Saturday, August 17, 2013

Canning Strawberry Jelly with Fagor #ad

It has been several years since I last canned. The last time I canned was with my good friend JQ. She taught me how to can and I learned by making my bff’s homemade black bean salsa. All we used was a big pot and whatever I could find around the house as “tools”.

I was so excited to find the Fagor Duo 9-Piece Pressure Canning Set to review!! I hadn’t ever used a pressure cooker before so it was a bit daunting. lol First of all, let me tell you what comes with this set:

  • Fagor 10 quart Duo Pressure Cooker/Canner
  • a full color cookbook containing all the necessary preparation instructions and recipes for home canning
  • canning rack
  • jar wrench
  • jar lifter
  • funnel
  • magnetic lid wand
  • ladle
  • bubble freer
I took my mom to a farmer’s market so we could buy some strawberries to make strawberry jelly! I hadn’t attempted that before, only my salsa, but I was so excited to start using the canner!
Fagor Pressure Cooker
I know I have a lot of learning to do and would actually like to learn how to make jelly without any preservatives. That’s for down the road right now. =) I got a ton of strawberries and everything I would need for my concoction. Thankfully, I had a wonderful teacher in JQ so I had a pretty good idea of how to get everything started.
Cooking Strawberries
As I read the directions it all started coming back to me! I felt so in my element and having all of the pieces to this set made it so much easier to get the tasks done that I needed! I didn’t have anything to crush the strawberries so I had to use my mom’s potato masher.

The strawberries mushed really well and then it was time to add the sugar. I had no idea that it took so much to create jelly! I had never seen this process so when it came time to remove the foam I was totally grossed out. lol the pectin was added, it cooked and then it was time to get the jars heated.
Strawberry mix
Shhh don’t tell anyone, but I should’ve started the heating jar process a bit earlier. My concoction had to sit for a while as I heated the jars, lids and rings. Live and learn, eh?
Refresher Course on Canning
I really liked having the magnetic lid wand because I was able to get the lids and rings out without burning my fingers. As I got them out, I grabbed the funnel and was able to use the ladle to scoop the jelly and pour it into the funnel. Seriously, such a slick process.

My mom showed up about the time I was sealing the jars and she was pretty impressed. She’s never had a pressure cooker and certainly hasn’t ever done any canning. I told her and Doodle my favorite part was just coming up. I love the “pop” sound the lids make when they’ve sealed themselves!
Canning with Fagor
Using Canning Tools
I did them a few at a time so the jars could somewhat cool on the wire rack and then after they had cooled somewhat, moved them to a towel to set.

I let the jars on the counter overnight and opened my first jar the next day. See, I eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich pretty much every single day. It’s my nightly snack. It was a bit more “jellyfied” than I like, but it was still really good. I have some experimenting to do. I ended up with 6 jars of homemade jelly! I’m pretty darn excited about it!
Canned Strawberry Jelly
I hope to make applesauce next since it’s that time of year and I plan on making several jars of my salsa. Something like the Fagor Cooker/Canner is an investment. In the long run, by doing all of my own canning, I’ll be saving oodles of money. It’s also doing something that I truly enjoy!

Have you ever canned? What do you enjoy putting up?
*I was sent the set for review and totally fell in love with it! The opinions expressed are clearly my own.


Catch My Words said...

I've never canned anything but always thought it was cool.

Unknown said...

What a great kit! I have made jam by myself but never canned anything! Maybe this fall!

Christy Maurer said...

Yum!! Last time I canned was years ago and it was an epic fail lol. I mean I had like 5 of them not seal (green beans) so I had to stick them in the frig. I did do pickled beets then too and they were so good! They're easier because they don't have to be in a pressure cooker.

Unknown said...

I would love to get into canning! I remember watching my grandmother do it and it just brings me way back.

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