Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago #BBCCHI

IMG_8270 IMG_8271

I had a really tough time (personally) at Bloggy Boot Camp and took only a couple photos. I was able to meet Shannon who is a relatively new blogger and Jyl from Mom It Forward who has the BEST #gno parties ever. You have got to meet this amazing lady (and her nutty hubby @TroyPatee)

Shannon & I have kept in touch via Twitter and if you want to follow her, find her at @GETTINGINTOTRUF

Jyl I had no idea she’d be at #BBCCHI She is simply spectacular. She came up to little ol’ me and introduced herself. She is stunning and magnetic in person and I’m so thankful I got to meet her IRL!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Driving Buddy

Have you ever taken a road trip and as you’re driving along you begin to realize there’s either a car in your rearview mirror or one ahead of you that’s been with you for a long time?

This driver becomes your new found Driving Buddy. He goes the same speed as you, passes the pokey people driving in the left lane, etc.IMG_8310My daughter noticed that this past winter when we drove to VA. At one point she made some off handed comment and I asked her what she was talking about. She said the person that had been following us had just taken the exit. Like she’d just lost a buddy.

I felt like we were bonding, because I said, “that happens to me, too!”

On our way home from Chicago last Sunday, I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw it. A burnt orange Nissan Murano with a sunroof, being driven by a dude in a white hat.

We traveled together for an hour or more. In and out of traffic. I’d zig and he’d zig. I’d zag and so would he. We were bonding. Then I realized our exit was fast approaching.IMG_8316

I looked in my mirror and thought about how I wasn’t quite ready to cut the cord. I didn’t want to let my Driving Buddy go. We’d come so far together. Maybe I’d just skip seeing the family.

Nah, common sense prevailed because we hadn’t see my aunt and uncle for about 3 years. So, I found the exit and started to get off.

This was where I paused in my mind. What do I do? Do I wave? Say, “No, I’ll call you”? I was sad to see our time come to an end. We’d travelled a long road together.

In the end, I did nothing. I figured the guy would’ve thought I was a nut job. Might’ve been right, but still.

Have you ever noticed a road buddy? Do you like to lead or follow?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fantasy Football: I’m a First Timer

Fotolia_26749301_Subscription_XXL I’m one of those girls who loves sports…from a spectators perspective, and mostly baseball and football. I played soccer as a really young girl, but we moved so much I never joined any other sports. Total bummer, because I’m very competitive.

I grew up loving the Broncos, because at the time, I’d lived in Colorado the longest and loved John Elway. He did break my heart  after I moved to Washington. My brother and I got tickets to see the Broncos vs Seahawks. Of course I rooted for the Broncos in the midst of all the Seahawk fans. After the game, we waited for the players. Elway came out, I screamed for him (along with everyone else) and he just kept walking.

I was devastated. My football hero ignored me. Then I heard someone next to me say he was stuck on himself and I never gave him another thought.

Now I live in Minnesota and follow the Vikings. Last year wasn’t impressive whatsoever. In fact, it was downright depressing. The year before I enjoyed myself immensely because I kept calling all the games and ticking off my co-workers! I find joy in the little things.

I have no idea what to expect from the Vikes this year. It’ll be interesting to say the least.

Along with the pre-season, everyone’s getting ready for Fantasy Football. I’ve heard of it over the years, but have never participated. Have no clue as to how it works as a matter of fact.

I’ve been told I have to pick a team. I have to choose them September 4th. Anyone want to help a girl out here? Here’s the spots I need to fill:



2 Wide Receivers

2 Running Backs


Tight End

Defense (you pick an entire teams defense for example you would pick the Steeler Defense)



Wide Receiver

Running Back


Tight End


Any advice or suggestions would be delightful! Feel free to chime in, or ask your hubby/boyfriend for some suggestions!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hill's Healthy Mobility Challenge & Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hills Pet Nutrition for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hill's is encouraging pet owners, such as myself, to take the Healthy Mobility Challenge. We lost our dog a week ago, so right now we don't have a dog, but I am searching for a new puppy and as soon as I find one, I'm going to be entering to win! Of course, I wanted to check it out anyhow. May as well get prepared for a new pooch that'll be joining our family.

You can visit Hill's Pet Nutrition to find out how it will benefit not only your dog, but also your cats.

How it works:

  • Register on the Hill's website and receive $30 in coupons Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon
  • Start feeding Science Diet® Healthy Mobility dog food
  • Share your success of 30 days

Registering at the Hill's website will automatically enter you into the Sweepstakes where 30 winners will receive FREE PET FOOD for a year! How spectacular is that? I know how much our family could use free pet food for a year!

Did you know Hill's Pet Nutrition is on Facebook? You can check them out Hill's Pet Nutrition on Facebook. You'll be able to find good deals and special offers if you "Like" them.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Hill's, register, and join the Hill's Healthy Mobility Challenge.

Visit Sponsor's Site

Rayovac Powers Back To School

RAYOVAC POWERS ...BACK TO SCHOOL...    Invite Friends to join our eClub in time for Back to School. When 4 Friends join our eClub you'll receive a $4 in savings AND we'll send each friend a $1 off Rayovac coupon for joining!Right now we’re all gearing up to get our kids ready for another year of school. Here in Minnesota we don’t start school until after Labor Day. Kind of a nice extended vacation, except we we don’t get out until after the first week of June.

If you’re like me and my boys, you go through batteries more than anything else that’s disposable in your house. We’re always coming up empty when we’re searching for Rayovac batteries, but we always have plenty of items that use them, so we’re constantly switching them out until I remember to get them while I’m at the store.

Rayovac is helping cut costs on their batteries by giving you $1 off for joining their eClub! If I get 4 people to join, I’ll get $4 in savings! How awesome is that? Click HERE to sign up for the eClub and get your savings.

You must be a new member and this ends September 30, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Farm Rich Review & Giveaway

Farm Rich We are a family that’s always on the go. I figured after my girls were gone things would slow down. Apparently not. Thankfully, Farm Rich has a fantastic selection of wholesome, easy-to-prepare snacks for our crazy lives! Farm Rich is always there for moms with snacks that are sure to please the entire family.
The boys and I first tried the Mini Quesadillas Slices and I loved them. My boys are pretty picky and only  “kind of” liked them. Personally, I could’ve eaten all of them, and considering the fact that my oldest doesn’t much care for chocolate or ice cream, I take his food opinions with a grain of salt. IMG_7834I think the Quesadillas would be so yummy with sour cream, avacado, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes…oh man, I’m getting hungry again.

The other day, I knew we were going to be busy so I picked up a package of Mozzarella Bites knowing my boys like cheese sticks. They aren’t breaded like your everyday cheese sticks, but have a Pizzeria-style dough shell. They have a great cheese filling and a handful is very filling.
OH, you better believe my boys at those up. Only left me 5 out of the 1/2 bag I cooked. Thanks for nothing sharing boys! These were really good. At least they saved me some so I could give my opinion.IMG_8347
You can view their full list of products at http://www.farmrich.com/products.php.
Some of their fan favorites are:

  • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks: http://www.farmrich.com/101/product-detail/cheese-sticks.php
  • Mozzarella Bites: http://www.farmrich.com/102/product-detail/mozzarella-bites.php
  • Philly Cheese Steaks: http://www.farmrich.com/113/product-detail/philly-cheese-steak.php
  • Pizza Slices: http://www.farmrich.com/104/product-detail/pizza-slices.php
I think next on my list to try are the Philly Cheese Steaks and Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers.

Buddy and I have actually eaten the Farm Rich Meatballs for years. We douse them in BBQ sauce and make a meal out of them. They are SO good. Only problem I have with the Meatballs is not getting the BBQ sauce all over the place as I’m cooking them! Good problem to have, especially with the outcome!

Here’s your chance to win 2 coupons to get packages of your own Farm Rich to enjoy.

Required: Visit Farm Rich and tell me which snack you’re most excited to try.
Giveaway open to US residents only 18 yrs or older. Please leave your email in the required entry or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Winner has 48 hours to respond. Giveaway ends 9/9/11 at 11:59 PT

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*I received a coupon for the purchase of one package, the rest were purchased by me. The opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.

Who Will Love Me For Me?

I see myself in the words of this song. When you’ve felt like a nobody all your life and it’s been reinforced by the men who have come and gone and left scars in my life I wonder if any man will ever be able to love me for me.

Oh, it’s easy enough for people to say that there’s someone out there, but I may never find him or he may never find me. I mean, that’s a reality.

I realize the Lord loves me for me, but I still disappoint Him on a minute by minute basis. And I know that in the grand scheme of things it would be wonderful if only how He sees me mattered. But I’m flesh and bones. I need the same thing here and now (ok, not today, but you know what I mean).

But let’s get real. I want the love of a real, living, breathing man. I want him to see me for me and be satisfied…more than satisfied.

Then I heard this song for the first time at the beginning of the week, just after I finished my Finding My Sexy series.

I’d never heard of JJ Heller before and her sound is beautiful. My guess is, it’s her husband who plays guitar. I think you’ll love this song “What Love Really Means”. They’ve got some other amazing songs, and I’d encourage you to take a listen.

*I haven’t been asked to write about this song or this video. It’s all me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Macy’s mystylelab Concert Tour

mystylelab Macy's is proud to present the mstylelab Concert Tour! This nationwide tour features a variety of artists from multi-platinum superstar rapper Soulja Boy  to emerging indie-pop artist The Ready Set.

Get Exclusive Access:
Macy's shoppers will experience an exclusive performance in the Juniors Department.  After the performance, the bands will host a meet and greet within the mstylelab for the first 300 customers who make a $35 purchase in mstylelab or Young Men's. The day after each event attendees can visit the mstylelab Facebook page to download your picture with the band.

I’m going to share about this Concert Tour with my daughters. Being in the cities, they have so many cool events to attend, including this one! In Minneapolis, the Concert Tour will be at Southdale Mall and they’ll be able to hear an acoustic performance by Motion City Soundtrack.

MStyleLab Here is just a sampling of the locations and artists:

  • Macy's Roosevelt Field presents: The Ready Set
    9/9 at 5:00PM- Juniors/Main Level
    Long Island, NY
  • Macy's Arden Fair presents: Eisley
    9/10 at 2:00PM- Juniors/Level 1
    Sacramento, CA
  • Macy's Woodlands presents: Eisley
    9/18 at 2:00PM- Juniors/Level 1
    Houston, TX
  • Macy's Twelve Oaks presents: A very special acoustic performance by Motion City Soundtrack
    9/25 at 2:00PM- Juniors/Lower Level
    Detroit, MI
  • Macy's Southdale presents: A very special acoustic performance by Motion City Soundtrack
    10/1 at 2:00PM- Juniors/Lower Level
    Minneapolis, MN

*I have received compensation for sharing this post from Skimbaco. Any opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.

Wordless Wednesday: Rugby Dog

Our beloved boy May 2008 – August 20, 2011

Smiling RugbyThis is my smiling boy. I miss his smile & welcome home.

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Mom Spotted

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tribute To Rugby ~ A Fabulous Dog

DSC03706 Last Wednesday, the boys and I headed down to Chicago for 2 reasons: see family and I was attending Bloggy Boot Camp. We take Rugby everywhere and he travels pretty well. He does have some hang ups, like not going to the bathroom at ANY pit stops.

Rugby had been to my sister in laws a number of times and it didn’t phase me that anything would go wrong.

As a side note to this story, my pup started having seizures a year ago this past May when he turned 2. They came out of the blue and by the late Fall, he was on 2 different meds. He was such a good boy. He took them like they were treats.

Friday around 4am he had 2 seizures and went back to sleep. In the early afternoon he had one again. I went shopping and when I got back to the house, Rugby was laying outside the front door and it was clear he’d had another seizure.IMG_8425

A couple of hours later, he started peeing on their carpet! I shooed him outside. He never goes to the bathroom in the house. I went into the bathroom and saw Rugby in their backyard running like he was going somewhere.

I wasn’t really concerned because I figured since everyone was going outside he’d just continue on around the house to the front. I mean, where else would he go? About an hour or so later, maybe not even that long, I went outside to see what everyone was doing and realized Rugby wasn’t around.

IMG_8626 We all panicked and got in 3 different vehicles and started driving all over to call and try to find him. Unfortunately, it had just passed dusk and we couldn’t see a thing. The kids walked the large property line calling out his name. In fact, Doodle and one of his cousins believe they saw him.

Liz and I called until well after midnight and no Rugby showed up.

I woke up early, got ready for #BBCCHI, and kept debating whether or not to go. I figured I’d take a drive around the neighborhood and see if I could see him. Unfortunately, nothing.

I headed off and waited to hear from the family, because I knew they’d go looking again. I got a call in the afternoon saying they’d found our baby boy. A farmer, a couple blocks over found him in the morning. He’d been hit by a car.

IMG_2628I was 1/2 way through the conference and was devastated. My boys,  how were they doing? Did I need to go back? Would I even be able to concentrate? I just wasn’t sure what the “right” thing to do was.

I stayed because I knew I couldn’t do anything back at the house. My puppy was gone. Unfortunately, the rest of Bloggy Boot Camp is a blur of emotion. After 1pm I don’t remember much of what was said.

On my way back to Liz’s, I called the people I knew would want to know and did a lot of crying.

In the morning, we all went out behind the pond where John had dug a grave and put my “ya-ya” (one of my nicknames for Rugby). Liz had kept the collar. John said some sweet words about Rugby being the “fastest, runninest dog ever”, that he was “loved by all of us”, that we’d miss him, and that he was probably running around catching balls in heaven. (I miss my doggie) The boys, theirs and mine, shoveled the dirt onto him.

Rugby loves snow We all walked away with heavy hearts but knew John was right. Gram’s probably tossing that doggy his ball right now. He no longer has seizures and is one healed little pooch.

Coming home wasn’t easy. Buddy kept bringing up all these memories like the time I came home from a country themed dinner and simply for the fact that I was wearing a cowboy hat, this crazy dog didn’t recognize me! He barked up a storm and it was hysterical.

His kennel is in the entry way. His toys are strewn here and there. His placemat in the kitchen begs for his bowls. Buddy wears Rugby’s collar and says he’ll keep it forever. Just fine by me.

Work today was just heavy on my heart, too. I just missed my boy, my shadow. If I moved, he moved. He slept on the floor at the foot of my bed. Every. Single. Night. He was just 3 1/2 yrs old when we lost him. Today when I got home from work I did my typical look to the entryway window where he was always standing watching me. I started crying and missing him all over again.

Rugby N KD I almost asked Buddy if he let the dog out yesterday morning and immediately realized that wasn’t necessary anymore. The boys are doing so well, I can’t believe it. I explained that it’s totally ok to cry and that I’ll be doing it a lot. We’ll see how it goes as this new reality sets in.

I did ask them about getting another dog and their first sentences were, “eh, I don’t know, maybe” and then about 10 minutes later, “on our way home tomorrow can we get one? Where’s the pet store?” Wow, that was fast. I would like a new puppy soon, too. We live in the country and I feel much safer with a dog who lets us know someone’s around. He’ll be a fantastic companion to the boys, and everything else a dog brings into your life.

Neutrogena Wet Skin #CBias #wetskin

spf 30 My boys love to play sports, especially in the Spring and Summer. This summer, Neutrogena Wet Skin came in supremely handy. My 8yo sweats like there’s no tomorrow. It’s terrible. Even in the winter he sweats.

This past summer he played baseball thru July & August and it was  miserable: humidity and heat. My poor Doodle had a hard time keeping lotion on his little body while being active. He would just sweat the stuff off and I really was concerned about the damage the sun would do to him.

So, when it came time for the two water parks we went to and Doodle’s baseball games, we grabbed the Neutrogena Wet Skin. I liked a number of things about this lotion.

  1. It’s a spray on. It was easy to apply and the boys could do it themselves (they’re 8 and 12)
  2. It doesn’t feel heavy and sticky. Once it’s on you don’t notice it’s there. (yes, I tried it myself)
  3. You can apply it to wet skin. If Doodle is playing, his entire body sweats, even his arms, back, neck, etc. This was an important feature for me!

Here’s a look at my shopping experience at Walmart for the Wet Skin products.

Neutrogena is currently offering $2 off Wet Skin, so be sure to sign up, get your coupon and share with your readers: https://www.neutrogena.com/sp/specialoffer/sun_save2/coupon-register.do

IMG_8322Can you see the spray coming out onto Doodle’s skin? Clear!

At the waterpark we were at last weekend, not a single kid came away with any burns or skin issues. We lathered up the adults and kids! For baseball, through the sweat, Neutrogena Wet Skin was able to cut the mustard! We have a perfect go-to product now for all our outdoor activities. Safety first!

At home, my boys play pick up ball with the neighborhood kids all the time: baseball, soccer, football, you name it those kids are in our huge yard playing it. They play it so much, my mom got Doodle a baseball plate set for Christmas last year.Neutrogena Wet SkinSo, now when all the kids come over to play in the yard, they’ll have Neutrogena Wet Skin lotion to spray on because they almost always forget to put it on before they get here.IMG_8325

Wondering where else we have used the Neutrogena Wet Skin?

IMG_8189 IMG_8303 Waterparks and Gardening

You can find Neutrogena & Walmart on Facebook and Twitter:

*This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are mine and never influenced by the company.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Game Time: Tackling The Past

gt-horizontal Tune in for "Game Time: Tackling the Past" September 3rd at 8/7c on NBC. It's a gripping
sports drama about a pro football player who's forced to reevaluate his life's decisions.
Pro football star Jake Walker had the perfect life. A Hall of Fame career, millions of dollars,
and thousands of adoring fans. That is, until the life he thought he knew took an unexpected
turn. Now Jake is forced to return home to the town that once revered him—and face the
people and unresolved events from his past.
This gripping sports drama confirms that a person's real worth isn't defined by what they
accomplish, but rather by who they are to those who love them.

You can learn more about the movie by visiting Vocalpoint.
*I have not received any compensation for sharing this information

Saturday, August 20, 2011

KalahariResorts.com Review & Contest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kalahari® Resorts for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are looking for a fantastic place to have a family vacation, try out the KalahariResorts.com Sandusky, OH location! Our family has been to the Kalahari before and had a spectacular time. You won't be disappointed, and I'd chance it say it'll be more of an experience than anything you expect!
When I visited their site for the first time, I was automatically drawn to their amenities, especially their Spa Packages. The first place I'd hit would be the Spa Kalahari and Salon. Doesn't a Kalahari's Hot Stone Pedi Kur sound delightful? What a way to start out a vacation. While I was there, I'd send the kids off to some fun adventures:
  • Safari Adventures Animal Park
  • Tree Top Play Area
  • Madagascar Mini Golf
I'd have included Pottery Pizzazz, but I'd want to go too. That would be a fun activity to do as a family!
How about playing outside? At the Sandusky location, you can rent your own private Cabana! Those would be perfect for a party or for the family to have some privacy and a place to relax. 
The Park features 500,000 gallons, a lazy river, big slides, and little slides. They also have a zip line that reaches speeds of 40mph! Man my boys would love that! Me, I'd probably puke! The Safari Outdoor Adventure park features a 3 level ropes course, a 400 foot zip line tour, and 32 foot high Adventure Wall! I just noticed as I perused their site they even teach SCUBA, just to see if you like it! 
And as you might suspect, KalahariResorts.com always has unbelievable deals! You can check those out on their website! You can also keep up with them on Twitter and Facebook. That way you won't miss out on any of those great deals!
Now, what better way to end the summer than the chance to win a free stay at a Kalahari Resort? This contest is being run by Kalahari Resort and IZEA! To enter all you have to do is:
  1. Leave a comment on the contest post about the feature or amenity you are the most excited to experience when visiting a Kalahari Resort
  2. Tweet out a message containing a link back to the contest rules and the hashtag #KalahariResorts
Check out more information about the contest and to enter visit http://izea.com/win-a-free-night-with-kalahari-contest-official-rules/
Visit Sponsor's Site

Finding My Sexy~ Bald Isn’t Beautiful

Click HERE for my fourth post, and you're right there turned out to be five in this series "Here and Now".

It’s down right sexy! I’m not sure if it’s the time of year or what, but there have been a lot of bald men popping up in my life: real and online.

One of the guys I work with, who’s in his 70s came up to me a couple weeks ago and said something to the effect of, “A study of some sort said women find bald men sexy.” I said, “Heck ya!” He seemed surprised at my reaction. hahahaha Don’t underestimate me bald man. He was like, “If I were younger…” Oh boy!

Bald men are sexy, because if they do it right, they just look hot. No, not all bald men are sexy, just like not all men with hair are sexy. I think pulling of bald is waaay harder then doing a style with hair.

Case in point: Jason Douglas, a MN native and Twitter user (that’s where I found him).jason-douglas-suitThere’s also a strength that I see in a man who has gone bald. If he’s losing his hair, he isn’t trying to hold on to what little there is. If he has a full head of hair and chooses to cut it all off, then man…have at it. More power to you.

That bald man has FOUND his sexy…and I’m all for it.

Yes, this post is a bit out of my norm, but I have to have an appreciation of the finer things God has created, right? We all have our preferences. I’m not saying bald is a preference, it’s just an opinion I have about them.

I do have some preferences though when it comes to a man I want to share my life with. Numero uno and the biggie of them all is a love for Christ! Not a Christian? We just won’t work. Simple as that.

Bald and a Christian, have we met yet?

I like a guy who doesn’t smoke (gag) and not a big drinker. My kids have never seen a single bottle of alcohol cross the threshold of my house. I’m NOT against drinking, I just prefer not to.

What else since I seem to be on a roll?

  • enjoys social media…I think that’s just a fun one

  • likes kids…duh, I have 4

  • digs me…I know, obvious, but my past shows that it’s NOT to them

  • swearing isn’t part of every day jargon…I do it, don’t get me wrong, just not often

  • likes to go do things…lets not sit at home all the time & it doesn’t have to cost anything, really

  • sports…I like me some Twins and Vikings

  • doesn’t mind a messy home…being honest here

  • understands my ADD…they have to get me

  • tattoos...raises the hot level exponentially and they add character

  • confidence (not arrogance)... screams manliness

  • tender (in heart, spirit, and mind)...what draws a woman more than this

  • sense of humor...something a smart woman can't live without in her man

Those are just off the top of my head.

What do you think of bald men? You agree with me, right? If you’re not married, or before you were, what were some of your “preferences” for the future man in your life?

Friday, August 19, 2011

LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread & Giveaway

We live in the land of Land O' Lakes and that makes me a very happy girl! We always have the good stuff here in MN!
Well, one of these great things is Land O' Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter. My sons love

putting butter on bread and then sprinkling cinnamon sugar over it. so, when we were given the opportunity to try it all in one, I snagged the chance.
First we made mini waffles and those were delicious! (photos coming when I get home). We're big waffle & pancakes fans and eat it often for dinner. My son always has mini chocolate chips and this time he added the Land O' Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter to top it off! He was a happy camper!

Few things say “home” like the classic taste of cinnamon and sugar. Just think of the many
recipes you can make with this popular flavor pairing. Now Land O’Lakes makes it easier for you to spread a little sweetness with the new LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread.

Watch the smiles around your kitchen table grow with every bite of this delightful butter added to your favorite breakfast foods and other dishes. It’s a simple way to get your kids to eat breakfast and start the day right when they can add a dollop of sweetness to their favorite foods.
  • LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread contains cinnamon and sugar swirled into creamy, all-natural butter. It has no artificial ingredients.
  • Made from simple ingredients, such as cream, sugar, canola oil and cinnamon, LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread can be used for spreading, topping, cooking and baking.
  • Tasty and versatile, LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread is great on toast, hot cereal, baked apples, vegetables, and much more.
Learn more about how you can add LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread to your favorite foods at www.LandoLakes.com or on Facebook. With a little bit of sugar, spice and everything nice, create new memories at home with sweet and wholesome breakfasts, savory dinner ideas, and twists on delicious sweet treats and desserts.

www.LandoLakes.com | Also find us on:

Now's your chance to win the prize pack from MyBlogSpark and Land O' Lakes!!

Required: Tell me what topping you usually put on your pancakes or waffles!

Giveaway open to US AND Canadian residents only 18 yrs or older. Please leave your email in the required entry or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Winner has 48 hours to respond. Giveaway ends 9/2/11 at 11:59 PDT
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Tweet this giveaway & leave a link 2 your tweet (1 entry daily) “RT Win a Land O' Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread Prize Pack! @landolakesktchn @MimiBakerMN #MyBlogSpark http://bit.ly/pazSG7"
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Disclosure: The LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread product, information, and giveaway have been provided by Land O´Lakes through MyBlogSpark."

Finding My Sexy Again ~ Here & Now

Click HERE for my third post in this series "Where I Lost It".

Here I am 5 yrs after separating from my ex feeling like I’m finally free to move forward with life. At 42. Have I mentioned age is a factor for me…only for the fact that it’s a big number. 42 is such an obscure number. How can I be that old?

I know that most people who meet me say I’m lying to them when I tell them my age. Well, when one, such as I, doesn’t come close to acting her age it’s no surprise it’s hard to guess.

So, finding my sexy now is a very mental, emotional, and physical thing. I need to find a balance.

I want to have enough confidence NOT to get into another unhealthy relationship, because yes, I do relationships. I have no time for one night stands, hook-ups, etc. I’m a one man woman and I’m ready to do it for life!

How do I find my sexy? I know that there are moments here and there that I feel like, “Yah, I can do this,” and then I start to criticize everything. I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to having the mentality to pull this off. I want to though dang it!

I feel like I need to take a class where a woman can teach me how to not give a crap what people think and to just stand on my own 2 feet.

Now, I know I'll never be Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson or Mila Kunis, but someone won't need me or wish me to be them. They'll love me for me, right? heh heh heh At least that's my hope. Am I crazy for wanting to be loved for just being me?

Physically, I have to remember I’ve had 4 kids. Whether or not the guy will remember is an entirely different story. I’m in that age group where the girls who are younger than me, significantly, can be potentially dating the same age range as me. Just great. Maybe I can compete with an 80 year old lady?

As for how I dress, I personally feel that has an impact on how I view myself. If I walk out of the house looking lame or frumpy, then that’s going to have an impact on how I see myself and how I think others are seeing me as I go through my day. I don’t have the $ to have all the latest fashions and I’m definitely NOT high maintenance, but a few nice pieces would be great!

brie has top bunk

I’m not in “shape”. True, I’m not heavy…BUT I’m not in shape either. My thighs have never seen a muscle. They just weren’t created that way. I have a slightly poochy belly…4 kids YO! I remember one time on Oprah, she had people put their hands out in front of them to guess how wide they thought their hips were. Then they had to bring those hands back to their waist to see if they were correct. They were waaay off and too large. I’m the same way. I’d probably make myself my old “12” instead of where I’m at now. It’s a mental game I tell ya!

The wrinkles are coming. I mean, it’s a part of life. They’re not WAAAAA in your face deep wrinkles, but they’re there nevertheless.

Having come out of 8 yrs of being with a man who was intently watching the breasts of every woman who walked my has definitely made an impact on this girl who nursed ALL 4 kids and has very little to show for it. Why couldn’t the “girls” have stayed full after that very last feeding?

Are there men out there who AREN’T boob men? I’ve heard there are, but I have yet to meet one. Is that because there really isn’t one out there and they’re all just saying that to be nice? Remember that Jim dandy of a comment from my dad?

I personally think “sexy” is a state of mind. What I have to do is find that place. Not an easy task for one who feels like they’ve been led through the woods blindfolded all these years and being told to find the way out. Some days it seems impossible. But I said it before, I’ve had moments.

How do you define sexy?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finding My Sexy Again ~ Where I Lost It

Click HERE to visit the second post "Found It Once".

After I had broken up with the One, I figured I’d give dating another go. I didn’t wait long, unfortunately, and I was in rebound purgatory! Of course, I immediately met my future ex-husband.

Mimi at Retreat I totally chopped my hair off when I broke up with the One

We met via a Christian dating site. I figured that was a good place to start. There were little signs that there might be something wrong, but they were so minute, I can’t even tell you! Sure he acted jealous on occasion. We were a couple thousand miles apart. Made sense he didn’t want me talking to my ex-boyfriend, right?

As I was getting to know him, I wanted to know the people in his life, too. Who knew? He could be some freaky, scary dude. So, I talked to his co-worker, a guy he had started going to church with. He didn’t know my ex very well at that point, so said he couldn’t really tell me a lot. I talked to his sister and she said nice things about him. And I talked to his best friend, who gave me the third degree and ended up being a big supporter of mine!

The ex flew out to WA to meet me, my roomie, my neighbor (who was my pastor and close friend) and his family, and to spend some one on one time alone with me face to face. We had a nice time. Again there were things. Some silly, like he was shorter than I preferred. I like my men tall. I like feeling encompassed by a man…ooooo detour, sorry.

He also had a hard time restraining himself. He’d totally mash my face in front of my girls who didn’t know him from Adam! He was very touchy feely, but in an overly kind of way. Again, at the time I figured he was just being a guy.

Finally the girls and I moved out to Minnesota to be with him. Let me throw a little conversation I had with my dad because it would fit right about here. The girls and I had gone to AZ to spend Christmas with my dad and his side of the family. It was a wonderful time as we hadn’t done that in years.

At one point while we’re down there my dad says to me, and I quote, “You look like Shania Twain…without the boobs.” Wow, thanks for noticing dad. Who says that to their daughter? Hello, 14 yrs later and I can still hear it as clearly as I heard that kid in high school tell me if my gut hung out further than my boobs I was fat.

Mimi at Retreat SunsetMan this was forever ago, but I still look the same, but older. Weird!

For the record, I see absolutely NO resemblance to Shania, but have had people mention it to me on numerous occasions, most recently this past weekend. A guy at work came right up to me and said I look like her. Ok, pal.

Alrighty, back to the journey.

No sooner had we been married that it all started to come to the surface.

  • I mooned him once out in the cove of a lake with no one else around. He said if I ever did that again he’d divorce me. Ok, no more of that business

  • I wore a skirt that didn’t go to my knees and was very airy. He was freaked out it would fly up and someone would see my undies

  • I couldn’t wear white shirts because it was possible that a man would see the outline of my bra

  • No bikinis (which I was kind of ok w/, but still) because he was afraid one of the “girls” might pop out for some random man to see. Hello, my girls don’t pop out of anything. They’re too little to “pop”

  • I had to do the bend over test with my shirts. If they fell open at all I couldn’t get it

  • I had to have a bra on at all times if there was another man around, even my own dad. Couldn’t answer the door if it were a man unless I put a bra on. OH, underneath my shirts or sweatshirts

  • I had to wear thicker bras so “unmentionable” parts wouldn’t be visible

So, that’s what I lived with for 8 yrs. Eight very long years where I didn’t have a single moment of feeling sexy. In those 8 yrs I probably kissed the guy passionately a couple times at the beginning of our relationship and that was it. From the honeymoon on all I felt like was an object.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like a worthwhile object, because he found others appealing. He tried to deny it, made ME feel like I was seeing things, making things up in my head, etc. His favorite line was, “You can’t see through my eyes.” Well, that may be the truth, but if I’m standing right next to you, I can see your line of vision and if you’re hypnotized by the large breasts on another woman, I can see it. Hello.

We tried counseling, but he was always the victim saying I was playing the victim. He felt like he had to walk on eggshells, blah blah blah And I tell you, I thought I was so screwed up as a wife. Clearly I couldn’t do anything right as a wife.

After 8 yrs of marriage, everything that had been swept under the table came to light and in ONE day, it was all over. Never again did he touch me. That was almost 5 yrs ago. I haven’t been out with a man or chatted in a “dating” kind of way since then. I was married and even though we were separated, I wasn’t going to stray past the bounds of marriage.

Recently though, as the divorce proceeds, I’ve been ready to start testing the waters. Some days those waters look like a huge tidal wave ready to crash over me. Others is like a creek beckoning me to follow it. I’m nervous and excited all at once.

But who am I? What do I have to offer in my old age of 42? Not only 42, but a mom of 4, count ‘em, FOUR kids. Yes, my girls are out of the house, but both of my boys are still home and will be for a while.

I’m ready to find my sexy, inside and out!

Any advice from those of you who have found yours? How’d you do it?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finding My Sexy Again ~ Found It once

Fotolia_6008356_Subscription_XXLCheck HERE for the first post in this series "The Past".

So, I met THE guy. Of course when I first met him I had no clue. Does anyone?

I liked him differently than I had liked anyone ever before. He treated me differently, expected more from me in a good way. In any other relationship I couldn’t trust a guy as far as I could throw him. My experiences were they cheat, they leave, or they do both. You would think I’d approach this relationship like I had all my others.

But no, he was so much more than all the rest of those guys. He treated me like a girl. Like I was meant to be treated like a girl. Does that even make sense? Everyone else treated me like an object. HE didn’t. He treated me like an equal, like I was worthwhile, and most of all, like I was sexy.

Before my interest had waned very early on. The guys would bore me or they’d turn out to not be exactly what I had hoped or thought. They weren’t as funny or smart or as interesting.

Not him. I was excited every single time we talked. The first time he called me we talked for three hours! THREE hours. Then we started seeing each other. It was crazy and wonderful all at the same time.

He became my best friend. He became the love of my life. He made me feel about myself the way no guy had ever made me feel before. I was totally in touch with my feminine side. He brought that out in me.

How did he do it? He made me feel worthwhile. He made me feel loved. I trusted him. He was the first and only man I’ve ever actually been in love with. It was amazing to put it into the simplest of terms.

We could go out to dinner and he might notice how pretty the waitress was, but that was it. An observation. He never made me feel insecure about myself in these situations. He didn’t oogle her or watch her walk away.

Mid section image of a couple holding hands, outdoorsWe were always touching, and it was because of him. If we were walking somewhere, he was holding my hand. Not in some freaky, possessive way, but sweet and endearing. I loved it and soaked it all in for what it was worth. If you had seen me that year, you would’ve thought I had Perma-Grin. He just made me happy from head to toe.

There’s always a glitch though, isn’t there? He’d been married before, but they’d never had children. I had been married, and had 2 little girls. The glitch? He wasn’t ready to be a dad. Wow, major FAIL! We loved being together, but my girls were my world. There was no choosing for me and he didn’t ask me to. As much as he loved me, he couldn’t see himself being a dad yet.

Things began to change and we just knew it was time to go down different paths. It was probably the hardest thing I had ever had to do emotionally with someone I loved. Breaking up with him didn’t have an impact on my self esteem like it had with other guys. Sure it was personal, but on an entirely different level.

Unfortunately, some things don’t change overnight and it was only a month later I would meet my future ex-husband. I’ll share some of that debacle in my next post.

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