuring stands at 5.25" high. It's made from a bisque porcelain and hand painted. It's so sweet that the little girl's headband matches the rainbow on Cheer Bear's belly. On the back paws of Cheer bear are the darker paw pads along with hearts on the front paws.

Now you have the chance to win one of your own sweet Fill My Heart With Cheer figurines! Now that's a sweet deal that's sure to cheer anyone up. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sticking With The Gym

A couple weeks ago, I had a harebrained idea to invite my youngest son with me to Zumba. When I was leaving my class, they were talking about how the weekend coming up was a free weekend. You could invite people to come. Well, they always have 3 day passes, but I jumped on a few of them. I wasn't sure if my Doodle would come, but since he does Just Dance with me, why not this...aside from all the other people.

When I asked him, he was totally for it! Go figure! We went on a Monday, and he totally rocked it!

I have to say, he hardly broke a sweat. The cool part though, there were about 4-5 other guys there, too. A couple of them pretty young, but not "my son" young. Amanda is below in the shirt that says I 💜 Zumba, and my kiddo is in the bright green shirt.

When we do our Zumba class, Amanda will bring up someone just for fun to "help" her through one of the dances. I'm one of those people I hope she never calls on. I should probably mention that to her, that way we won't have that super awkward moment. Her coming up to me, all pumped and excited with her face saying to me, "C'mon Mimi, c'mon up with me! Look at my smile and be wooed into helping with this dance!" To which my response would be with my face, "Amanda who? I don't see anyone in front of me? Is there someone smiling at me? Inches from my face because I definitely can NOT see her!" When she realizes with her face, "Oh my gosh, she's one of them, one of those people who can dance to random 80s songs in a grocery store aisle, but won't help me lead my class. Our relationship has just totally changed. I know I can't count on her!" And so it goes!

Meanwhile, she called all of the guys up to the front of my class. My kid, shrugs his shoulders, smiles at me and heads up to the front of the class! That's. My. Kid! It was so awesome to see him up there! He wasn't able to do all of the moves like Amanda, of course, but he gave it his all with a smile on his face and a great attitude! These kinds of things helps me know I've done something right as a mom!

The next week I had a friend from our small group from last year come with me! Turned out she came to a super full class. It's kind of funny. Some days the class is really big and we're all almost touching finger tips. Other times, we have space to dance around with no fear of tripping our neighbor.

Thankfully she loves Zumba so having her go with me and it be a full class wasn't an issue. We ran to the Whole Foods which is right next door first. I wanted to see if they had some blood oranges because the ones I'd gotten at Safeway turned out to be an insanely expensive Sumo orange...$1.99 for ONE! They had the wrong sign in front of them and since I'd never seen a blood orange before, I had no idea.

As always, the class was awesome. Afterwards, Z wanted to talk to Amanda to thank her for how fun it was! I've asked my oldest daughter to go with me on Monday when she comes into town! I hope she brings her workout clothes! I just want everyone to enjoy Zumba as much as I do. lol

What is your favorite exercise to do?

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