Monday, January 31, 2011

Sledding or Sliding What Do You Call It?

Alrighty, when you live in Minnesota, you find that they talk a bit…differently than most places. I learned that very quickly after I moved here from Washington.

Now that it’s winter I hear talk of sledding and sliding. I bet you are thinking what I usually did when I first started hearing them talk about it.

Sledding here isn’t getting a child’s sled and going up and down a hill. Sledding in Minnesota refers to what people do when they ride on a snowmobile. Interesting, huh? I always thought it was called snowmobiling.

snowmobile Free Digital Photos

What do you think of when I say, “Do you want to go sliding?” Do you think of the shiny metal slide you burn your legs on in the middle of summer? Well, you’d be wrong. Sliding here in Minnesota refers to taking one of those plastic child’s sleds you go down a hill on. I always thought that was called “sledding”.Slide

Free Digital Photos

What is it with the people here in Minnesota? How do they say such different things than the rest of the US? Or is it just me? It seems so odd. I mean, it’s a sled. Why wouldn’t you use the verb form of the noun and call it sledding? Same with the snowmobile.

What do you do? Do you go sledding on a snowmobile or sliding on a sled? I’m really curious.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Katherine Heigl Phone Conference

wallpaperLAWKI_2_1024x768 I’m such a little blog. Even my Marvelous Mom Reviews isn’t that big and my following, aside from the blog hop followers, is relatively small. I’m not able to work with some big name companies, but I’ve been blessed with some incredible opportunities that sprout up out of nowhere.

This is one of those opportunities. A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a gal I’ve worked with before on the Flipped DVD release. She told me Life As We Know It was coming out on DVD and did I want to be part of the release. To be honest I only went to a couple movies last year and this was one of them! I actually REALLY loved this movie.

Then, then I found out the bloggers involved in this release were going to be in on a phone conference with…Katherine Heigl! I can’t work with big name companies but I can talk to an A list actress like Katherine! We sent in 3 questions that we wanted to ask her. Of course, since I’m a mom, I was curious about her relatively new life as an adoptive mom.

Bridget who writes for Modern Mom facilitated the discussion. We were all just listening to the questions being asked and Katherine’s responses. So, what were some of the questions?

  • Did being a mom in real life help her role in Life As We Know It?
  • Being in the public eye, how do you maintain your true self?
  • Is your husband Mr. Mom when you are on set?
  • Have you introduced your daughter to Korean customs or will you?
  • How do you balance sick kids and a career?
  • Does being a parent change how you view the roles you'll take or the roles you've played in the past? Are there any movies you've been in that you wouldn't want your daughter to see?
  • What’s the best parenting advice she’s received
  • What traditions are you passing on?
  • Do you have date nights?
  • What tricks does she have to get her baby to settle down?
  • How do you define being a successful mom?
  • Top favorite moment with your daughter?
  • How would you feel if your daughter wanted to be a model or actress?
  • How do you decompress?
  • What life lessons do you want to teach your daughter?

buddy_icon_98x98_CastA Now, I have to be honest, those questions aren’t verbatim. I was sitting in my van during my work break trying to listen to the conversation, write down the blogger’s name & site, write down the question, and then write down the answer. I apologize to any of the bloggers in case I muddled up their question.

The biggest thing I got from this conversation was how down to earth Katherine is. It was so funny because I just didn’t know what to expect from her. Would she be some snotty actress who sees herself wasting her time with some lowly “bloggers”? Would she be “just the facts mam”? None of us knew.

She was absolutely girl-next-door. She’s like the mom you sit next to in your toddler class at community ed. She enthusiastically answered the questions. I wish we could’ve had responded to her answers, but it would’ve turned into a 5 hour gabfest. From what I could tell, she didn’t hold back. Katherine answered the questions right off the top of her head. It was a really cool experience.

Katherine, my oldest daughter is 19. If you ever want to chat drop me a line. LOL I’d be happy to talk kids with you. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy life and chatting with us moms. It was a blessing for sure!

I’ll be letting you know more on Monday about the chance to win the DVD and Soundtrack!

Project 52: Week 4

Yes, I was much better at taking photos this week. The kids, at least 3 of them, headed to my aunt’s to celebrate Christmas. Then on Sunday we went to my step-daughter’s for her baby shower and for my boys to celebrate Christmas with her son, their nephew, Little P. Little P is only a year younger than his Uncle Doodle. Then Buddy went to spend the night at Baby’s college. Yes, he was excited to say the least. So here’s a few photos from our past week:
IMG_5029 The kids all scored books from their Aunt B
IMG_5040Then Baby needed a nap because she’d done an overnight at her job.
IMG_5041Uncle Buddy and Uncle Doodle playing with their nephew.
Step-daughter getting some GREAT outfits. Do you see her baby body bust behind her?
I’m not exactly sure who is hosting this now LOL I may be doing this project on my own since the person hosting it hasn’t done it the last couple of weeks. It’s all good.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blissdom: You’re There, I’m Not

So, in case you’re not clued in to the blogging world, Blissdom is happening in Tennessee. There are hundreds of bloggers hanging out, connecting, and rubbing elbows with each other. They’re learning amazing things at break out sessions and learning SO MUCH. I’m trying to live vicariously on Twitter as I follow the #blissdom hashtag.

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ January 26-28, 2010

The problem with following the #blissdom hashtag is the green-eyed monster keeps popping up. I see bloggers I love following and reading, and everyone else seems to be meeting them…except me. Oh, and have I mentioned the pampering they’re receiving from #GE in the form of massages? Come to find out, I’m not alone. I guess not eeeeeveryone is at Blissdom, but me.

By the way, is it BlissDom or Blissdom because they use both at the website.

So, in an attempt to bring together the bloggers who WANT to be at Blissdom, but can’t, Ann Marie at Household 6 Diva created a 2011 Blizzard Blog Hop. Big ol’ hug to Ann Marie for helping us to not feel left out!

Blizzard  Bloghop 2010 hosted by Household 6 Diva


I’d love to say what an amazing, funny, brilliant, well rounded, fabulous parent I am, but I’d be totally lying. I’m just me. Mimi. Nothing spectacular. I find myself amusing, and pray to God that others do to. If not, they just have to bear with me.license

I really don’t have any photos of me because I’m always behind the lens!
No that’s not a mug shot…driver’s license heh heh heh

Man, why can’t I come across on my blog like I do in real life? It’s such a strange thing. I’ve been blogging for 3 yrs, but my blog, up until last August was a Christian book review blog. That’s IT! Then the SITS Blog Frog group did a challenge to make us better bloggers in 31 days.

Well, I did great on the first day…then my ADD kicked in and I kind of tanked after that. BUT my blog has changed. I actually have 2 blogs, which I’m considering combining. You’ll find me around the blogosphere as “bigguysmama”. I used that name when my 11yo son was born because he was a tank. If you saw him now you’d think I was lying.

I enjoy doing Wordless Wednesdays. I’m now trying to do Project 52 and post photos every week. Almost forgot last week, but I’m doing better this week!! Woo Hoo I also just started a voting linky that I’ll be doing on Mondays. Do you need someone to vote for you for, well, anything? Got a photo trying to win online? A recipe to win 10 grand? Link up and we as a community will vote for you.

I also love Twitter. I’m a bit addicted. My boys know when mama’s doing a twitter party I’m trying to win something awesome. Ok, this week I won a sheet set from Sears, but to me that’s awesome. I’m holding out for a Wii or XBox for my boys!!! Oh I hope, I hope.

IMG_4755Me and my kids at the National Art Gallery in D.C. Christmas ‘10 

I’m a Christian single mom of 4 kids. Actually I’m not single yet. I’ve been an only parent for over 4 yrs. I’ve got my divorce papers, but you should see the stack sitting in front of me. And for the record, it’s about $250/hr to talk to a lawyer!! Rolling my eyes. That’s insane. Exactly why I’m going to play recordings into my boys ears while they sleep, “Someday I want to be a lawyer and take care of my mom.”

My oldest daughter, Baby, is a sophomore in college. The thought of that makes me want to throw up because that means I’m old. Oh, my stomach is churning…on to my next kid before I break down in tears. Yes, she’s a blondie just like my youngest.IMG_4532Smooch is a senior this year and taking all her high school courses online through college (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) so she’s getting college credits also.IMG_4531Buddy is a 6th grader. How is my boy in his 2nd year of middle school already? Life just blazes by without asking us how we feel about it.IMG_4534Then bringing up the rear is Doodle. He’s in 2nd grade. Poor kid will always be my baby. To think it’s been 7 yrs since I had my last baby makes me want to weep sometimes. This little guy has hearing loss in his left ear. He rocks a hearing aid.IMG_4533I’m also a stepmom to a great girl who’s actually NOT a girl, but a young woman. She has a little boy who’s in 1st grade and will be having her 2nd son next month! Even after her dad and I get a divorce we will still be pals. I was never like a mom to her in the first place. I love her and wish we lived closer!

IMG_5042IMG_5047 Uncle Doodle and his nephew who’s only a year younger. =)

About my other blog. A year ago I started Marvelous Mom Reviews. I thought my readers here would prefer my family friendly product reviews to be somewhere else. Almost a year later I’m finding it hard to do both. So, I’m considering combining them back here again. Problem is, I’ve put so much work into my other blog it’s going to be hard to close it down. I’m just not there yet and I haven’t even 100% decided to move it all over. I’m such a procrastinator!

Anywho, if you want to go check it out, you can see what I’m talking about and give me any ideas if you have them.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. Nothing exciting or something to write home about. I’m still finding my blogging legs here. Hope to meet the rest of you at a blogging conference sometime!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Go on Safari" with your child - Enter to Win!

The Dragon and the Turtle Here's how to enter:

  1. Enter the contest here: Be sure to fill in all the information and use the contest code SAFARI.
  2. Have your child(ren) make their own Roger the turtle and Padraig the dragon crafts. We have some ideas and downloadable pieces to help you below.
  3. Take a picture of their unique Roger and Padraig creations on their own "adventure" (i.e. at the library reading a book! swinging on a backyard swing! on the bus! in a tree!)
  4. Send the pictures to us at with "Safari Picture" in the subject line and a short description of what adventure the picture captures.

The grand prize winner will win a "go on safari" kit complete with:

  1. A child-size tent
  2. Sleeping bags (2)
  3. Campfire treats
  4. Essential safari tools (a compass, a flashlight, and a spy glass)
  5. Stuffed animals
  6. Copies of The Dragon and the Turtle and The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari

Two runner-up winners will receive a copy of The Dragon and the Turtle and The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari and a stuffed animal.

Enter the Contest

View the Contest Rules [pdf]

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Fish Houses On the Lake

Do you see all the vehicles with those fish houses? I drove on the lake once. Not again!
Join up with these other Wordless Wednesday Participants: 5 Minutes for Mom, Dear Crissy, and Baby Loving Mama.

Organization: Not My Strong Suit!

I have ADD-Inattentive. That means I get distracted eas…hey look a shiny!

Yep, that’s me. Been this way all my life. Of my 4 kids, my 2 middle kids have this disorder. Can I say, parenting children with ADD when I have ADD has NOT been easy. I have to remember to remind them of things because they can’t remember it either. It can be sheer insanity. Like the blind leading the blind around here.

I just got off the phone, with April from The Mental Clutter Coach. Hence this quick post because I didn’t want to forget. We started tweeting back and forth about something or other and she wanted us to chat sometime. I asked her to send me a reminder because I have ADD and I’d forget. That sent us into another long conversation that culminated with a phone call tonight.

I want to point out before I go any further, that I was not asked to post about our conversation or about her website. I was just so blown away by our conversation that I wanted to share with you in case you are in my shoes.
Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared to take notes because I wasn’t exactly sure what our conversation was going to be about! LOL It  had been a couple weeks since we’d connected.

So, April calls me tonight and we start discussing my lack of organization and the same of my middle children. I told her how I felt bad for my bookend kids who are organized, on time, and can remember things. They have to live with people who are emotional, unorganized, and typically late to everything.
This is where April really started freaking me out. She started explaining things about me and how I deal with things and how my mind works with the ADD. I told her it was only a few years ago that I realized, “Hey, I’m not lazy, I just choose to do other things.” I don’t just sit around and eat bon-bons all day while watching soaps (it’s potato chips thank you). Just kidding, I don’t do either of those things.

Then I told her it was only in the last couple of months that I realized I don’t hate cleaning or have an aversion to it either. Once I start doing it I don’t have a problem with it. Again, it’s a matter of choosing, and for the most part, I choose not to. To be quite honest, I feel like my ship is always sinking around here. It’s very rarely above water. I’d rather be on Twitter, doing stuff with my blog, reading, whatever instead of cleaning. In fact, I’d rather clean out a barn (yes, I’ve happily done this) instead of do another load of dishes. I could come weed your entire garden in the summer and be happy as a clam. Do another load of laundry…I’ll pass.Photobucket
April had such an amazing grasp of understand how the ADD mind works. She really pegged me. I kept giggling because I thought there must be hidden cameras around my house because how else would she understand me so well? Had she been watching me and studying me? It’s very rare when I find someone who truly understands how the ADD mind works.
I’m going to send her a picture of a pile. *giggle* A picture of a spot I’d like her input on for organizing. Well, I have got a few piles…in every single room, on every spot conceivable. And I’m not a hoarder for the record. I have no problem throwing stuff out and I don’t get attached to every single piece of paper that makes it’s way into my home. I just have a tendency to leave things where they lay. I know, attractive.
We’ll see what kind of magic April can work with me and see if I can stick to it. In my heart of hearts I’d truly like to be organized. And if I can’t be, I’d love to get in touch with the cleaning fairy if anyone has her number.
Thanks for taking the time with me April! That was awesome!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rock Your Vote Linky

I don’t know if you’re like me, but occasionally I need someone to vote for me: a photo contest, a recipe, an idea, etc. Unfortunately, not everyone close to me cares to vote when I need them to so I thought it’d be awesome if we could all support each other and rack up some awesome numbers!
What do you need some votes on? Willing to help out others? If so, add the link to the vote you need and then come back here at the end of the day or in a couple of days and give some voting love to the others. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours kind of idea.
I’m also not sure that this is the name I’m going to stick with. Do you have an idea? If so, let me know in the comments below.
I’ll try to post this every Monday! Please let everyone know the name of the contest, the end date, and make sure the linky is a permanent link: not to your website or homepage. Spammers you will be deleted.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project 52: Week 3

The kids and I are visiting my aunt overnight to celebrate Christmas. Tomorrow we go to my step-daughter's for her baby shower and to do Christmas with her and her first son.

I still don't have my computer. My other computer is like having NO computer because it's so slow I am really getting nothing accomplished. I get more done on my phone than I do using the computer! My friend's husband is fixing it today!! Finger's crossed.

Needless to say, I didn't take any photos this week of my kids so I decided on our way down to the cities I'd snap a photo of my boys and the dog. Boring, I know, but next week should be chalk full of fun photos! ok, or not.

Here's a photo of the temperature in my minivan on Thursday after I brought Buddy home from basketball practice! Crazy, huh?

And this is the photo of my boys and Rugby just chillin' in the back seat. I have the center seats out of the van because of our traveling with the dog. It's just easier and I've been too lazy to put them back in.

These photos were taken on my Droid2 and I have to say the quality isn't nearly as good as the iPhone photos I've seen out there. Yep, I'm jealous!
Have a great weekend everyone and check out the other participants at Life as a CEO.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Winter Wonderland

I hope this works! I'm using my 10yo computer right now. The computer my dad and brother put together 5yrs ago was attacked big time last night and I had to take it to my friend for her husband to fix it.

Let's hope I can get my photos on here tonight and find my linky!!

I live in MN. The snow you see in these photos...yah, it'll be here until April, unless we have an unusually warm March, which is typically snowiest month. The NEVER leaves in the winter. EVER!!

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Carrie With Children.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Perfect Blend by Trish Perry

The Perfect Blend

The Perfect Blend
by Trish Perry
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780736930154

About the Book:

Steph Vandergrift left everything to elope with Middleburg attorney Rick Manfred, who then stood her up at the altar. Too embarrassed to return home, Steph hopes to earn enough to get by until she can decide what to do next. Tea Shop owner Milly Jewel hires her and appreciates the extra help at the tea shop.

Also appreciative of Steph is Kendall James, one of the kindest, most eligible bachelors in the area. But by the time Steph feels able to consider dating again, her run-away fiance returns and tries to win her back. Steph is wary, but she and Rick always blended so well.

Christie Burnham, the frank-talking equestrian from whom Steph rents a room, and her frillier sister Liz become fast friends and confidantes to Steph. Between the two sisters, there isn't much any man is going to pull over on Middleburg's newest bachelorette and tea shop employee.

My Review:

Are you looking for a book to pick you up during the winter doldrums? If so, The Perfect Blend is THAT book! I absolutely love Trish Perry’s characters. They are always so relatable. I can always find a piece of myself in her female characters. That was no exception this time.

Steph Vandergrift has just been dumped by her fiance and left in the middle of, well, Middleburg, VA where she knows absolutely NO ONE! When it comes to Trish Perry books, you have to know that when the characters are put into uncomfortable situations, there will be lessons learned, but on top of that, they’ll learn them in sometimes hilarious ways.

That’s probably the best part of The Perfect Blend. Life is going along for Steph, she’s trying to find work, a place to live, some support, and all of a sudden she hears something or sees someone and happens will leave you laughing out loud!

Oh, and I have to say, I’m especially partial to this book because she uses the name, Mimi, in it. Sure, it’s not me, but I am somewhat biased by the name. =) If you are looking for some great reading to brighten up your day, The Perfect Blend is the perfect choice!

Perry-headshot-244x300 About the Author:

To learn more about Trish Perry and her fantastic books head to her website Reading, Writing, and the Stuff In-Between.

I’d like to thank Harvest House for sending me this book for review on behalf of Trish!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project52: Week 2

Since I neglected to take a photo of my handsome Buddy after his hair cut last week, I figured this week he would be in the spotlight for Week 2. He plays basketball and they aren’t having the greatest year, but he has a really wonderful and encouraging coach. When all the other coaches are out of their seat, yelling at their kids, our shining example of a coach never gets upset, never raises his voice, and ALWAYS has something nice to say.project52button2-300x275So, here’s Buddy in action today:

IMG_4964“Getcha head in the game…getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha head in the game”
IMG_4974He’s number 1 in my heart and on his uniform
Defeat is never an easy thing
What’s been going on this week in your life in photos? Head over to Life as a CEO and link up!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pookster and the Practically Perfect Pickle and Pookster and the Unloose Tooth by Rhonda Funk Review & Giveaway

Pickle_cover_72dpi Pookster and the Practically Perfect Pickle

by Rhonda Funk
Illustrated by Eric Kieninger
ISBN-13: 978-1935265405
Publisher: Fish Pond Kids


Pookster thinks that pickles are a wonderful treat-they are nice and crunchy, sort of sour and nearly perfect, (other than they're a vegetable and look like they're covered in frog skin!) Never-the-less, she is very protective of her pickles. So when her brother Bubs brings his toy soldiers to the table during her pickle eating break, she thinks they are there to swipe her green treat and take it to their leader. Planning for the battle of Kosher Dills, Pookster assumes the worst, and does what any normal little girl would do...however, Pookster's choice of sweet or sour words will mean the difference between keeping her pickle…or losing it to Mommy forces!

Poor Bubs, caught in the crossfire is stunned at her response! After all, he was just playing soldiers! Pookster decides she should tattle on her big brother, but Mom has already seen the whole thing. Pookster is about to learn a valuable lesson when it comes to her Pickle Protection Program, and how a pickle can disappear, just like that!

This silly story about an over-protective pickle eater teaches a valuable lesson on kindness and how our sweet words glorify God, but our sour words hurt people.

Pookster Unloose Tooth Pookster and the Unloose Tooth

by Rhonda Funk
Illustrated by Eric Kieninger
ISBN-13: 978-1935265405
Publisher: Fish Pond Kids


Pookster prays each night that God would help her lose her teeth, but apparently He has something different in mind. Taking matters into her own hands one crazy night, Pookster and her big sister decided that her un-loose tooth COULD come out with a little help. What happened next, (to the horror of Bubs) was a tooth extraction of a slamming door kind- and a real life opportunity to sing “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.”

Spring has sprung, Easter has come and gone, but Pookster hasn't seen much of her two front teeth. She's TIRED of eating apples and leaving rows, or eating her spaghetti noodles and not being able to cut them off. Now she's begging for God to bring back her chompers. It's funny, she wanted so badly to lose them, but now she just really wants them back!

Too bad Pookster has to learn the hard way that sometimes it’s better to wait on God than it is to do things on your own!

My Review

I first wanted to mention that these books come with an audio CD featuring the author’s children! How cool is that? I didn’t listen to them because I wanted them intact for the person who won them.

In the Unloose Tooth, the message is “A Lesson On Patience” and teaches kids that we might want something to happen right away and get ahead of what God wants. In the end, it’s always better to wait on God’s timing.

In the Practically Perfect Pickle we learn that words can be sweet or sour. Pookster thinks her brother’s army guys are after her pickle and says some sour things to him. Her mom compares pickles to attitudes in a way I think kids will understand an relate to.

I like that at the end of the books we read what Pookster learned and also read a scripture that goes along with the story.

Rhonda Funk About the Author

Rhonda Funk-Public Speaker, Singer, Songwriter with three independent releases. Publicist and owner of Bring It On! Communications. Married, mother of four.

Here’s your chance to win both books!

Required: What’s a lesson you would like a child to learn from a book?

Giveaway open to US Residents 18 yrs or older. Please leave your email in the required entry or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Giveaway ends 1/27/11 at 11:59 PST. Winner has 48 hours to respond.


Follow me on Twitter (1 entry)

Tweet this giveaway (1 entry daily) “RT #Win 2 “Adventures of Pookster and Bubs” books with audio CDs #giveaway @bigguysmama“

I’d like to thank Bring It On! Communications for my review copies, which I am giving away. The opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shameless Promotion: Vote 4 My Son?

I love entering contests where I get to share with the world how adorable my kids are. I know, I’m a bit biased, but what are you going to do?

Disney’s website is having a photo contest in which I’ve entered Doodle. If his photo has the most votes for the Disney Junior: Be Part Of The Magic photo contest his photo will be part of the Disney Junior premier week, February 15.

Since kids have to be 2-7 Doodle is getting in under the wire as a 7 year old! CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

Here’s the photo I entered:IMG_4826There’s a month of voting and I’d love to keep Doodle at the top. If you’d like a reminder to vote, please let me know and I’ll send you a reminder. If you could “Like” him on the page of his photo that’d be helpful as well.

I’d like to thank you ahead of time for voting for my little guy and for forgiving my self promotion of him. =)

Inside Pages Launch by Moody Publisher & GIVEAWAY

Inside Pages Moody Publishers is pleased to announce our new corporate blog! We will be launching Inside Pages, at, on January 17th and to celebrate we’re hosting daily giveaways from January 17th-29th, giveaways include a Kindle, iPod, new book releases, Ryrie Study Bibles, and more. Inside Pages will serve as Moody Publisher’s online forum on faith, publishing, and literary culture, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at publishing and creating a digital community for dialogue about books. Here you will hear from the editors about the changing face of traditional publishing, catch a sneak peek at upcoming titles and what goes on behind the publisher’s desk, and read devotionals and articles from our authors. Inside Pages will also regularly feature giveaways and free reading/writing resources. See for details. We hope to see you there!

Five Love Languages I will be giving away a copy of The Five Love Languages Gift Edition by Gary Chapman.

New York Times bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman guides couples in identifying, understanding, and speaking their spouse’s primary love language—quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch. Chapters are categorized by love language for easy reference, and each one ends with simple steps to express a specific language to your spouse. You can build a lasting, loving marriage together. More than five million sold!

Required: Tell me which love language you think or know fits you (is important to you): quality time, words of affirmation (encouragment), gifts, acts of service, or physical touch.

Giveaway open to US Residents 18 yrs or older. Please leave your email in the required entry or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Giveaway ends 1/21/11 at 11:59 PST. Winner has 48 hours to respond.

I’d like to thank Moody Publishers for providing this book as a giveaway. I haven’t received any compensation for this post.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Q & A With Author Missy Buchanan

Missy Buchanan Even when age creeps up on the body and mind, and life changes from what it once was, is it still possible to have a purpose in life?  When it is no longer possible to venture out and do the things you once loved, can you still find a reason to look forward to each day?  Missy Buchanan, a leading expert and advocate for senior adults, believes that you can.  Buchanan wants to encourage older adults to find their purpose, share their stories, and make an impact on those around them.

Q: What made you decide to start ministering to and writing books for older adults?

Well, as a middle-aged adult, I never had any intention of becoming an author of books for older adults.  But because of the journey that my own aging parents were on, I realized how they had become disconnected from their church as their lives changed.  They started off as active older adults and then that circle got smaller as they had more needs and physical limitations.  As I would visit them at their retirement community, I would also see so many others that were just like them.  They needed spiritual encouragement.  And so that’s why I got started.  The first book began as a project just for my own parents.  I wrote devotions and kept them in a loose-leaf notebook.   But others started asking for them and things just spiraled from there.

Q: What do you think children need to know about their aging parents?

What I realized personally was that I had been so caught up in my parents’ physical needs that I had neglected their spiritual needs.  They were no longer connected to their church, at least in regular worship attendance, and that had been such a huge part of their lives.  I almost made that mistake of just totally missing that, and that was the point where I began to write.  I looked and there were other books written about older adults but not very many that were written to them and for them.  So the first thing I would tell their children is to pay attention not only to their physical needs but also to their spiritual needs.

Q: What is your opinion about role reversal with children and their aging parents?

I hear the whole idea of role reversal where the older parent becomes a child and the grown children become the parent, and I understand what they are talking about because my own parents became more dependent on me.  But I think that when we refer to it as a role reversal, and we begin to think of our aging parents as children, we strip away their dignity.  We rob them of respect and we overlook the fact that they are not children.  They have had a lifetime of experiences that a child has not had.  And I think that is an important difference that grown children need to think about and pay attention to.  It’s more of a role shift in responsibilities and not a role reversal.  I know how much it hurts an aging parent to feel like they are being treated like a baby or like a child.

Q: Other than aging adults, who else has benefited from your writing?

A friend of mine in an assisted living facility asked me to bring some books for one of her tablemates.  Her tablemate explained that these books were for her adult children.  “They don’t understand what it feels like to grow old, and I can’t seem to make them understand, but your books say it better than I ever could.”  My books are all written in the first person as if an older adult is speaking directly to God.  There are a lot of adult children that are buying them for themselves and older adults buying them for their grown children.
And I’ve heard of different youth groups that have been reading my books in order to better understand what it’s like to grow old.  Instead of just mocking their older peers, they are learning that they share a lot of the same feelings—feelings of insecurity, feelings of fear.  As a result of reading the books, one youth group in Tennessee has even adopted the residents of the senior living center across from their church.

Q: How can faith change our idea of growing older?

So many see aging as a punishment, and they dread it so much.  But even though it is difficult to be limited by an aging body, they need to look at it as a gift that God has given them.  They still have so much to give.  They have great wisdom to share and stories to share.  I always tell my older friends that their story is not yet over.

Missy Buchanan is the author of Talking with God in Old Age: Meditations and Psalms and
Living with Purpose in a Worn-Out Body: Spiritual Encouragement for Older Adults
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