Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project52: Week 2

Since I neglected to take a photo of my handsome Buddy after his hair cut last week, I figured this week he would be in the spotlight for Week 2. He plays basketball and they aren’t having the greatest year, but he has a really wonderful and encouraging coach. When all the other coaches are out of their seat, yelling at their kids, our shining example of a coach never gets upset, never raises his voice, and ALWAYS has something nice to say.project52button2-300x275So, here’s Buddy in action today:

IMG_4964“Getcha head in the game…getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha head in the game”
IMG_4974He’s number 1 in my heart and on his uniform
Defeat is never an easy thing
What’s been going on this week in your life in photos? Head over to Life as a CEO and link up!


Shell said...

he's a cutie!

Unknown said...

That's awesome that he has such an inspiring coach. Love the photos - makes me wish my boys played sports already.

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