Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Upcycled Solar Porch Lights

If you follow me anywhere, you KNOW I'm a Chick-fil-A fan! Last year they challenged us to use their salad containers and upcycle them. I used mine to hold plants and a bird feeder. This winter, they've challenged us to use their soup bowls and upcycle them.

My husband came up with the idea to make solar lights out of them somehow. I thought it was a great idea, but where to start! At first I wanted to use them along the garden, but since the garden is tucked in for the winter, it's not cleaned up enough to use in my post yet. What to do, what to do...?

I figured I'd get started on the craft, and go from there as to where I'd place it.

First off I started with 4 soup containers, tops and lids. I already had spray paint and the tools I'd need. All I had to do was scrounge up solar lights. We have some Fred put in the garden last year, but there were only a couple and they were in pretty bad shape. While we were out shopping, We found an 8 pk on sale for $5!! I need to go back and get more.

I started off by painting the bowls of the soup containers. I went with green in case I decide to put them in the garden once it comes alive with new growth! Yay to having the spray already!

From there, I cut out the square logo out out of the lid, not realizing I was going to end up using them later! After cutting out the logo, I put the round solar light on top of the lid, and gauged the size I needed to cut out to fit it in the top. It took several tries, but I'm sure I could've traced around it. I'm just too lazy!

When I put the top on, I realized that the light wouldn't shine out very well. I debated putting designs on all four sides, but that's when it hit me that I should figure out how to add the logo square. It wasn't easy to make sure it could fit, but I cut out a square roughly the same size as the square and put it in through the back so I could tape it in place.

I added the lid to each of them and waited for the sun to go down. I really had no idea how it was going to turn out, but it totally worked! I was actually pretty giddy about it! I made everyone go outside to admire my handy up cycling!

My step daughter told me I should add designs around the sides. Go figure! I haven't done it yet, but I still might. I really like how the light shines out the top and front. Maybe adding slits to the side or I might just let her get creative about letting the light come through the other sides!

I may get a red spray paint and make 4 more. I could put the green ones in the garden and the red ones would blend well with the brick steps! I'm excited about the possibilities!

What would you do with upcycled Chick-fil-A soup containers?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Cook's Cafe Experience

For Valentine's Day, my hubby came through with flying colors. I think people get a little crazy about this holiday. I'm very "meh" about it. I like $5 flowers on a random day, and make sure they're not roses. Bring me an electronic or a household item as a gift and I won't complain. I'm just not "that girl" for Valentine's Day.

Well, even though we decided to not get gifts, Fred had a plan for dinner. That is something I appreciate. He hinted that it would be something I'd like. I wasn't worried. We enjoy eating out together, so that's really all that mattered. I was certainly looking forward to it!

We took off for our evening, and as we pulled into some random strip business, he explained to me what we were doing! We were going to a place called A Cook's Cafe. There were 16 couples showing up to learn how to cook their dinner! AHHHHHHHHH! I was pretty thrilled! I was also very hungry!

A few of the couples were late, so I was starting to get a bit hangry. No good on Valentine's Day. The chef & owner, Craig, explained to us what our dinner menu would be. He also gave each of us a packet to take home.

After everyone arrived, We broke into groups of 4 and had 4 different stations. Fred & I, and the couple we were sitting with, were the butchers. The chef showed us how he wanted us to cut the slabs of meat. The other groups did vegetables and worked on the fish with herbs.

When we first got there, we were given a packet with all of the recipes, so we had a very basic idea of what we were making and eating. We had a lot of fun with the couple we were working with. The guys started off with the trimming of the slabs, then the ladies took over. It's interesting how detailed you can get once you get started. Cutting off all of the fat was very time consuming.

I don't think any of us realized how intricate it is to cut meat well! I'm pretty sure for 3 loins it took the 4 of us an hour. lol Not even kidding! Just when we think we're close to being done, Chef Craig came over and started trimming more. hahahaha

We all kind of wanted to see what everyone else was doing, because there was just so much to learn and do that night. We missed all of the instruction for the other sections, but took a minute or two to walk around to see how it was all going. Meanwhile, Chef Craig's assistant kept helping us a ton! He was so delightful and helpful!

While we were getting the reduction sauce cooking, we were able to sample the Sweet Red Bell Pepper Soup with Lump Crab. The soup was rather good. I'm not a fan of lump crab, but everyone was enjoying the sample. That had been cooking since we first started back in the kitchen!

Our next task after the loin was cut...not so pretty I might add...was to "pleasingly caramelize" it. We started the caramelizing process, and after the chef came by once to critique our browning, we got better at it. It was so stinking funny because we would "oooo" or "ahhhh" or "mmmmm no" at the same time. Got it down to an agreed upon opinion of done or not done. Of course a couple ended up browned a wee bit more than the others. lol

It wasn't long after our Tournedos of Beef au Poivre went into the over that dinner was ready! I think by that point we were all famished. The steaks were pulled out to rest, and at the same time the chef peeled the skin off of the salmon. It was amazing to see the salmon as it came out of the oven and watch the chef peel it.

Everyone did a fantastic job on their dishes. The potato gratin wasn't cooked completely so that was about the only thing I wasn't a fan of. The flavor of it was really good, but I wish it had cooked longer. I was actually surprised I liked the caramelized butternut squash! It had a dollop of pesto on top. I definitely could've eaten more of those! Our steaks turned out good. A little dry, but with the reduction sauce, it was amazing. I wanted to go back and lick the pan it was so good!

As we ate our meal, the chef was back in the kitchen finishing up the chocolate cake! I was so engrossed in my meal, I didn't realize he wasn't with us all. As we all finished our meals, he walked out with the chocolate cake with fresh raspberries! Our night was absolutely delicious! I know the picture below doesn't show our meal in it's full glory, but I was starving when we were given the go-ahead to grab our food!

I really want to go back and try some of his other classes as well! The chef mentioned a knife skills class as well as a sauces class. We're definitely going to have to keep an eye on his calendar. I can't wait to go back again!

Have you ever taken a cooking class?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Beauty And The Beast Coloring Sheets

Less than a month before the much anticipated Beauty And The Beast is in theaters!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! While you wait, be sure to download the coloring sheets so that the kids can join in the excitement!

Here are just a few examples! Click here: Beauty And The Beast coloring sheets to download them all.

Like BEAUTY AND THE BEAST on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DisneyBeautyAndTheBeast

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Visit the official BEAUTY AND THE BEAST website here: http://movies.disney.com/beauty-and-the-beast-2017

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST opens in theatres everywhere on March 17th!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Visiting The Eastern Shore of Maryland

A couple weekends ago, Fred wanted to take me to a little crepe cafe because he knows how much I love crepes! He heard about it from one of our friends after he shared that he was traveling over there for work. And by "there" I mean the Eastern Shore.

We typically only cross the Bay Bridge if we're going to Ocean City or going to one of Fred's favorite places, Harris Crab House. While he was over there with work a couple weeks ago, he said I'd love to take pictures there! Close my eyes and over the bridge we go!

He was right. I didn't get nearly as many photos as I wanted, but if you're looking for a day trip, head over to the St. Michaels area! That's where we planned to eat. As you come into town, as they lead up to Valentine's Day, it looks like people have purchased hearts to be hung along the road. It's super cute, and something I could totally see Annandale doing!

We went to the crepe cafe that our friends told us about and we weren't disappointed. The savory crepes were really good, and neither of us finished our own. The sweet crepe was the hardest to pick. I'm not a Nutella fan, and I think half of their sweet ones had that ingredient. I really love them with apples. Fred is pretty open to lots of the sweet ones. We ended up having a banana caramel one. Oh my word! It was fabulous!

Where we parked to eat our crepes, we saw a beautiful church we both wanted to get photos of. We walked over there afterwards, and weren't disappointed. We figured the church to have been around since the 1800s according to the grave markers. It was amazing to walk around! St. Michaels was the "town that fooled the British." Not exactly sure of the meaning, but I'm planning to find out!

From there we headed down the road a bit more to Tilghman Island. That was like going back in time! The gas station was one where you had to go inside to to pay. The drive was great! It reminded me of driving up North in Minnesota.

The homes were so interesting to me! I just adore old homes! Let me explain something about the door and what's inside the windows on the left of this house. First, I wish I would've gotten out of the car instead of having the goofy fence in the photo. The outside is beautiful. The door and storm door are all wood I didn't get a straight on shot of the door. It was amazing. The windows on the right have plain old blinds.

The windows on the left have like wood folding screens in them. They were amazing and looked so perfect in the windows. The right side definitely needed them!

When I shared the one above on Facebook, my bestie researched it and found out there are only 5 houses like it left! Here's what she said about it, "It is the Lee House, built in the 1890s vernacular architecture"
It's now the Tishman Watermen's Museum. I think as we drove we saw 2 more houses on the same road.

Fred literally drove us to the very end of the peninsula where a bed and breakfast is! Can't imagine what that must be like during hurricane season. We turned around and went back the way we came, and this time stopping at a variety of houses along the way to take pictures. This house on the water made me think of an old fisherman's home. It's just so odd and different!

For some reason, I couldn't take any good pictures of this adorable little church, Thank goodness for Fred's iPad. We got some cute pictures with it! He was loving the bell. How can you resist and old bell? Isn't it quaint?

I can't remember if we stopped at this post office as we left Tilghman Island or St. Michaels, but it was right next some water. Sadly it's for sale, so I'm guessing it won't be a post office for long if it even is one still.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful day out! I'm really enjoying our exploring. I wish one of our boys didn't work every Saturday so we could take both boys on our "adventures," but I guess that's what happens when they grow up!

Where do you like to visit locally?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Getting My Zumba On

My first attempt to go to the gym was a bust. I was going to meet with the trainer, but she cancelled. I know, I mentioned that in my previous gym post. I decided I'd go to the gym and workout anyhow. I got there and didn't go in. I won't tell you why, but it had nothing to do with my anxiety for walking into the gym for the first time.

I left there and headed to Kohl's. Shopping therapy! I needed clothing for the gym and it's just across the street. Bonus! Headed to the clearance rack and loaded up. Turns out I should've worked out before I made my purchases! HA!

My second attempt started with me pretty much dry shaving my legs and walking away with a razor burn I'm still suffering from several days later! Shaving isn't a "thing" I do often. It's just not on my radar until I'm walking out of the house with shorts on. GAH!

This week, on Monday, I dropped my oldest son off at his college class, and then headed to back down to the gym for my first class. Turns out, I wasn't ready to wear any of my new stuff. I felt like most of it was too tight. Go figure. So, I just put on a pair of shorts and grabbed an old t-shirt.

As soon as we got into the car to head to the college, I started to have anxiety. Tons of thoughts went through my head, "Will I look ridiculous?" "Will I get lost trying to figure out the moves?" "Will I be bright enough to figure out the lockers or where the towels are?" "Will I die of fatigue in the middle of the workout?"

Driving down to the gym I was thinking I should've taken a small dose of my anxiety medication that I use when I fly. I sure felt like I could've used it. I almost didn't want to get out of my car.

I got out of my car.

When I walked in, I actually couldn't even remember where the class was. Good news though, there was a stack of towels right where you check in. The guy who checked me in showed me easily where the classroom was, and I headed over.

There was a young girl sitting outside the room along with a group of a few ladies by the door. I sat down by the gal and started chatting with her. She'd only been going for a few weeks. She was very sweet. I watched the end of the Body Combat class, and it looked like one I'd be interested in. The only issue is that it's just before the Zumba class.

We walked in to class and I stood in the back. Only problem there? The back of the room is where the glass doors are that people walk by. Oh joy! I tried to scoot up a little bit. lol

The instructor got started with some really fun music, and it wasn't bad at all! In fact, my youngest and I have been doing Just Dance 3 so that I felt like I could actually move for an extended period of time. Guess what? So many moves from that "game" is what the instructor used. I probably only got lost 10% of the time. Sometimes I can only do one thing at a time. I'm either watching the instructor's hands or her feet. Unless I know the move, I can't do both. hahahahaha

I stopped for water every chance I got. Oh, and guess what? The clothing I bought at Kohl's wasn't what everyone else was wearing. I was the ONLY pasty white girl in shorts. Everyone else was in some sort of leggings. Guess who won't be wearing shorts any time soon. I really stood out, which is NOT what I wanted! Looks like I need some more retail therapy! It's for a good cause, right?

I actually really enjoyed the class. It was challenging, but it's exactly what I enjoy. I like fun music, I like to be around others, and I like to have fun while exercising! I'm looking forward to next week, believe it or not!

What do you wear when you workout?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries: 34 New Original Movies For 2017

Weekends are for watching Hallmark for me! Well, I watch during the week, but I'm always looking forward to new movies on the weekend! I love tweeting during the shows as well! THAT can be fun, especially if the actors are tweeting during them, too. Check out this quote from LinkedIn:

New installments from “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” “Gourmet Detective,” “Aurora Teagarden,” “Murder She Baked” and “Hailey Dean Mysteries” will also premiere in 2017. “Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ original content continues to drive the tremendous growth of the network,” said Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming and Publicity. “We are excited about expanding our library of mysteries and partnering with high caliber talent such as Al Roker, Holly Robinson Peete and Kathie Lee Gifford.”

Here's a look at the movies slated for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries this year. Some have already aired since we're into February already. Be sure not to miss out on the rest!


Framed For Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery - Premiered 1/19/17

Stars: Jewel (“Ride with the Devil,” “Ring of Fire”) and Colin Ferguson (“Eureka”).

In the small resort town of Lighthouse Cove, everyone knows that the best man for the job is a woman. And that woman is Shannon Hughes (Jewel), owner of Hughes Restoration and an expert in Victorian home restoration. Through her work, she stumbles across clues hidden in the old homes, uncovering past secrets and becoming an unlikely sleuth to crack unsolved mysteries. In the premiere movie of the franchise, Shannon Hughes gets a partner in crime-solving when her new client offers to help hammer out the details of her friend and neighbor’s untimely death. The “Fixer Upper Mysteries” movies are based upon New York Times bestselling author Kate Carlisle’s novels. **”Fixer Upper: Crown and Moldering” will premiere in April 2017.


An Uncommon Grace - 2/12/17

Stars: Jes Macallan (“Mistresses”), Sean Faris (“Pretty Little Liars,” Never Back Down), Kelly McGillis (Witness, Top Gun)

Grace Conner, a military nurse formerly stationed in Afghanistan, hopes that moving to a farm in rural Ohio will help her recover from the ravages of war. Levi Troyer finds his pacifist beliefs challenged when he discovers his stepfather has been killed and his mother wounded by an unknown intruder. Levi and Grace are thrown together when she comes to his family's rescue and saves his mother's life. A deep attraction develops - even though a relationship between them is strictly forbidden. Levi belongs to the most conservative and isolated of all Amish sects - the Swartzentruber Amish. Even before meeting Grace, Levi had begun to question some of their teachings. He has considered leaving, but knows he will be banned forever from contact with his younger siblings and widowed mother - who need him to survive. He is torn between his love for Grace and his responsibility to his family. Grace considers leaving her beloved farm and reenlisting rather than continuing to live near the man she loves but cannot have. And a murderer must be caught. When lifelong allegiances are tested, can love and justice prevail?

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Higher Ground - 2/19/17

Stars: Eric Mabius (“Ugly Betty”), Kristin Booth (“Orphan Black”), Crystal Lowe (“Smallville”), Geoff Gustafson (“Primeval: New World”) **Special guest stars: Gregory Harrison (“Trapper John, M.D.,” “Rizzoli & Isles”), Mark Valley (“Boston Legal”), Keb’ Mo’ (Grammy award winning singer/songwriter – “Hot Pink”) and Karen Holness (Chicago). Featuring inspirational music by Grammy Winner Keb’ Mo’


Aurora Teagarden: Dead Over Heels - 3/19/17

Stars: Candace Cameron Bure (pictured here) (“Christmas Under Wraps,” “Fuller House”), Marilu Henner (“Taxi,” “Brooklyn 99”)

Murder She Baked 5 - 3/26/17

Stars: Alison Sweeney (“Days of Our Lives”), Cameron Mathison (pictured below) (“All My Children”), Barbara Niven (“Chesapeake Shores”)

Hannah Swensen’s winter heats up when her pet project leads to murder. The televised Hartland Flour Bake-Off that Hannah organized is a fun diversion for Eden Lake and a great opportunity for a new baker to become a star... until one judge, high school coach Len Bishop, is killed in a bizarre hit and run with a twist. As Hannah and Detective Mike Kingston uncover suspects and unravel the mystery of Bishop's life and murder, a close call for Hannah ups the ante in their romance.

“Stay at Home Dead” (wt) Stars: Brennan Elliott (“UnREAL,” “Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove”) **Based on the book series by Jeffrey Allen.

Hailey Dean Mystery 3” (wt) - April 2017

Stars: Kellie Martin (pictured) (“Mystery Woman,” “Hello It’s Me”) **Based on the book series by Nancy Grace.

Here's what in development as we speak:

“The Midnight Show Murders” Al Roker Mystery Franchise

“Darrow and Darrow” Kimberly Williams-Paisley (“According to Jim,” Father of the Bride)

Three generations of women aspire to share a house, a law practice and their feelings. Claire Darrow, an idealistic lawyer, fights for what’s right, regardless of whether it makes her a dime. Naomi is her estranged mother, whose view of the law is more elastic and profitable. They clash on nearly everything, but especially on the best way to raise Claire’s daughter, Louise, a bright 12-year-old with an older soul. Louise takes after her mother in brilliance but takes after her grandmother in knowing what makes people tick. The three of them make an unbeatable team.

“Emma Fielding Mysteries” Courtney Thorne-Smith (“Two and a Half Men,” “Melrose Place”)

“The Beach House” Andie MacDowell (“Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove”)

J.L. Family Ranch 2” Jon Voight (“Ray Donovan”), James Caan (The Godfather), Teri Polo (Meet the Parents) Trevor Donovan (“90210”)

Gourmet Detective 4” Stars: Dylan Neal (“Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove”), Brooke Burns (“The Chase”)

Is there one specific movie you're looking forward to so far?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Play The Triangle; Don't Dance

Last week, my company headed from all over the place to meet up in North Carolina to meet the people at Inmar, Inc., who bought Collective Bias at the end of 2016.

One of the things Inmar, Inc does to help integrate the companies it acquires is to have the new people do a skit, a song...something! They're a very personal company, and they want the company they bring into the family fits with them.

So, Holly Pavlika came up with a great idea to have us be the "Largest ensemble of people playing the triangle"! Isn't that the craziest thing ever? lol I mean never in my life did I ever think I'd be involved in something that had to do with breaking a record.

We learned that there were 7 pages of rules Holly had to look over, and I'm pretty sure she didn't sleep at all. Before she headed to North Carolina, she purchased a conductor baton at Juilliard because we had to have a conductor. The song she chose was "Heard it Through the Grapevine" and we had to play it for 5 minutes!

The previous record had been nearly 600 triangle players. Not too bad. We could do it with the combined people of Collective Bias and Inmar, Inc, right? It was time to get this show started!

Photo Courtesy of Holly Pavlika

Everyone from CB walked up to the front of the stage. We were supposed to lead everyone from Inmar, Inc. in the playing of the triangles. Off we went! Ting, ting, ting, ting to Marvin Gaye!

I started grooving in my spot. Totally getting into the song. How do you not? I mean, it's a fun song! I'm tinging my triangle, swaying to the music. Things were going great! THEN I see movement out of the corner of my eye. To my left, I see someone else having fun, and then they start to move out of the group!

YES! Someone who dances when they feel like they've just gotta move! Not only was she grooving, she started to go around the room. I knew I was going to follow her! Off I went, cutting through the group. Woo Hoo!! Totally in my element. Let's dance people!

I see one of my other friends in the group, and I wave at her to follow me. I'm thinking, "conga line!" I noticed someone else moved from the group, too. This was SO great.

Dancing and playing the triangle. All around the room. Ting, ting, ting.

Made it to the front and the song ended. Whew...hopefully everyone played their triangles. They all knew we were, the 3 of us that danced around the room. I tell ya, 5 minutes goes fast when you're dancing and playing the triangle.

As soon as I sat down, my boss, who was sitting next to me said something to the effect of, "Wouldn't that stink if we were disqualified because you guys danced?" Oh. My. Gosh! WHAT?! That question threw me off for the next couple of hours as we waited to find out the fate of our attempt.

What if the 3 of us ruined it for the entire company! One minute I've never given Guinness World Records® a thought, then next I'm absolutely petrified that I've ruined it for everyone! I was really upset. I mean, if it had just been me, who cares, but to ruin it for an entire company? UGH!

See I just danced. Nothing malicious. No bad intent. I truly didn't even think about how it could be against the rules do move. Heaven's to Betsy, the stress was terrible!

Photo Courtesy of Holly Pavlika

When they came back to announce if we had done what we set out to do, I was on pins and needles. The guy who was deciding if we made it, was up there cutting it up, making jokes. Apparently there were 11 people who were doing something other than just playing the triangle. I remember seeing 3-4 people standing in the Inmar, Inc. doing some dancing in their spots. Nothing big, just some swaying. I have no idea who the rest were. From what they were saying, the 11 of us weren't included in the count. So sad, but we made it! Whew! I didn't ruin it for everyone! 876 people counted towards the Guinness World Records®!

Then I was really bummed that moving around made it so I wouldn't be counted. And I was also feeling terrible that I did break the ranks. I decided to apologize to Holly because of all the work she did, even though what I did wasn't intended to ruin anything or cause an issue. Think before you act kids, even if it's dancing.

I found her the next morning, and I told her I was sorry for the dancing, and she was like, "What are you talking about? We were just kidding! We had that planned. hahahaha" She thought our dancing was fun. My response after spending the day before and a restless night with guilt was, "I officially hate you right now!" HA!

Photo Courtesy of Holly Pavlika

Later that night, I was sitting with the CEO from Collective Bias, and started talking to him about it, and he was saying how fun it was, and there was nothing wrong with it. I guess that was all good simply for the fact that we weren't disqualified. I have a feeling it would've been a very different scenario if we hadn't gotten it. lol

Well, he was saying that the 11 of us weren't in the count, but I told him Holly had said we were. hahahahaha I was so confused. One minute I don't think I should keep my triangle, and the next minute I'm totally keeping it and putting it in a shadow box.

We got an email from Holly this past week saying the 11 of us were in the clear, and that she and the guy, Phillip from Guinness World Records® had planned to mess with us, the rule breakers.

I've decided I'm keeping my triangle, and I'm going to be proud of the part I played in it. I guess I'll have to buy the book for 2017 once it comes out to see if our group is part of the collection of broken records.

If you could break a record, what would it be for?

© 2017 Guinness World Records Limited

Sunday, February 12, 2017

March Blogging Event: Lucky Clover

Yo, bloggers! Whatcha doing next month? Be sure to sign up for the Lucky Clover Giveaway Event! This will be brought to you by Andersons AngelsThis Mamas LifeThe More The Merrier & Woven by Words! We are excited to bring you a Fun March Event called Lucky Clover Giveaway Hop. It will run from Monday March 6, 2017 at 12:00pm EST through Monday March 20, 2017 at 11:59pm EST. It's super easy to join in on the fun of getting ready for St Patty's Day!

Check out the guidelines:

Dates: March 6-20,2017

You must have at least a $25 prize/package to be given away during the event. It can be anything! You may have more then 1 prize to give away but each giveaway has to be at least $25.

Participation to be in the event is FREE!
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We prefer you to share the sign up post for this event, as well as put the button on your sidebar! The more bloggers we get to sign up, the more traffic there will be during the event! 

You must add the linky for the hop to your giveaway. We'll contact you to make sure you remember to get your post up by sending out a reminder email, or if something isn't right with your post once it is live. We want everyone's giveaways to do well! 

DEADLINE: Sign-ups close on March 1, 2017. Details will be emailed by March 3rd. If you have any questions about the event, we're available to help!

Hashtag: #LuckyClover

Have a question you don't want to ask in the group? Email us at

Friday, February 10, 2017


There are a lot of movies my family is looking forward to this year, but at this point I think the one we're most excited for is GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2!

Check out these fun posters and video! May will be here before we know it!

Like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guardiansofthegalaxy/

Follow GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Guardians  

Follow GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/guardiansofthegalaxy/

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 is in theaters May 5th!

Who is your favorite character?

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