Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dear Boys: It’s Shower Time

My dirty, stinky boys who are always in need of a shower, we really need to talk.

Yes, you have to take showers. I know that kills you because you’d rather be doing something else, but they’re required!IMG_4890

Now, the issue comes in with the order of these showers. Is there really that big of a difference who goes first? In the grand scheme of things, who cares which one of you gets clean first?

When it comes to sibling rivalry, how does taking a shower fall into this category. So you went first last week and now you have to go first again? Everyone run for cover because the world must be coming to an end!

I know there will come a day when you actually WANT to take a shower, especially because girls will like you much better. I’d just like that day to come a little sooner than I know it will.

Until then, when I say it’s shower time, I want you guys to rush to be first, ok? Let’s all live in mom’s little fantasy world, at least for a short time. Thanks.


Your Squeaky Clean Mama

PS Boys, Mimi from Screaming Mimi brought up another point that I thought is important to share. Once you get in this shower you're trying to avoid, coming out 20 minutes later (Buddy) with that little body is a bit long dontcha think? Doodle, your 5 minute showers in no way constitute a full shower. In and out in 10 minutes. You can do it! Don't forget those dirty ankles!


Heather Marsten said...

Or, as my pastor says, when there is a problem such as who goes first, ask yourself, "Will it matter in 100 years?

Joy Tamsin David said...


I'm looking forward to the day my boys (10 years old) actually enjoy changing their underwear.

They both have a favorite pair of boxers and if I'm not careful, they will try to wear them every day! I'm always checking what underwear they have on before they leave the house.

Joy Tamsin David said...

Hey Mimi!

Thanks for grabbing my button. I'm putting yours up too.


Mimi said...

I have just the opposite problem, I can't get them out of the shower!


Rebecca said...

ha ha cute. Our kids are so small they "swim' in the tub so we're not there yet.

Ashley said...

Oh goodness. This is what I have to look forward to! Mine's only 4 and he already dreads bathtime.

Shell said...

I'm not looking forward to these fights!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Too funny (okay, not really) we haven't hit the smelly stage yet... both my kids still like their baths... I'm sure it's coming though!

Anonymous said...

JDaniel doesn't want to take a bath. He doesn't want to get out after he gets in either. I just can't get it right.

Liz Mays said...

They make shower timers and you could make a game out of it!

Daenel T. said...

Bwahahahahaha What is it with boys and showers? You almost have to sedate the little creatures and toss them in. I mean, really, is getting clean that bad?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this isn't my house?! Oh my goodness .. my two sons are 2 and 4 .. every thing is a competition! They do shower together though ... but it's who is first and all that .. a race to get into the bathroom first oh and nevermind dinner! Dinner is a competition too, but luckily it's a competition of who chews their food longer wins! Thank heavens! I am going to subscribe I think I will enjoy reading more of what you write! Thanks so much for tweeting me today! (@brandyellen)

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