Monday, August 26, 2013

Seeing Clearly with #ad

I would say it’s been about 6 yrs since I’ve had a good pair of sunglasses. Typically I get mine at Kohl’s because they’re affordable and they have styles that I like. The only problem with the sunglasses I get are the fit, and lately the styles have left me wanting more.

One of the biggest issues I’ve had is getting headaches from the ear pieces. They’re so tight over my ears, that after a while (maybe an hour) I have to take them off. If I find ones that aren’t too tight, then they either don’t stay on my head or they fit entirely wrong. sent me a pair glasses that fit the style I like and color lens. Ah yes I forgot I like a brown lens. I’m not a fan of huge rims, or metal, but prefer a plastic and tortoise shell color. I wasn't sure about pricing either. These were around $110 and I've never paid that price for a pair of sunglasses. In that price range, I didn't have anything to compare them to. Would they even be worth that price?
Vogue SunglassesI was a bit nervous when the rep and I went through the process of selecting a pair of glasses. I gave her an idea of what I liked and she gave me ONE suggestion. And I say, “ONE” like that because she was spot-on the first time. It was the shape and color and lens I was hoping for. My only concern was fit. What if the pair she sends doesn’t fit me. I mean, it’s online!! It’s not like those spinny things you find at a brick and mortar store. I had to just say, “ok” and hope for the best!

I was surprised they were shipped in a bag. lol My next concern was opening the package up and seeing my glasses in crumpled pieces. Turned out they were sent in an awesome sunglass case that kept them completely protected. I’ve typically tossed eyewear cases because they’re dumb looking and I never use them. Not the case this time. This is a pretty stylish case and it sits in my car so I can keep my sunglasses safe.
My eyes are pretty sensitive and I wear sunglasses all of the time. Even on semi cloudy days you’ll find me with sunglasses on. I never seemed to have that issue until I moved to MN where people wear sunglasses year round because even in winter the sun can be bright and glaring.

Now that I’m in VA, the sun shines way more often than it did in MN! I’m wearing my glasses every single day I go out. I’ve put aside the old sunglasses I had been wearing and I’m enjoying my new ones. I no longer have indents from the old sunglasses and can wear these new ones until I’m ready to take them off without any issues.
Vogue Sunglasses
I took them to Peru with us expecting to see all kinds of sun. Turns out, we only saw a glimpse of the sun on one day and we were driving when it came out! lol I guess that’s what happens when you go south of the equator in our summer! It’s their winter! =)

It was pretty bright there with the sun shining through the clouds, so the glasses were necessary daily and I would have to say I wear them on a daily basis stateside as well. These blue eyes of mine give me a run for their money when the sun is blaring down on us.
Vogue SunglassesShop
I just went to a wedding and couldn’t see straight for the photos because it was so bright out. All I wanted was my sunglasses! The moment we got back to the limo, out came the Vogues! You had better believe that these sunglasses are worth their weight in British pounds!

What sunglasses are you usually wearing and do you put a lot of thought into yours?


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