Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#ad Our Family Will Fight Hunger With Tyson #HungerHeroes #cfk

#ad SoFab Disclosure
My youngest son is a crazy fan of Tyson Chicken Nuggets. Always has been. We typically got them at the regular grocery store, but since I renewed my Sam’s Club membership we’re able to get the 5lb bags! He’s a happy camper to say the least.

This will be a very humbling post to write, but one that is a part of why this campaign means a lot to me. My kids and I have had hard times before and there have been days here and there throughout the course of the last  6-7 yrs where I was concerned about putting food on the table. Thankfully, they’ve never had to go hungry, and we’ve been blessed by our church and friends so that we’ve had food in our cupboards and on the table.
Tyson Hunger Heroes
In 2011, households that had higher rates of food insecurity than the national average included households with children (20.6 percent), especially households with children headed by single women (36.8 percent) or single men (24.9 percent), Black non-Hispanic households (25.1 percent) and Hispanic households (26.2 percent). *

Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury or opportunity. There are kids who go hungry every day in this country. It’s something I find heartbreaking. I’m really thankful for the opportunity to help be a Hunger Hero because I know that if there’s a way for our family to help, it would be in the form of buying chicken nuggets. It’s something we purchase on a regular basis anyhow and that means helping others is part of our lifestyle.

I also want my kids to understand what it means to give back or to pay it forward. They’ve been helped out, even though they have no idea about that completely, and, so it’s important that they learn the importance of helping others in need. I think they can relate more to helping kids since that’s who they have been before. I buffer my kids to a degree, but I don’t completely shield them. It would be a disservice if I did that.

Tyson Foods will donate a meal (4oz of protein) through Champions for Kids for every bag of nuggets sold at Sam's Club from August 17 to August 31, 2013 (up to 308,000 meals). So, since Fred has a brand new shiny, big fridge at his house, we’re going to have a shove a couple of bags into the freezer! =) Heck, between his kids and my kids, I have no doubt we could easily chow through them. It’ll be an investment into our meals as well as for other children, and that’s the most important part!

It is going to be a topic the boys and I will continue to revisit because it’s important for us to be part of doing something good, especially if it involves chicken nuggets. =)

Be sure to visit Sam’s Club this coming weekend to get some of your own taste testing done at their demo and check out our time there, too!

*statistic found at Tyson Hunger Relief

Wordless Wednesday: Time To Move

We’re heading to Maryland tomorrow! It’s gonna stink driving 55 mph on the freeway and have semis passing me! lol

We decided on take out tonight because we were worn out from packing the Uhaul!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Master Lock Safe & Secure School Year Giveaway

For me, and my kids, the thought of having a laptop stolen while at school or an event is a very real one. My girls are in college, my oldest son just got his first laptop and I have mine for blogging and events I go to. The last thing any of us wants is for it to be stolen! None of us has the money to replace something like this.

Now, the kids and I have used Master Lock for years. I grew up using them in high school, then my kids went to middle school and needed two each year. High school was the same and then when my girls went off to college, they needed them mostly for their bikes. We didn’t have a way to keep their laptops safe when they first started.

Heck, until I was offered to review the 2120 SafeSpace Laptop Lock, I didn’t even KNOW there was such a thing. I also didn’t even realize the little hole towards the back of my computer was actually for that specific thing!

Since Buddy just got his first laptop (a very cheap laptop) I figured this would be extremely helpful going into his first year of high school. We don’t know the area at all and I have no idea what the atmosphere is like there. Even in the nicest of situations, you never know who might get a case of sticky fingers.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the lock to work in his laptop. The lock comes with 4 pads that you can add to reduce the gap between the lock and laptop, but that wasn't even the problem. The issue was the computer. The spot where the teeth would grab inside the laptop was too big. It just kept slipping out. Of course, my first thought was that there was a a problem with the lock itself. I tested that thought out on my laptop. I worked the first, second and third time and without the bumpers.

I went back to Buddy’s laptop thinking I may have done it wrong, but no, I still couldn’t get it to lock. So, it looks like I have a new lock for when I need it. I think it’ll be great for travel and for any blogging conferences I might go to. The other thing I need to do is ask my daughters how safe they feel their laptops are at school. Baby started a new college last year, and I haven’t ever asked her about how safe electronics are there. I guess I just assumed it was just fine.

So, how does this little gadget work? So easy it’s crazy! You push in the set button on the back, change the password to the one you want, slide the red lock button back to make sure it moves and away you go! When you pull the lock button back, the teeth that secure it into the side of the laptop smooth down and you can slide it into the slot. Once you let go of the lock button, the teeth open back up and you’re laptop is secure.

Master Lock is holding a “Master Campus Challenge” on the brand’s Facebook Page or www.MasterCampusChallenge.com for a chance to win gift cards, the latest electronics, Master Lock products and other teen must-haves!
Now you have the chance to win a SafeSpace Laptop Lock from Master Lock.

*I received the lock for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Seeing Clearly with Sunglassesshop.com #ad

I would say it’s been about 6 yrs since I’ve had a good pair of sunglasses. Typically I get mine at Kohl’s because they’re affordable and they have styles that I like. The only problem with the sunglasses I get are the fit, and lately the styles have left me wanting more.

One of the biggest issues I’ve had is getting headaches from the ear pieces. They’re so tight over my ears, that after a while (maybe an hour) I have to take them off. If I find ones that aren’t too tight, then they either don’t stay on my head or they fit entirely wrong.

Sunglassesshop.com sent me a pair glasses that fit the style I like and color lens. Ah yes I forgot I like a brown lens. I’m not a fan of huge rims, or metal, but prefer a plastic and tortoise shell color. I wasn't sure about pricing either. These were around $110 and I've never paid that price for a pair of sunglasses. In that price range, I didn't have anything to compare them to. Would they even be worth that price?
Vogue SunglassesI was a bit nervous when the rep and I went through the process of selecting a pair of glasses. I gave her an idea of what I liked and she gave me ONE suggestion. And I say, “ONE” like that because she was spot-on the first time. It was the shape and color and lens I was hoping for. My only concern was fit. What if the pair she sends doesn’t fit me. I mean, it’s online!! It’s not like those spinny things you find at a brick and mortar store. I had to just say, “ok” and hope for the best!

I was surprised they were shipped in a bag. lol My next concern was opening the package up and seeing my glasses in crumpled pieces. Turned out they were sent in an awesome sunglass case that kept them completely protected. I’ve typically tossed eyewear cases because they’re dumb looking and I never use them. Not the case this time. This is a pretty stylish case and it sits in my car so I can keep my sunglasses safe.
My eyes are pretty sensitive and I wear sunglasses all of the time. Even on semi cloudy days you’ll find me with sunglasses on. I never seemed to have that issue until I moved to MN where people wear sunglasses year round because even in winter the sun can be bright and glaring.

Now that I’m in VA, the sun shines way more often than it did in MN! I’m wearing my glasses every single day I go out. I’ve put aside the old sunglasses I had been wearing and I’m enjoying my new ones. I no longer have indents from the old sunglasses and can wear these new ones until I’m ready to take them off without any issues.
Vogue Sunglasses
I took them to Peru with us expecting to see all kinds of sun. Turns out, we only saw a glimpse of the sun on one day and we were driving when it came out! lol I guess that’s what happens when you go south of the equator in our summer! It’s their winter! =)

It was pretty bright there with the sun shining through the clouds, so the glasses were necessary daily and I would have to say I wear them on a daily basis stateside as well. These blue eyes of mine give me a run for their money when the sun is blaring down on us.
Vogue SunglassesShop
I just went to a wedding and couldn’t see straight for the photos because it was so bright out. All I wanted was my sunglasses! The moment we got back to the limo, out came the Vogues! You had better believe that these sunglasses are worth their weight in British pounds!

What sunglasses are you usually wearing and do you put a lot of thought into yours?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Getting Boy Stains Out With OxiClean #sp

OxiClean Disclosure
My boys! Oh how I love those messy two! You know I had two girls who weren’t nearly as mess as these boys and didn’t go through as much clothing as they did either. The difference between how my boys are and how my girls were is huge!

Yes, my boys are getting older and they aren’t making quite the same messes as they used to, but they’re still boys! No matter what it is, if they’re playing or eating or just standing there with nothing around them, they somehow manage to make a mess, spill something or end up with a stain!
Grass Stains
Both boys love playing baseball, and mostly pick up games with the neighborhood kids, but since we’re in a new neighborhood, they’re pretty much left to play with only each other. Thankfully the backyard is large for baseball, football or soccer! Doodle played on a baseball team this year while Buddy decided to take a break.
OxiClean Challenge
Baseball Stains
As you can see, baseball means either grass or dirt stains depending on where the game is being played! The first time I washed the jeans and baseball pants I used detergent and OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover. The stains didn’t come out completely from either! I wasn’t sure how set the stains were so I followed the direction and let them soak in the tub for about 4 hrs.
Visible Stains
I actually added some OxiClean directly to the stains and let them sit while we went about our business. Letting them sit is exactly what they needed! I had them in the tub for about 3 hrs because I wanted to see how long it would take for the stains to go away!
Soaking Clothes
Now, I have to say, the stains on the baseball pants came out pretty well. These have been worn by both of my boys so some of the stains are there for life. The ones he’d gotten more recently definitely came out after soaking. The jeans were more important to me that the stains come out because these are one of the few pairs of pants Doodle has that don’t have holes in them! I figured them being grass stains they’d be a bit harder to come out. The stains are completely gone! Whew.

So, my mom saw me doing the laundry and she said to me, “Oh, that’s what’s on top of the washer. Didn’t you know that?” lol No, actually I didn’t since I never asked and it’s sitting in a different container than what it normally comes in.
OxiClean at Work
As I was reading the back of the OxiClean, I saw that it also works on other fabrics as well. The next goal was for me to try it out on the seats in my new car. Ugh, when we went to Williamsburg in June, both of the boys…BOTH…dropped one stinkin’ piece of candy each on their seats without realizing it and getting stains on the seats and their pants.

I bought cleaner specifically for car upholstery and what a mess! The stuff sprayed everywhere like an explosion! Not only that, the stains didn’t come off. When we headed to Maryland last week, my youngest pretty well destroyed the back seat. There were various spills and stains and to be quite honest, it was very frustrating. I’d like to try and keep the car as clean as possible for as long as possible.
Stains Out
When I get home from the wedding, I’m going to try it out. Well, maybe after our move. I have a feeling the car is going to get pretty messy over the next week!

How do you get stubborn stains out?

Monday, August 19, 2013

$500 Back to School Cash Giveaway

BTSMain1 (2)

Welcome to the $500 Back to School Cash Giveaway!

So excited to be bringing you another cash giveaway just in time for school to start! Hope this will help put a dent in everything the kids might need!
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Family Day At Busch Gardens #ad

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA
I was so excited to give my boy their Busch Gardens surprise! Buddy had been saying “all I want to do is go to Busch Gardens!” Imagine me rubbing my hands together as we drove up to the entrance of Busch Gardens, my boys looking down so they couldn’t see where we were headed. As soon as we got to the gates, I told them to look up and…nothing. bahahahaha
Busch Gardens Gate
Ah…my boys, love them to death, but they don’t have the same enthusiasm I do with surprises. I have a feeling I do too many. None on this fun size, but still, they may be a bit jaded. Now, the one response I did get was, “no way.” I interpreted that as, “Oh my gosh mom, you’re so amazing to do this for us!” =)

We got on the tram from the Ireland parking lot and headed into the park. The gal that took our tickets was really amusing and super friendly. We got Doodle’s ticket and headed off for our first adventure in Busch Gardens!

Doodle and I started the day getting wet on Escape from Pompeii. I’m glad I wore a bathing suit top underneath my shirt. I took my regular shirt off and tucked it behind me, but it still got sopping wet! That was s super fun ride and while we were going through “Pompeii” one gal actually screamed when it began to fall apart! heh heh heh
Escape from Pompeii
From there, Buddy wanted to go on Apollo’s Chariot. Fine by me. I can handle a roller coaster, right? Ok, not so much. when Smooch was about 10 yrs old she almost slipped out from under a bar on the Wild Thing at Valleyfair in MN so that makes roller coasters stressful for me as a mom. I didn’t think about our seating arrangements, but I should’ve had Doodle next to me.

Let me just say, as a mom, this roller coaster was terrifying! TERR-I-FY-ING! We had no clue what was coming. You go up super high, then there’s this little dip and everyone’s like, oh no big…OH. MY. GOSH!!! As you plunge down this insane steep hill. Scared the CRAP out of me and I kept telling Doodle to wrap his legs around the bar. lol I was absolutely that insane mom screaming on the ride!
Apollo's Chariot
From there we headed to Davinci’s Cradle. That was one I was able to scream on, but it was a fun scream. Again, it was just Doodle and I on the ride. Buddy wasn’t interested.

A classic for me was the Trade Wind. I remember my mom loving this ride. Buddy loves rides where he gets to squish me! lol It wasn’t the last time I’d be squished on a ride at Busch Gardens.
Trade Wind
Right after this we went straight to the Roman Rapids. It’s one of our favorite rides because it’s fun and you can get somewhat wet, but not absolutely drenched…or can you?

We got in with another family and this poor woman kept trying to hide her big purse and just where I was sitting, I wasn’t getting very wet so I held her purse up for her. I think at one point she thought I was going to drop it over the edge, but no way! Turns out you can definitely get sopping wet as Doodle and the family’s little girl found out! lol
Roman Rapids 2
Next we headed to Germany and the fun looking Verbolten ride. We could see it as we crossed the bridge and it looked like it would be a good one for us. We got in line and the smart thing Busch Gardens did was give us things to look at that went along with historic Germany.

The cute little cars came up and we got in ready for our little roller coaster ride. Then…HOLY MOLY you’re riding along all nice and sweet and BOOM you’re catapulted to inside this huge, dark enclosure! I mean, you take off like a rocket. lol Of course, the boys are sitting behind me and I’m yelling at Buddy, “Is Doodle ok?” “Just hang on Doodle, just hang on!” You come to this part, thinking, whew, slowing down for a second when all of a sudden you DROP…you DROP! In a sweet little roller coaster ride!
We came out of that dang ride with our eyes HUGE like, “what just happened?” hahahaha It’s so funny, because when you have NO idea what a ride is supposed to be like, every single one is an adventure. It was fun and we would’ve all done it again knowing what to expect!
Verbolten Ride 2
We decided it was time for lunch and grabbed some grub while we were in that country. I think I had a pretzel hotdog and both boys had large pretzels. Had we gone a week later we would’ve had more options with a food festival Busch Gardens was hosting.

There’s so much to see at Busch Gardens we decided to just walk around for a little while instead of riding any more rides. We headed over to France and as we got there, Doodle wanted to play in the Land of the Dragons. Buddy wasn’t interested so we just kept walking.

Another classic we came across is the log ride called the Le Scoot. Not sure why, but Buddy didn’t want to go on this ride either. He’s not a huge fan of being wet while walking around the park and I think it was a bit “boring” to him. lol Doodle and I headed to have fun! The ride didn’t disappoint!
Le Scoot
After we did the Le Scoot, we headed to the Le Catapult. Now, this is a ride more my speed these days! lol This is another ride the boys felt mom should be squished in! Of course I sat on the outside and yelled at them for squeezing me against the side of our chair. It’s exactly what they were looking for on this ride!Le Catapult
Then it was so cool, we came upon Wolf Haven. You know sometimes you have to search and search for animals at a park? Well, not this time! One of the wolves was standing right where everyone could see it and it was howling! We were guessing it might be dinner time and it was calling other wolves because it kept looking towards the wall where an employee would come out.

It was fun to be in the animal area because we saw a golden and bald eagle and then maybe my favorite was the Clydesdale! One of the employees had one in a pasture so people could see it close up. Earlier in the day a couple of gals had some sheep they wound through the park! Buddy and I got to get up close to one of the Clydesdales and have our pictures taken. I was in heaven!
Wolf Haven
That was pretty much the end of our time at Busch Gardens. We did watch some of the other rides that I was absolutely not going to get on and wasn’t going to allow the boys on. Listen, this mom can only handle so much! The boys and I were actually in agreement. The other rides were absolutely insane and neither of the boys were ready to venture onto them yet.

Overall it was a fantastic day. My family was at this Busch Gardens last year during Halloween and loved it. They’re already talking about going back this year! You can count us in to be there, too!
*I received 2 tickets and purchased a 3rd from Busch Gardens. The opinions and experience is my own.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Canning Strawberry Jelly with Fagor #ad

It has been several years since I last canned. The last time I canned was with my good friend JQ. She taught me how to can and I learned by making my bff’s homemade black bean salsa. All we used was a big pot and whatever I could find around the house as “tools”.

I was so excited to find the Fagor Duo 9-Piece Pressure Canning Set to review!! I hadn’t ever used a pressure cooker before so it was a bit daunting. lol First of all, let me tell you what comes with this set:

  • Fagor 10 quart Duo Pressure Cooker/Canner
  • a full color cookbook containing all the necessary preparation instructions and recipes for home canning
  • canning rack
  • jar wrench
  • jar lifter
  • funnel
  • magnetic lid wand
  • ladle
  • bubble freer
I took my mom to a farmer’s market so we could buy some strawberries to make strawberry jelly! I hadn’t attempted that before, only my salsa, but I was so excited to start using the canner!
Fagor Pressure Cooker
I know I have a lot of learning to do and would actually like to learn how to make jelly without any preservatives. That’s for down the road right now. =) I got a ton of strawberries and everything I would need for my concoction. Thankfully, I had a wonderful teacher in JQ so I had a pretty good idea of how to get everything started.
Cooking Strawberries
As I read the directions it all started coming back to me! I felt so in my element and having all of the pieces to this set made it so much easier to get the tasks done that I needed! I didn’t have anything to crush the strawberries so I had to use my mom’s potato masher.

The strawberries mushed really well and then it was time to add the sugar. I had no idea that it took so much to create jelly! I had never seen this process so when it came time to remove the foam I was totally grossed out. lol the pectin was added, it cooked and then it was time to get the jars heated.
Strawberry mix
Shhh don’t tell anyone, but I should’ve started the heating jar process a bit earlier. My concoction had to sit for a while as I heated the jars, lids and rings. Live and learn, eh?
Refresher Course on Canning
I really liked having the magnetic lid wand because I was able to get the lids and rings out without burning my fingers. As I got them out, I grabbed the funnel and was able to use the ladle to scoop the jelly and pour it into the funnel. Seriously, such a slick process.

My mom showed up about the time I was sealing the jars and she was pretty impressed. She’s never had a pressure cooker and certainly hasn’t ever done any canning. I told her and Doodle my favorite part was just coming up. I love the “pop” sound the lids make when they’ve sealed themselves!
Canning with Fagor
Using Canning Tools
I did them a few at a time so the jars could somewhat cool on the wire rack and then after they had cooled somewhat, moved them to a towel to set.

I let the jars on the counter overnight and opened my first jar the next day. See, I eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich pretty much every single day. It’s my nightly snack. It was a bit more “jellyfied” than I like, but it was still really good. I have some experimenting to do. I ended up with 6 jars of homemade jelly! I’m pretty darn excited about it!
Canned Strawberry Jelly
I hope to make applesauce next since it’s that time of year and I plan on making several jars of my salsa. Something like the Fagor Cooker/Canner is an investment. In the long run, by doing all of my own canning, I’ll be saving oodles of money. It’s also doing something that I truly enjoy!

Have you ever canned? What do you enjoy putting up?
*I was sent the set for review and totally fell in love with it! The opinions expressed are clearly my own.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Finding A Home

So, I’ve been trying to find a home closer to Fred. Driving two hours every time I want to see him has just gotten so tiring and hard. I’ve been trying to find somewhere to live in MD and it’s like finding an expensive needle in a haystack.

The houses that are in my price range are about the size of a postage stamp. This one is probably the size of the garage at my old house in MN. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. Not only that, this small house’s rent is about the same price as my 5 bdrm 2 full bath, 2000sq ft, on an acre of land home. I’d guess this house is 500 sq ft?
House for Rent 2
Anything else is astronomically priced. I’m struggling with what to do and have spent the week so far in MD with the boys while Fred is gone on business. Oh, and did I mention, school starts Tuesday? I’m weary and just want a home again.

I went and looked at this house and it’s super cute, but it’s out of my price range and would put a huge strain on my meager budget. It’s actually $200 more a month than the house above. I’ve got to make a decision in the next day, latest by Thursday. Prayers are appreciated!
House for Rent
Have you ever struggled to find a home?

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Time to Get Checked Up For School! #HealthcareClinic #cbias

SoFab Disclosure Image
We’re moving to Maryland…this week. Actually, we were supposed to move this weekend, but, let’s just say, the apartment didn’t work out. On our way to sign the lease though, the boys and I stopped by my favorite Walgreens store in Washington D.C. on 7th St NW. Since I knew we were heading that way, the evening before I popped online to see if they had any appointments available. Thankfully there were several times available!
Walgreens D.C. #shop
D.C. is on my way to and from Maryland so it’s the perfect stopping point! We go back and forth quite a bit and I don’t see that stopping any time soon. The biggest reason I chose this location was (aside from the Remy eyebrow bar and Look Boutique) is I love how central it is! It’s right in Chinatown and in the heart of Washington D.C.

So, I told the boys we were going to wake up early, head to D.C. for Doodle’s school physical and then head to see the apartment. I knew we were going to need to get a more recent physical because as it turns out, when you move into a new state, they require a physical to be within a certain period of time. When we moved here to Virginia at Christmas and enrolled the boys in school, I checked and his most recent physical covered him. Now, it’s too old. Blah!
Walgreens Make an Appt Page #shop
We also haven’t gotten him a doctor yet. Yea, yea, yea Thankfully he hasn’t needed to see one. We also have state health insurance because I don’t have health coverage through my work. With our super huge time crunch, we needed to get a physical done asap. Everything about this move has been a time crunch!

We got to the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic and my son saw his name on the board. I had printed out the paper work from the county for his elementary school and sat down to start filling it out. lol I wasn’t fast enough because our appointment time was available the moment we got there! Good thing the paper work is easy and can be done lickety split!
Physical Exam #shop
This was our first time going to somewhere other than our family doctor in Minnesota. My kids had the same doctor for the past 14 yrs. Thankfully, Walgreens’ Healthcare Clinic offers a great range of services that are perfect for us; for our price range and my personal lack of health insurance. A couple of the issues my kids have dealt with on a regular basis that they will see patients for is ear infections and strep throat.

The gal who saw Doodle was very thorough taking all of his vitals, which we haven’t had done for over a year! She also did a vision exam and thankfully his vision is 20/20, unlike his brother who’s vision stinks and hasn’t been wearing his glasses.
Walgreens Physical #shop
The physical itself is pretty quick and easy to do. We were done in about 25-30 minutes. There was no rush and we were in a private room. It completely had the feel of a doctor’s office. One of the things I liked about the gal who saw Doodle, was, she explained everything she was going to do as she did it. It definitely made me feel comfortable and I know it did for him, too. I think when you don’t have an established relationship with a nurse or physician, having that type of communication is important!
height and weight check #shop
Now, as soon as we finished with Doodle’s physical check, we were able to pay right there in the office! lol No check out counter or anything! His physical was only $39! I’m not sure what a doctor’s office visit would be here at a regular doctor’s office, but last time I checked, it was about $125 where we used to go!! Thankfully the $39 for the physicals are good through 9/30 which gives us parents plenty of time even after school starts to get them in! After 9/30 the price goes back up to $60!

Wanting to take advantage of our time at this flagship store, after we left the clinic, I headed upstairs to the third floor to check out the Look Boutique, and ended up getting a small facial and tried out some great makeup! HA! I didn’t realize how long it was going to take. I was only going to check out the eye shadows and mascara! The lady up there ended up cleaning my face and applying makeup! Talk about being pampered.
Look Boutique Consult #shop
The boys in the mean time were bored out of their skulls and Buddy took a bunch of random photos (which I won’t bore you with). I finally asked them to go down to the floor below and pick out what they wanted for lunch! This Walgreens has everything!

As soon as I was all done up, the boys and I grabbed our lunches and made our way to check out the apartment we ended up renting, but decided not to rent! That’s a story for another day!

Are you and your kids ready for back to school? Are your physical exams up to date? Do any of your kids need sports physicals? The Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are a fantastic alternative to a traditional doctor’s office!

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