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A new Shower Experience With The T3 Source ShowerHead #T3Source #sp

T3 Source ShowerHead Disclosure
I have lived with well water for the past 15 yrs. I wasn’t sure how much I would like it, but it turned out to be such a great thing to live with in regards to not having a water bill and our bodies haven’t had any chemicals for the most part the entire time.
Original Shower Head
I knew we wouldn’t be at my mom’s for too long, but she’s on well water as well. I’m in the process of moving and where the boys and I are moving to is most likely going to have city water, which means chemicals, including chlorine! I say “blech” to that! I much prefer to be as close to if not with well water as possible.
T3 Shower Head
When I’ve visited friends with treated water or stayed in a hotel, I’ve always noticed how dry and “wrong” it feels. I had never considered it might be chemicals in the water!

Now, I’m a DIY gal when it comes to replacing and fixing anything! When I found out I was going to be able to replace the shower head I may have done a bit of clapping! I received my new T3 Source Shower Filter ShowerHead in the mail and went to installing it. Only problem was, I ran into an issue with the old head coming off.
Removing Shower Head
I got in touch with my Mom Central connection and was told that I should try vinegar on the joint and if that didn’t work to try really hot water. I put the vinegar on rolled paper towels and then poured more over for good measure. That didn’t work after it had sat there for a couple of hours.

Next I went to hot water…boiling water to be more exact. lol Go big or go home, right? I boiled the water and then put a wash cloth in it. I wrapped it around the old shower head and then poured the rest of the boiling water over it. I was determined. What I didn’t realize was, I was using the wrong wrench. I should’ve been using an adjustable wrench when I had been using skip joint pliers and all they kept doing was slipping. I didn’t have a plumber’s wrench so I had to find something! The adjustable wrench did the trick!
The Right Tools
After I got the old shower head taken off I pulled the brand new T3 out and holy cow just sitting them next to each other I could see a difference immediately! You’ll notice from the photo that size wise, there’s no comparison! The main reason the T3 is so large is for the filter that is replaceable.

The installation was super quick. I wrapped the threads with plumber’s tape and screwed the new head back on. Happy to say, there wasn’t any leaking after I ran the hot water!
Old & New Comparison
The first night I took my shower I played with the spray settings. I found the one that worked for the basic shower setting the boys and I would use. Then…oh yea, I found the awesome and relaxing setting. It just sprays so lightly, it’s perfect for those times when you just want just chill in the shower. lol I’m not the only one who does that, right?

With the first shower, I totally noticed, even with well water, how gentle the water was, even on the hardest setting. I could actually feel a change with the filter. This definitely gives me hope that when I have to deal with city water again. For me, that’s just around the corner. I actually like the condition my hair and skin have been in over the last 15 yrs. I’ll be happy to continue that on with the T3.
Showerhead Options
Now, I know I’ll have to replace the filter about every 6 months so it’s definitely an investment. The filter is approximately $25 to replace. Not too bad when I consider how my hair and skin will look and feel. So far, I’ve had this installed for about a week and a half and I’ve loved every facet of it!

When was the last time you replaced your shower head? Do you worry about the chlorine in your water?


Aimee said...

We are in need of a shower head and this one looks awesome! I may look in to getting one. We have always had city water so that's all I have ever washed with. Would be cool to feel the difference !

Trista Anderson said...

I would love to have one of these shower heads but I am not sure I could give my current one up because its one that you can move around which makes it easy to wash the dogs

cbusch said...

I am so jealous! That shower head rocks! I need one really bad. Great photos!

Whitney @ Momma Knows Best said...

We replaced our showerhead about a year ago, but I would still like to get a new one soon. Thankfully, we are on well water which is a plus! I will have to mention this showerhead to my sister who is on city water.

Jennifer Carroll said...

That is one heck of a shower head!! Mine is not as small as your previous one, but it is not where in size compared to the T3!

Anonymous said...

I recently got a shower head with a filter and I am really LOVING my hair. These filters really make a huge difference. The chemicals in water are awful for our skin and hair. The chemicals in our water get into our bodies quicker through our pours than when we drink it. Crazy, huh? This looks like a great shower head, I will have to keep it in mind for when we buy our next one. We currently only have one of our showers with a filtered shower head, but still need one more.

Unknown said...

We need a new shower head SO BAD. It's one of those things that just keeps being pushed farther back on the list, but we really need to get it done. This one looks great, I'll have to show it to my husband.

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

We've always lived in the city, so I'm used to the water. I have never thought there might be a shower head that would take out the chemicals... Wonder how my hair would react? I'll have to check this out!
Also, you're awesome, doing this all yourself!! You remind me of my mom... She was a single parent too, and had to learn to do so much on her own. You guys are awesome. :)

LisaLisa said...

Love the size, it is very large compared to mine. It is so important to have a good shower head with a filter. Your body and hair will surely feel different.

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