Thursday, July 24, 2014

My How Time Flies

I see it every day. Someone talking about how fast their kids are growing up. Their son will be turning TWO! How is their daughter going into kindergarten in the fall? Their son is getting a driver's license. You know what I'm talking about, right? I mean, even I talk about it! Me, who already has two grown daughters. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt how fast time goes.

Do you look at the world around you and see the impact it has on how fast your life goes by? Mostly the retail industry does this to us. I worked in retail for 6 yrs. I never felt like I got to enjoy the moment/season I was in because of it.

Did you notice two weeks ago all of the back to school supplies that came out? lol For goodness sakes, It was barely the 2nd week of July. I also started getting back to school (BTS) emails from PR companies wanting me to write about it. I just couldn't, and can't do it. The boys have only been out of school since June 18th. They go back at the end of August.

I want to enjoy JULY! I want to enjoy SUMMER!

Who here is celebrating Christmas in July? lol I can't do it. I can't even think about Christmas. I'm seeing it everywhere though. No. I refuse. It's SUMMER! I'm enjoying it!

In retail, Halloween goes out the 2nd week of August. No later than September 10th, Christmas planning and set up begins. So much for enjoying fall, tis the season. My goodness!

What about today? Today is a summer day. Today will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Your newborn will be crawling. Then they'll be walking. Then they'll be counting. Then they'll be...! Our lives pass us by so quickly. I want to enjoy the days we're given, not looking forward to the next season. Not being pushed by the world around us to speed up life by thinking about what's going to happen in another month. I want to live in today.

My daughters. Man, I remember when they were little. Their pudgy little legs. Them wanting to be held all of the time. Them going into elementary school, and then when middle school showed up, seemingly out of the blue, and all of a sudden, boom there was high school. Now my oldest is in her 2nd year of Graduate School and my 2nd oldest is gone for a year doing a mission trip in 11 different countries. My oldest son will learn to drive in the next year and my youngest goes off to middle school in August. I'm telling you. It happened overnight. I'm truly not kidding. Yes, some days, months, and years felt like they lasted longer than others, but they're gone. My kids grew up under my nose, without asking permission.

Cherish the days you've been given. Love the moments you share with your loved ones. Look at and live in the here and now as much as you can.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Daughters

My daughter, Smooch, has a friend, Zoey Cole, who took some photos of my girls and Smooch’s bff from home, Mac. I have to tell you, Zoey captured my girls SO perfectly. I’m eternally grateful she allowed me to share the photos here!

Three Sisters Collage

My Girls


Smooch n Z

Thank you Zoey for this gift of my girls in photos! Such a beautiful blessing. In case no one can tell, I’m over the moon about my girls! Be sure to check out Zoey on LinkedIn!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Days at Busch Gardens


Here we are, mid-July and I still feel like we have so much good weather left, I can hardly look ahead to the next couple of months! We started our summer off with a trip to Busch Gardens right after the kids got out of school. It was the perfect way to kick off summer vacation!


The boys and I went last year and had so much fun, we wanted to do it with Fred and his kids! It seems that as each year goes by, I want to be the one taking photos while the boys want to do more and more rides. I’m totally down with that! Well, add in Fred and his kids who love the scary rides, and you have GOT to know it was an adventurous day.


We started out at Escape From Pompeii, which is the perfect way to start the day…pretty darn wet! It’s a fun ride that gets stinkin’ hot as you travel through the ruins of Pompeii because it sends out huge blasts of fire above each boat as though you’re experiencing the volcano.

From there, everyone wanted to do Apollo’s Chariot, except Doodle and I. I did it last year, so I know the ride. The big dip is, BIG, and totally freaks me out! hahahaha So, the roller coaster is definitely doing it’s job. If you can get past the first drop, you’re golden.

The Trade Wind

We all went on The Trade Wind. I remember this being my mom’s favorite ride when I was growing up. One part of the ride that I miss is that they don’t go backwards any more. You used to go around and around, then they’d stop the ride and you’d go around and around backwards. This is more my speed!

Our next stop was the Roman Rapids. We got there at just the right time. It’s probably one of the longest waits we had for any of the park’s rides. We had to go in two different tubes because there were 7 of us. Kgirl brought a friend. Unfortunately, neither of our rides got any of us very wet. We were pretty bummed, but you can’t control where your tube will go.


The Verbolten is what both of my boys were looking forward to the most. Fred’s never been to Busch Gardens before, but his kids have, so they knew the “surprise” of this ride. Yes, I went on this roller coaster, twice. Yes, it scares the stink out of me, but Fred seemed amused by the amount of screaming I was doing!


Aside from Buddy and I, the rest of the crew went through the Curse of DarKastle. We tried asking them about the “ride”, but it seemed like it was hard for them to explain. It’s a 3D ride, and it seems like pretty much anyone can go on it. No one seemed very scared, but the name of the “ride” made me decide to pass. lol

Le Scoot with boys

We also headed to another one of my favorite rides, the Le Scoot where we all got pretty good and wet! YAY! The boys and I weren’t interested in going on the Alpengeist, one of those roller coasters where your legs dangle down and you go upside down and all around. While they went on that, my boys and I went to the Le Catapult (aka The Scrambler).

Roller Coasters

Mboy had convinced Fred to go on the Griffon with him. bahahahaha You will NEVER see me getting on that ride. EVER! The boys and I watched that ride numerous times the first time we went to Busch Gardens and we all agreed that it was NOT a ride for us. Oh my goodness, they loved it. You will HAVE to watch the video on their site and my Instagram to get an idea of what the Griffon is like. You dangle at the top of this roller coaster and then…I’m getting queasy just thinking about it. They went on it TWICE! Crazy!

Riding the Griffon

Doodle wanted to do the Der Autobahn (bumper cars) and Mboy wanted to play a soccer game. We ended by doing Europe in the Air, which was fun because Fred’s kids were leaving a few days later to spend 2 weeks in Europe!

Deciding on a Ride

We literally closed down the park. I couldn’t believe it. We left at 10pm. I was really bummed we didn’t get to see the Clydesdales. For some reason, we always go to the left when we walk into the park and miss the animals like Jack Hannah’s Wild Reserve and the wolf areas. I remember (again) last year we saw a herd of sheep being walked through the park. SO cool. Next time we go to the right first!

It was such a good and full day at the park. I wish we weren’t 3+ hours away. I’m pretty sure we could spend our entire summer there if given the opportunity! We’ll be back again in either August or September. Hmmmm maybe we’ll do Water Country USA next time. The boys and I love a good waterpark!

Are you a roller coaster rider?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Lovin’, Havin’ A Blast #ad

Healthy Essentials Campaign

This is our first full summer in Maryland and it’s actually been very beautiful. It got warm here much sooner than it ever did in Minnesota. That meant we were pulling out our summer clothing and protection a couple months earlier than normal! That’s a win for us.

Our first big day outside was with Doodle’s Field Day at the the of the school year. First, it was stinkin’ hot. Second, I’ve never seen so many water games played in one spot, especially for a Field Day! It was awesome. I made sure to lather the boys up with some necessary Healthy Essentials!

Water Fight

From that day on, we’ve had some fun and amazing days in the sun. We have a new friend from church who lives right down the road. She invited us over to swim in her pool. It was so fun! Seems many people around here have pools in their backyards. I guess that’s what you do when you don’t have 10,000+ lakes around you.

Pool Time

Pool Play

From pool time at a friend’s to pool time with all of the 5th graders for their promotion party, this kid has spent a lot of time in the sun and water. Of course, I’ve had the benefit of sitting pool side while he gets wet! Yay me!

Promotion Pool Party

Ok, and a "mom” reminder, be sure to monitor your kids when they’re putting on their own skin protection. Doodle didn’t spray his shoulders or up by his neck so they were a bit pink by the end of the afternoon. Usually he’s fully covered because I put it on him. Lesson learned.P1000958

I’ll be honest with you, until last summer, I spent most of my summers laying in the sun. Yes, I know, a bad choice with the possibility of skin cancer with all of that sun exposure. I decided it was time to embrace the pasty white skin I’m not used to and either didn’t spend much time outside or if I did, I was slathered in lotion. As you can see, I was sitting under an umbrella in the shade, but put lotion on about 15 minutes before I hopped into the pool for the adult swim time.


At the end of the day, Doodle noticed he’d scratched himself up a bit and thankfully I had Neosporin and Band Aid bandages on hand! Not only that, he lost a tooth while we were there! lol What a crazy promotion party!


At the end of June the 6 of us went south for the day to play at an Amusement Park. Actually, there were 7 of us because K-girl brought a buddy along. Our first task was to lather up as soon as we exited the car. I had to be careful with the spray because wind was blowing so crazy. We backed up the spray with the lotion and I brought them both with us so we could reapply if needed.


Next week we head out for a local vacation destination and we’ll be taking the mesh yellow bag with all of our outdoor necessities with us! Would you expect anything less? =)

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What do you make sure you always have on hand for time in the sun?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Messing Up My Blog In Epic Fashion

So, the other day, Fred and I were looking through my photos in Google+ and I saw that I had duplicates of hundreds of photos. I thought that was just dumb to have 2 of every photo. I mean, what’s the point, right?

So, I think I deleted about 1500 photos. Pretty nice amount, right? Feeling pretty dang accomplished.

And THEN…I visited my newly fixed blog to find an older blog post and guess what?


Yes, in all of my brilliance of cleaning up duplicates, I inadvertently deleted all of the photos on my blog…to at least a year ago! So, this is what all of my blog posts for at least, at a minimum, the past year look like:

No pics

See all of those circles? Those are supposed to be photos!!! GAH!

Do you have ANY clue how long it’s going to take me to fix all of these broken photos? It will literally take me days to fix them. I may have to employ my boys and pay them to help me because Google is going to dock me for having broken images in my blog posts!

WHY does Google+ grab two of the same photos in the FIRST place? Really, I hate Google+. It was grabbing photos from my phone that I never wanted on there! They weren’t visible to the public, but they were online nevertheless.

So, I’ll be spending the weekend trying to fix every single blog post over the past year that I screwed up. If anyone has a violin, feel free to pull it out and play it for me as I cry over this spilt milk.

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