Friday, January 7, 2011

Two Blogs Or One? That Is The Question

Ok, so since March of last year I’ve had two blogs. This one and Marvelous Mom Reviews.

Why have I had two blogs? Because I figured people would prefer to not read my personal stuff, mostly at the time my Christian book reviews, along with my product reviews. I had the bright idea to create a second site specifically for giveaways.

Now I’m struggling wondering if I made the right choice. I have to keep up both sites, which might not seem to be that big of a deal to the average Jane, but for me it’s just not that easy. I’m distracted by both sites and feel like I get nothing accomplished.

Ugh, if I combine both sites anyone who wants to read just my reviews and giveaways will have to deal with my personal stuff and Christian diatribe (which I don’t know the last time I went on and on about my faith).

People who come here because they think I’m so spectacularly fascinating will have to endure the giveaways and reviews I enjoy doing.

Then, the biggest issue (which has multiple parts) is doing away with my Marvelous Mom Reviews site. Sigh…This is such a quandary. Has anyone combined or separated their blogs and have an opinion for me?

I could really use some advice.

Who knows, maybe a year from now I’ll still have two blogs and wondering what I should do. You need to know I’m wishy washy and have a hard time making decisions. Welcome to my life!


Jen - LifeWithLevi said...

Have you thought about moving to Wordpress so your review posts can be in a separate tab from everything else? I believe you can have separate RSS feeds, too.

nomo wino daph said...

It's tough.

I have a private blog that I blog about family life. I have had it for years. I just started my public one a few months ago to blog about everything under the sun, EXCEPT family life.

lol, I am no help:)

Vicki Hinze said...

Mimi, I do four blogs, so I feel your pain. Recently I moved all four to Really happy with that decision.

I like the separate blogs for separate types of things, but if you feel doing one blog would be easier, you can cue your readers in the Title of your posts.

If it's a Family Life post, put that first in the title, like this:

FAMILY LIFE: Some Days are Diamonds, Some are Dust

GIVEAWAYS: Comment to win a copy of xyz.

FAITH POST: Things that Test the Faith Connection.

If you title your posts that way, then a reader will know exactly what kind of post you've done that day. If of interest, they can read or if not, skip.

That would be easiest for you and on you, I think.

I do different types of blogs and have one where I post everything as a backup. The others, I only post those types of blogplosts to it. Before it was harder because they were in different places, but at wordpress I created all of them as separate blogs under one ID. You can do as many as you like. Anyway, that is working out really well so far. Plus, it gives me comfort to know that they have three backups in different areas of the country, so the whole country would have to sink before you lose your blog. Makes them run fast, too, so uploading is quick.

Hope this helps. I sure understand the dilemma!


Vicki Hine

apple blossom said...

I have two sites also and wonder the same thing.

I have personal or fun stuff site and then my book review site for most reviews.

I really am not a big help to you, but I've wondered the same if it is worth trying to keep up two different ones. I know it isn't easy.

I have tried Wordpress and don't like them. Last year my one site switched over to wordpress. I stuck with it for about 6 weeks, but hated it. My own two cents. I didn't think it was easy at all to navigate and didn't like the fact that in order to comment they had to have a wordpress account. I don't know didn't have a good first impression of them.

Ashley Marie said...

I have a business blog and I just started a personal blog - I am a bit overwhelemed but it seems like it's going to work. Sorry that's not much help - GOOD LUCK!! visiting from SITS :)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

You have to do what works for you and the rest of us... well if we're loyal, we'll stick by you!

Holly Magnuson said...

I'm actually running 3 blogs right now. My personal one, my book reviews, and one on worship. It's hard not to keep up. This year I'm trying to have a schedule for my book review and worship one. My personal I write on when the "spirit moves." For me tho, I keep them separate because I don't want complete strangers reading about my personal life. The others I hope to encourage others with my book reviews and feelings about worship/church music.

Probably not the best help, but I'd encourage you to make "a list" why do you do your blogs. I've been following your personal one longer, and I seems to be very therapeutic for you.

I've been using Wordpress for about six months, and overall enjoy it. There's certain things that I miss from blogspot, but overall I've liked it. I believe it's a setting in the configuration that allows people to comment w/o having a wordpress account.

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