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The Roads We Follow By Nicole Deese

The Roads We Follow
by Nicole Reese
Publisher: Bethany House
Series: A Fog Harbor Romance
ISBN: 9780764241192

IF you don't have an auto-buy author, may I present to you, Nicole Deese! She should be at the top of your list! She invited me to be on her launch team, and I accepted wholeheartedly! This series has been exceptional! She sent me her book for review!


A cross-country road trip. A secretive box of journals. An unforgettable summer romance.

As the youngest daughter of a country music legend, Raegan Farrow longs to establish an identity away from the spotlight and publish her small-town romances under a pen name. But after her dream is dashed when she won't exploit her mother's fame to further her own career, she hears a rumor from a reliable source regarding a tell-all being written about the Farrow family. Making matters worse, the unknown author has gone to great lengths to remain anonymous until publication.

Raegan chooses to keep the tell-all a secret from her scandal-leery sisters as they embark on a two-week cross-country road trip at their mother's request and makes it her mission to expose the identity of the author behind the unsanctioned biography. But all is complicated when she discovers their hired bus driver, Micah Davenport, has a hidden agenda of his own--one involving both of their mothers and an old box of journals. As they rely on each other to find the answers they seek, the surprising revelations they unearth will lead them down an unexpected road of love and reconciliation.

My Review:

You ever have a book you know you're going to love just because of all of the other ones you've read by an author and STILL end up being blown away? Yea, that happened to me once again with The Roads We Follow! There are so many layers and dynamics throughout it that it'll be difficult for me to wrap it all up with a neat bow.

The story is told from two perspectives: Raegan and Micah. Their families have a history together; one that is bittersweet. Raegan's famous country singing mama surprises her 3 daughters by pretty much forcing them on a road trip. Micah becomes their bus driver after connecting with Luella, the matriarch of the family.

Raegan wants to have an identity apart from the family business, but her older sister, Adele, runs a tight ship and there's no straying. Middle sister, Hattie, who Raegan is charged with keeping an eye on, is in a downward spiral. Micah has recently learned a bit of family history which is his impetus for ending up behind the wheel of their bus. Little do they know that this road trip and Micah are going to have a profound, lifelong impact on all of them.

Man, this was such a roller coaster ride of emotions. From Raegan learning about a tell-all that puts her mother, father, and family business in a terrible light, to Micah's secret, Hattie's shattered world, Adele's need for control, and Luella trying to keep her family together, we're along for the ride!

Secrets have a way of destroying families and ruining friendships, even when done with good intentions. Lack of communication can do the same thing. Both are evidenced in this story. What I loved about Raegan and Micah is that even though they just meet, there's an innate sense of trust. While their budding friendship hits a few bumps in the road, I enjoyed watching them grow as people and becoming better versions of themselves while they're together. They work as a team and it's a joy to read.

The author has this beautiful gift of drawing the reader into the heart of the story - for each character. You can see the perspectives of each person and have empathy towards them. Well, except for one person - who we'd all like to give the "what for"!

And it's so clear that the Lord is the centerpiece of this story. His healing, forgiveness, and making all things new are evident throughout. I'm incredibly grateful for stories like this. It's not forced or thrown in here and there. It's woven in so naturally throughout.

While I can't wait for book three, I'm just happy to rest in the satisfaction of getting to know the characters in this story and wonder how they're all doing now!

About the Author:

Nicole Deese ( is a Christy and Carol Award-winning, bestselling author of hope-filled, humorous, and heartfelt contemporary romance novels. When she's not sorting out character arcs and story plots of her own, she can usually be found listening to an audiobook and multitasking at least four different chores at once. She's a hoarder of sparkling water, a lover of long walks and even longer talks with friends, and a seeker of fun and adventure at all times. She lives in small-town Idaho with her happily-ever-after hubby, two freakishly tall teenage sons, and one princess daughter with the heart of a warrior.

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A Secret Between Them By Donna Gartshore + GIVE AWAY

A Secret Between Them JustRead Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for A Secret Between Them by Donna Gartshore, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours! Be sure to check out an excerpt from the book below!

About the Book

A Secret Between Them

Title: A Secret Between Them 
Donna Gartshore
Love Inspired
Release Date:
April 23, 2024
Inspirational Contemporary Romance

She’ll help him heal… 

But is love enough to make him stay? 

Unexpectedly injured, photojournalist John Bishop finds himself stuck in a town full of painful memories—with physical therapist Grace Severight his only way out. Following her treatment should be simple. But soon John’s falling again—this time for the single foster mom and her four-year-old charge. Now love might heal his past…but will a secret Grace is keeping destroy their chance at a future?  

From Love Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.  

PURCHASE LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | ChristianBook | Bookshop| BookBub

Also Available

Finding Her Voice 

Book Excerpt

Grace was making homemade pizza for supper that night and kneading the dough gave her an opportunity to try to untangle her thoughts. She’d been struggling to do that ever since John announced his intentions to stay in Living Skies, at least for the time being.

But how long was that going to be? She couldn’t imagine it would take long for him to teach Toby everything he would be able to handle at his age. Toby might have formed a quick attachment to his camera but he was only five years old.

Besides, he was already forming an attachment to John. Being as objective as she could manage, without letting pangs of envy get in the way, Grace had to consider what it would do to the little boy to become even more attached and then have John leave. Because no matter what John was saying right now, she couldn’t believe his intention to stay would last long.

That had something to do with his father, but that subject was off-limits for John and her.

About the Author

Donna Gartshore

Publishers Weekly best selling author Donna Gartshore lives in Saskatchewan, Canada. Donna is so grateful to be able to tell stories of faith, hope and second chances for Love Inspired. She also writes devotionals and the occasional poem or short story. Donna loves time with her family, personal and group Bible study, long chats with friends over dinner or coffee and engaging in discussions about books and writing with her local and online writing communities.

Connect with Donna on social media at Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Tour Giveaway

(3) winners will each win a print copy of Finding Her Voice, Finding Their Christmas Home and A Secret Between Them, plus an inspirational bookmark!

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Night Falls On Predicament Avenue By Jaime Jo Wright

Night Falls on Predicament Avenue
by Jaime Jo Wright
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 9780764241451

As an avid Jaime Jo Wright fan, I was thrilled when Bethany House gifted me with a copy of her newest release! How she comes up with these stories twice a year is a gift and beyond me to comprehend! She always has me sitting on the edge of my seat!


As the walls of the house at Predicament Avenue reveal their hidden truths, two women--generations apart--discover that fear and foreboding are no respecters of time.

In 1910, Effie James is committed to doing anything to save her younger sister, who witnessed a shocking murder, leaving her mute and in danger of the killer's retribution. Effie must prove what her sister saw, but when a British gentleman arrives, he disrupts Effie's quest with his attempts to locate his wife, Isabelle Addington, who was last seen at the supposed crime scene in the abandoned house at 322 Predicament Avenue. Just as Effie discovers what she seeks, she finds that the blood staining the walls will forever link her to a scandal she couldn't imagine, and to a woman whose secrets promise to curse any who would expose them.

A century later, Norah Richman grapples with social anxiety and grief as she runs her late great-aunt's bed-and-breakfast on Predicament Avenue. But Norah has little affection for the house and is committed only to carrying out her murdered sister's dreams until crime historian and podcaster Sebastian Blaine arrives to investigate the ghostly legacy of the house's claim to fame--the murder of Isabelle Addington. When a guest is found dead, the incident is linked to Isabelle's murder, and Norah and Sebastian must work together to uncover the century-old curse that has wrapped 322 Predicament Avenue in its clutches and threatens far more than death.

My Review:

Holy guacamole! THAT was such a good read! I literally just finished the book and came here to write my review. One of the pitfalls of Night Falls on Predicament Avenue is that I've chewed all my nails down to pretty much nothing. The author does this to me EVERY single time!

Effie is the epitome of older sister, most of the time. Polly, her sister, wants to live life with abandon. Unfortunately, that excitement for life is exactly what gets them into trouble. And sweet Effie has to bear the brunt of their choices (and then mostly her own) throughout the rest of the story. 

Norah, who also had a sister, is similar to Effie in some ways. They've both experienced trauma in their lives and it doesn't seem to be ebbing any time soon. Norah is forced into the position of fight or continuing flight.

If you're like me, you sleuth your way through the author's stories trying to figure out which person in each timeline did "it". I'll tell you that in 1901 I had no clue who may have been connected to Isabelle. I thought I knew, then thought I knew again, and found out I didn't know at all. In Norah's time (current day) I had an idea of who the culprit might be, then the author threw in some other rabbit trails I was led to believe, and then knew again... of course at the very end. One of these days I'm going to nail it!

It was so good to watch the main characters grow throughout the story. They'd tried to live quiet unobtrusive lives, but the world found them and turned everything topsy turvy. Both women found strength they didn't realize they had and needed. And of course, the men who surround them in the story have a lot to do with their growth.

As creepy and spooky the author's stories are, they are completely infused with faith and pointing to the Lord. She never fails to give a reason for any hauntings, ghosts, or mysterious happenings. Think along the lines of Scooby Do. There's always an answer! When we learn the answer in the current timeline I think my jaw dropped more so than in the past.

I was surprised at how emotional I became towards the end of the story. Somehow in the reading, the characters worked their way into my heart. I'll admit I almost cried it was such a touching part of the story. Read it and you'll know what I'm talking about!

About the Author:

Jaime Jo Wright ( is the author of ten novels, including Christy Award and Daphne du Maurier Award-winner The House on Foster Hill and Carol Award winner The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond. She's also a two-time Christy Award finalist, as well as the ECPA bestselling author of The Vanishing at Castle Moreau and two Publishers Weekly bestselling novellas. Jaime lives in Wisconsin with her family and felines.

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The Elusive Truth Of Lily Temple By Joanna Davidson Politano

The Elusive Truth of Lily Temple
by Joanna Davidson Politano
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 9780800742973

For the record, if Joanna Davidson Politano writes a book, I'm reading it! No questions asked. I don't even need to know what the book is about. All I need to know is that she wrote it! I'm on her launch team and she sent me her book for review.


In the search for the truth, the line between fact and fiction is beginning to fall out of focus

It is 1903, and Lily Temple is a beautiful silent-film actress who spins fairy tales and plays frivolous roles in front of the cine-camera. But beneath the costumes and stage makeup is a woman with a quick wit, a murky past, and a tantalizing secret. 

Underground investigator to the wealthy, Peter Driscoll has been tasked with locating the legendary Briarwood Teardrop, an exquisite sapphire that has been missing for years--and which Lily happens to be wearing beneath her gown. In order to stay close to her and unravel the mystery, Peter employs the enchanting actress's help on a case. 

But as they are investigating together, Peter is also investigating Lily. The closer he gets to the truth, the more danger they face. And the closer he gets to Lily, the clearer it becomes that he needs her even more than she needs him.

My Review:

As soon as I finished the first chapter I was enraptured by the story. WHAT was Lily going to say or do next?

We meet Lily Temple, an... actress. Yes, an actress. She has secrets, which are peeled back layer by layer thanks for Peter Driscoll. Plain Peter Driscoll or so Lily initially thinks. Lily is fascinating. She's also a mystery. Where did she come from? How is she connected to the missing gem? Peter intends to find out.

What he doesn't expect is for Lily to be so all-encompassing. He has no choice but to figure out who she is - who she REALLY is. What he doesn't realize is how dangerous that will become. To keep her close, he invites her to join him on some investigations where she can employ her acting skills. Meanwhile, he spends his time listening to her, chipping away at her resolve to stay distant to everyone.

I felt a bit like I was reading a story that should be a classic along the lines of Dickens. Yes, I said that! I became a cheerleader in heart for Lily and Peter, Roddy and his opinions be hanged! You get to know gruff Roddy through the story, and it's hard not to appreciate his protection of Peter. Peter is kind and thoughtful. His biggest skill is listening and he uses it to his advantage in so many ways. Lily, she's like a kaleidoscope. 

There are a number of daring cases Peter takes Lily on, and Roddy is always present in one way or another with each one. With each case, Peter demonstrates to Lily how well he's getting to know her, which she likes and dislikes at the same time! Don't we all long to be truly known?

This story reads like a parable directing the reader to the One who truly knows and seeks after each of us. Peter can see the Savior availing Himself to Lily, pursuing her. It comes to light brighter and brighter as the story continues. I found it absolutely beautiful!

About the Author:

Joanna Davidson Politano is the award-winning author of Lady Jayne DisappearsA Rumored FortuneFinding Lady EnderlyThe Love NoteA Midnight Dance, and The Lost Melody. She loves tales that capture the colorful, exquisite details in ordinary lives and is eager to hear anyone's story. She lives with her husband and their children in a house in the woods near Lake Michigan. You can find her online at

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These Tangled Threads By Sarah Loudin Thomas

These Tangled Threads
by Sarah Loudin Thomas
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 9780764242014

The publisher kindly surprised me with a copy of this story! I had been seeing and hearing about it on social media so I had hoped to read it at some point one day. Imagine how excited I was when the book showed up in the mail!


Set in the shadow of Biltmore Estate, a poignant tale of friendship, restoration, and second chances.

Seven years ago, a hidden betrayal scattered three young friends living in the shadow of the great Vanderbilt mansion. Now, when Biltmore Industries master weaver Lorna Blankenship is commissioned to create an original design for Cornelia Vanderbilt's 1924 wedding, she panics knowing she doesn't have the creativity needed. But there's an elusive artisan in the Blue Ridge Mountains who could save her--if only she knew where to begin.

To track down the mysterious weaver, Lorna sees no other way than to seek out the relationships she abandoned in shame. As she pulls at each tangled thread from her past, Lorna is forced to confront the wounds and regrets of life long ago. She'll have to risk the job that shapes her identity, as well as the hope of friendship--and love--restored.

My Review:

First, can we just talk about how gorgeous the cover of These Tangled Threads is? It's totally the mood for this story!

What a "tangled" mess things can become when we twist ourselves up in lies and deception in moments of desperation! The weight of it can be overwhelming and affect the lives of those around us. Lorna finds this out the hard way. This is such a beautiful story of restoration, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Dear Lorna has been through so much with the loss of her family and the possible loss of her job. Her relationship with friends and those under her leadership are torn apart because of decisions made in haste and panic.

Loyal Arthur has been through a lot as well as we learn in the prologue. He is a fine man who has his eye on Lorna, who just can't see past her deception. Arthur tries to break down her walls, but because he has no idea what's transpired in the past, doesn't have a clue how to do that. He struggles with his past abandonment and a family member who shows up unexpectedly!

Unique Gentry ends up at Biltmore industries after he grandfather dumps her with the women who run the trade school. Gentry is a headstrong young girl with zero desire for receiving direction. She comes under the tutelage of Lorna and to say that they clash would be an understatement.

These three characters ebb and flow together throughout the story. They're in and out of each others lives. The story also goes back and forth with all 3 of them as well as different timelines. It wasn't difficult at all to keep up with whose perspective it was.

When things begin to unravel, Lorna has no choice but to fix the wrongs she's done, somehow admit to those around her what she's done, and seek forgiveness if possible. Their journey to reconciliation isn't an easy one. They learn so much about themselves and each other as they struggle for the truth.

About the Author:

Sarah Loudin Thomas ( is the author of numerous acclaimed novels, including The Finder of Forgotten ThingsThe Right Kind of Fool, winner of the 2021 Selah Book of the Year, and Miracle in a Dry Season, winner of the 2015 INSPY Award. She worked in public relations for Biltmore Estate for six years and is now the director of Jan Karon's Mitford Museum. A native of West Virginia, she and her husband now live in western North Carolina.

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