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Torch by R.J. Anderson & Giveaway

About the Book

Book:  TORCH

Author: R.J. Anderson

Genre: Christian YA Fantasy

Release date: February 9, 2021

How do you fight fire without fire?

When a freak storm uncovers the entrance to a mysterious underground chamber, Ivy and Martin expect to find treasure. But what they discover is even more valuable: a barrow full of sleeping spriggans, magically preserved for centuries. With the vengeful piskey queen Betony determined to capture Ivy and her followers, the secret hideaway could be key to both their peoples’ survival.

But the piskeys and spriggans are ancient enemies, and when Ivy tries to make peace her own followers threaten to turn against her. Plagued by treachery, betrayal and desertion on every side, Ivy must find a way to unite the magical folk of Cornwall–or doom herself, Martin and everyone she loves to death at Betony’s hand.

Yet without the legendary fire-wielding power that marks a true piskey queen, can Ivy convince her people to believe?


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About the Author

Born in Uganda to missionary parents, R.J. (Rebecca Joan) Anderson is a women’s Bible teacher, a wife and mother of three, and a bestselling fantasy author for older children and teens. Her debut novel Knife has sold more than 120,000 copies worldwide, while her other books have been shortlisted for the Nebula Award, the Christy Award, and the Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Science Fiction. Rebecca lives with her family in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.


More from R. J.

What does it take to be a good leader?
Looking at some of the religious, social and political leaders around us, it seems like a confident attitude, dramatic flair, and the ability to make stirring speeches are the keys to success. But is that the kind of leadership people really need, or is it only what we’ve grown used to?
Ivy, the heroine of my book Torch, never wanted to become a leader, or expected anyone to follow her. After being exiled from her underground home by her proud Aunt Betony, she’s been struggling to make sense of her own life, never mind anyone else’s. But when a ragtag band of old friends and former neighbours turn up on Ivy’s doorstep looking for a new home, she has no choice but to help her fellow Cornish piskeys as best she can.
What Ivy soon finds, however, is that her people’s hopes and expectations for her are much bigger than any she had for herself. They want a queen strong enough to defeat Betony and free their people — but how can Ivy stand up to her aunt’s ruthless tactics and magical fire-wielding powers, when she’s just a slight teenager with barely any magic at all?
As I wrote this book, the last in my Flight and Flame trilogy about Ivy of the Delve, I wanted to explore the difference between the popular idea of a great leader, and the humble servant leadership taught and exemplified by Christ. Unlike Betony, who has become so obsessed with her own power and reputation that she’s blind to her people’s suffering, Ivy only wants to help and encourage her fellow piskeys and keep them safe from harm. She’s willing to sacrifice her own comfort, put aside her own feelings, and do whatever it takes to make sure her followers survive. And though she makes some mistakes and faces some painful challenges along the way, she never forgets that her goal isn’t personal fame or glory, but the good of everyone around her.
Ivy’s personal journey also reflects some of my own recent experiences of caregiving, which can seem like an impossible task when the needs of our loved ones grow greater than our own strength and wisdom can bear. She has to learn, as I did, that the only solution is to ask for help and be willing to let others do it their own way, instead of trying to control everything ourselves.
Torch is the last book of the epic adventure that began with Swift and continued in Nomad, taking Ivy from the depths of obscurity to heights she never imagined, and from a life of loneliness to a love sweeter — and stranger — than she ever dreamed she’d find. It’s a story that’s close to my heart, and I hope it will find a place in yours and your family’s as well!
— R.J. Anderson


To celebrate her tour, R.J. is giving away the grand prize package of a signed bookplate, bookmarks, notecards, and a copy of either SWIFT, NOMAD or TORCH!! (winner’s choice)

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My Review:

What a great ending to this trilogy. I think I read all three books of The Flight and Flame Trilogy in the past couple of months. Yes, they're young adult stories, but they were done wonderfully that anyone of any age will want to read them.

I remember meeting Ivy in Swift. She was so naive although she'd lost her mom. There was so much she didn't know, but had to learn quickly over the ensuing stories. Heck, even that first book she had to pull herself up by the bootstraps and make some hard decisions.

In Torch she really had to show how much she'd learned since leaving the Delve. She'd lost so much since leaving and then being banned from ever returning, but she'd also gained a lot as well. I have to admit, I was disappointed in some of the characters of the story. The choices they made broke my heart and made me want to hug Ivy.

I loved seeing Mattock's faith in her and his allegiance to her even though he knew that she loved Martin. And Martin, could you ask for a more devoted Spiggan? lol Half-spriggan that is.

The overall story (even from all 3 books) shows what fear can do not just to one person, but to numerous people. How fear can lead us to do things we never would have, how it changes us, how it causes us to hurt others when we might not have otherwise. Like Ivy, it's important to surround ourselves with people who will speak truth even when it's hard to hear and when we don't understand their reasoning.

I also appreciated that there was a greater turn towards a Creator for Ivy in Torch. While it really hasn't been mentioned, although alluded to, I liked that Ivy put more stock in One greater than her before she had to face Betony again.

A lot happens in this story with all of the characters, which I don't want to give away. Martin finds a possibly place for the piskeys to live safely, but finds something unexpected. Those who are against Ivy still surprise me. Her sister, Cicely never ceases to annoy the life out of me. Honestly, she's a brat who needs a cold splash of reality. She wants her way every moment we see her and if she doesn't get it she's snotty and responds out of selfishness. She's actually my least favorite character. lol And when I say that I mean because of how the author wrote her. :)

I think this is fun story with some really important situations for kids and adults alike to learn from. Not everyone is the same and we should be willing to learn from those who are different from us. Not only that, but be willing to live united and at peace.

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Verse Mapping Bible By Kristy Cambron & GIVEAWAY

NIV Verse Mapping Bible
by Kristy Cambron
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 031045459X

Don't you just love God's timing? I joined Kristy Cambron's Facebook group a few months ago. Then, last month found out about the new Verse Mapping Bible she had coming out so I jumped at the chance to review it!


Go beyond just reading the Bible.

Verse mapping means getting real about studying the Bible. More than simply reading a verse or Scripture passage, verse mapping means using Bible study tools to research what you’ve just read in the Bible—to learn more about what God is saying to you and how you can apply his Word to your life today. 

In the NIV Verse Mapping Bible, author Kristy Cambron expands her verse mapping curriculum series to include verses from the entire Bible, showing you how to compare Bible translations, pick out meaningful words, and delve into the true meaning of each verse using starter verse maps and prompts. Verse mapping will help you study the historical context, transliteration, translation, connotation, and theological framework of a verse. This unique study technique includes exploring Hebrew and Greek word studies, finding connections in Scripture, comparing Bible translations, and learning as much as you can from your time in God’s Word. 

Verse mapping involves five steps:

  1. Choose: Select a verse and write it out.
  2. Compare: Record this verse in two or three other Bible translations and underline key words that are the same or different between translations.
  3. Research: Look up the Hebrew or Greek meaning for the underlined words and record it.
  4. Consider: Ask questions of the verse. Imagine what it would be like to have experienced what’s happening. Read the verses surrounding this verse and use other study tools to dig even deeper, if you prefer.
  5. Apply: What is God saying to you? How does this verse relate to your life today?

My Review:

Ok, so I'm not a "quick start" kind of person. I'm someone who often needs to be taught something or given an example visually before I jump in - no matter what it is. I'll admit to being more than just a little intimidated to get verse mapping started. What if I didn't do it right? What if others saw how I was doing it and they let me know that in no uncertain terms I wasn't doing it correctly? What if I couldn't figure it all out? lol Hello pressure.

Being in the verse mapping group on Facebook I know I'm not alone. Honestly, I think most of us who are nervous to get started just want to make sure we're doing it "right". What I like about the group and the Verse Mapping Bible is how encouraging everyone is! You don't HAVE to be perfect at verse mapping. You just need to get started.

Seriously! When I first opened my new Verse Mapping Bible, it begins with "Getting Started". Kristy explains how the Bible is laid out and what you'll "need". Then there's the "Verse Mapping 101 - Study Steps" which explains all 5 points you'll go through as you verse map.

Here's what I'd say in regards to getting started. First, definitely pray. Ask the Lord to open up your heart to the Spirit so that you will receive what He wants to teach you. Find a scripture. It can be a scripture that you "land" on, one you've been wanting to study, or maybe even in a study you're already doing. Well, if you're intimidated like I am take baby steps to getting started. Do steps 1 and 2 for a couple of tries. That's as simple as writing down the scripture and then finding the parallel verses in other versions. I actually like looking at a good handful of versions so I can see how different they are as well as how similar. I tend to only write down a couple versions though for comparison. I mean, even after her explanation of how to verse map she literally says, "Don'e be afraid to start small..."

Ok, the next step, step 3 is where I've been stumped the most. lol Well, at least I was for the first attempt. I was looking for the definition and translation of a specific word, but the tools I was using weren't playing along well. HA! I think I started out with a scripture that I didn't know was going to stump me. What I had to do, instead of getting frustrated, I just moved to steps 4 and 5. lol Sometimes you've just gotta move right along.

After I had the first verse map under my belt I definitely felt more comfortable moving on to the next one! See, it doesn't take long after you get your feet wet. And to be really truthful, after only doing this a few times, it's a bit addicting. HA! Even just reviewing one scripture I know who was writing the scripture, where he was writing it and why. Yes, I can pull those pieces together in other ways, but it's sticking with me this way!! THAT'S the important piece.

Let's talk about this Bible specifically. The one I received is a hard, gray cloth covered NIV Bible. At the start of each book we're told who the author is, when it was written, and where it takes place. Very short, to the point sections. We're also told the theme of the book and the major breakdown of the sections of the book. And lastly we're given an introduction to the book.

In each book of the Bible there are partially done verse maps for specific scriptures and at the end of each book a completely blank one. On the pages without the verse maps you have space for journaling. At the end of the book there are a couple pages for notes, but not much extra, which is totally fine considering the point of this specific Bible.

Now, I went to a dollar store and bought a small notebook and a set of colored pens. Dropped $2 so I could have a spot for the verses I wanted to do on my own that weren't near the blank verse maps. I figured I'd leave those for when I was doing scripture closer to them. I know there are SUPER talented people out there who will go to town with their notebooks, but listen, I'm just glad I got colored pens to section off the steps. hahahaha Go hog wild with your creativity if that's your jam, but if it's not, it's completely OK! Listen, you don't want to get colored pens? You don't have to. Use a pencil or your daughter's crayon.

Bottom line, just get started!! And seriously, join the community of those of us on this journey, too! 

About the Author:

KRISTY CAMBRON is an award-winning author of historical fiction, including her bestselling debut The Butterfly and the Violin, and an author of nonfiction, including the Verse Mapping Series Bibles and Bible studies. Kristy's work has been named to Publishers Weekly Religion & Spirituality TOP 10, Library Journal Reviews’ Best Books, RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards, received 2015 & 2017 INSPY Award nominations, and has been featured at CBN, Lifeway Women, Jesus Calling, Country Woman Magazine, MICI Magazine, Faithwire, Declare, (in)Courage, and Bible Gateway. She holds a degree in Art History/Research Writing and lives in Indiana with her husband and three sons, where she can probably be bribed with a peppermint mocha latte and a good read. You can connect with her at: and Instagram: @kristycambron; Twitter: @KCambronAuthor; Facebook: @KCambronAuthor; and Pinterest: Kristy Cambron.

You have the chance to win your very own NIV Verse Mapping Bible! Check out the giveaway to enter!

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On Sugar Hill By Ane Mulligan

On Sugar Hill
by Ane Mulligan
Publisher: Heritage Beacon
Series: The Georgia Magnolia Series
ISBN: 978-1645262992

It was such a pleasure to hear from Ane asking me to read her second book in The Georgia Magnolia Series! She sent me an electronic version of her story for me to read!

*I want to make my readers aware in this review that there is a very small scene that alludes to sexual abuse. 


To make ends meet, the Fitzgerald women must open their home as a boardinghouse, but will the secrets they uncover prove their undoing?

The day Cora Fitzgerald turned sixteen, she fled Sugar Hill for the bright lights of New York City, leaving behind her senator father's abuse. But just as her career takes off, she is summoned home.

The stock market has crashed. The senator is dead. Her mother is delusional, and her mute Aunt Clara pens novels that expose the town's secrets. Then there's Boone Robertson, who never knew she was alive back in high school but now manages to be around whenever she needs help.

And the Fitzgerald women need a lot of help, indeed. They are forced to find a way to make ends meet, whether it s mining for gold or doing what Southern women have done for generations in times of need turning their home into a boardinghouse.

But will the people of Cora's past keep her from returning to a brilliant future?

My Review:

What an absolutely delightful story! The first book in the series, In High Cotton, was a really intense story about a group of women trying to survive in a small town where not so great men are trying to control and threaten them. In On Sugar Hill, we once again are introduced to a group of ladies who join forces after Cora's father dies.

I just loved Cora's character! I'm not sure that I've ever read any characters who are ventriloquists! It was so fascinating to learn more about her career. Her dedication to her family, even though her father was a tyrant, is heart warming. She has a lot of grit as she goes about trying to find a way to provide for her mom and aunt so she can get back to NYC.

I'll just say now that my favorite character in the story is Cora's aunt! Clara is mute and she's a mystery author. She's so positive and such a light in the dark time the family is going through. And funny enough, I like Glenice Jo. She's a spit fire who doesn't put up with nonsense and confronts people as needed. lol She's my kind of gal. 

We also meet Boone. Seems he seems like the all-American young man. Because of the message  Cora heart from her father all of her life, she never expects Boone to take an interest in her. He's more helpful  than a guy with no interest would be, so clearly Cora has caught his eye. Unfortunately, he makes some choices that cause the reader to question his intentions. Not just us, but Glenice Jo, too. hahaha 

Another aspect I LOVED about this story is the period language used. Can we go back to that time? Since I read this as a .pdf I couldn't highlight any spots so I could share them here, but the phrases when they're frustrated or going through something are delightful.

On Sugar Hill was a sweet read and I'm looking forward to the next story... but March 2022 seems so far off!

About the Author:

Ane Mulligan has been a voracious reader ever since her mom instilled within her a love of reading at age three, escaping into worlds otherwise unknown. But when Ane saw Peter Panonstage, she was struck with a fever from which she never recovered stage fever. She submerged herself in drama throughout high school and college. One day, her two loves collided, and a best-selling, award-winning novelist emerged. She lives in Sugar Hill, Georgia, with her artist husband and a rascally Rottweiler. Find Ane on her website:

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Obsession By Patricia Bradley

by Patricia Bradley
Publisher: Revell
Series: Natchez Trace Park Rangers
ISBN: 9780800735746

Unusual for me, but I'm actually reading this series IN ORDER! Shocking with my track record, right? lol I was incredibly excited when I saw the author's second book become available for review. Revell sent me her book.


This one's personal

Natchez Trace Ranger and historian Emma Winters hoped never to see Sam Ryker again after she broke off her engagement to him. But when shots are fired at her at a historical landmark just off the Natchez Trace, she's forced to work alongside Sam as the Natchez Trace law enforcement district ranger in the ensuing investigation. 

To complicate matters, Emma has acquired a delusional secret admirer who is determined to have her as his own. Sam is merely an obstruction, one which must be removed. Sam knows that he has failed Emma in the past, and he doesn't intend to let her down again. Especially now that her life is on the line.

My Review:

I got started on Obsession eagerly anticipating some good suspense. What I completely forgot though was how GOOD Patricia keeps me in suspense for the entire story! When I got to the chapter where we are introduced to the "bad guy's" thoughts, I had that groaning moment where I remembered in Standoff that the author is fantastic at messing with my mind on who the actual bad guy is!

Happily I once again admit that I love these quick-glimpse chapters of the bad guy's thoughts and emotions. Hello, creepy! Let me just say, for the record, that I KNEW who the bad guy was like 4-5 times throughout the story. True, it was always a different person, but one of them was going to be right. Definitely something the author is exceptional at doing. I'm not going to specify which chapter it was but I literally had a "Whuuuuut?!" moment when I read it. I said it out loud! lol

I never thought about the fact that there are sites in National Parks where archeologists might want to learn more about and do a dig. This part of the storyline fascinated me. Also, the fact that someone didn't want it happening added to the mystery.

As for the characters, for everyone involved there was a lot of hurt from the past for each of them. I don't feel like any of them came away unscathed from their childhood. So much so, I'm glad I didn't go to school with any of them. lol Emma is a strong character and I enjoyed how much she loved her job. You could tell she had a passion for it. Sam is perfect for the law enforcement as a district ranger. Him coming back to Natchez Trace is clearly difficult not only for him, but for Emma as well. There's a history there and it's palpable.

There were quite a few characters that were easy to dislike in this story. lol That's always a good thing when you're reading suspense. The characters that might surprise you that I didn't care for are Sam's sister and Emma's mom. They both got on my last nerve.

That being said, I liked the redemptive thread to this story. Reminders of how important forgiveness is... forgiving others and ourselves. Also, accepting the forgiveness of Christ. I appreciated that Emma and Sam both had to work through those pieces, which in turn speak to the readers!

Bring on some more of this series because I'm ready for it! lol

About the Author:

Patricia Bradley is the author of Standoff, as well as the Memphis Cold Case Novels and Logan Point series. Bradley won an Inspirational Reader's Choice Award in Romantic Suspense, a Daphne du Maurier Award, and a Touched by Love Award; she was a Carol Award finalist; and three of her books were included in anthologies that debuted on the USA Today bestseller list. She is cofounder of Aiming for Healthy Families, Inc., and she is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Sisters in Crime. Bradley makes her home in Mississippi. Learn more at

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When Twilight Breaks By Sarah Sundin

by Sarah Sundin
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 9780800736361

I don't know when it happened, but I've become a huge fan of fictional stories set around WWII. When Sarah's book came up for review from Revell, I was excited for the opportunity to read it. And isn't the cover stunning?!


Munich, 1938

Evelyn Brand is an American foreign correspondent determined to prove her worth in a male-dominated profession and to expose the growing tyranny in Nazi Germany. To do so, she must walk a thin line. If she offends the government, she could be expelled from the country--or worse. If she does not report truthfully, she'll betray the oppressed and fail to wake up the folks back home.

Peter Lang is an American graduate student working on his PhD in German. Disillusioned with the chaos in the world due to the Great Depression, he is impressed with the prosperity and order of German society. But when the brutality of the regime hits close, he discovers a far better way to use his contacts within the Nazi party--to feed information to the shrewd reporter he can't get off his mind.

As the world marches relentlessly toward war, Evelyn and Peter are on a collision course with destiny. 

My Review:

I've only read one other of the author's stories and she has an incredible gift of writing in this time period. When Twilight Breaks gives the perspective of an American woman working as a correspondent in Nazi Germany. It was such an unusual job for a woman in a country on the verge of war. As we first meet Evelyn Brand, you get the full sense of what she has to fight for to earn a spot writing with the men. Unfortunately, it's an uphill battle.

We also meet Peter Lang, and honestly, he may be one of my new, favorite leading men! He sees what's happening in Germany as a good thing. He's an American with a German heritage and he loves the order in which Hitler's regime is bringing to the country. Hard to believe I find him so likable, right? You understand more about why he sees things the way he does as you get to know him more through the story. I also love how he sees Evelyn.

She's a strong woman who is dedicated to her career. Where other men of that time saw Evelyn as living outside the norm and not being comfortable with it, Peter sees her in a refreshing light. It's fun how they banter back and forth as well as how he pursues her even after she continues to turn him down. Evelyn on the other hand can NOT figure this man out, but while she's amused by his efforts, his belief in what the Nazi party is doing is an obvious barrier.

As things heat up and become more dangerous, we see how both Peter and Evelyn's thoughts and feelings shift on a number of things. The story is intense from the beginning, but seriously, I felt like every other moment my heart rate would go up because of a potentially critical situation either one or both of them were in. The thought of having to share the truth about what was going on and putting your life at risk of doing so is unimaginable!

If you love WWII stories, this one is NOT to be missed. Yes, it's PRE-WWII, which actually sets it apart and shows what it must've been like before it all began.

About the Author:

Sarah Sundin is the bestselling author of several popular WWII series, including Sunrise at Normandy, Waves of Freedom, Wings of the Nightingale, and Wings of Glory. Her novels have received starred reviews from BooklistLibrary Journal, and Publishers WeeklyThe Sky Above Us received the Carol Award, her bestselling The Sea Before Us received the FHL Reader's Choice Award, and both Through Waters Deep and When Tides Turn were named on Booklist's "101 Best Romance Novels of the Last 10 Years." Sarah lives in Northern California. Visit for more information.

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Longing For Lily By Tara Grace Ericson

Longing for Lily
by Tara Grace Ericson
Publisher: Silver Fountain Press
Series: The Bloom Sisters
ISBN: 978-1949896183

I've been so thankful to be on the launch team for this series! Have loved every single book since my introduction to Tara's writing last year. She sent me the ebook version for review and I can't wait to add the paperback to my bookshelf!


A rift twelve years in the making, and a second chance to do it right.

Lily Bloom is confident, capable, and better off alone. She experienced true love once, and she thinks she’ll never find it again. Instead, she throws her energy into building her event business at Storybook Barn, helping others take the dive into happily ever after.

Josh Elliot is the life of the party, with a successful photography business and wonderful friends. But there is something missing. He never had a doubt about the woman God made for him, but he failed her twelve years ago. Forever isn’t in the cards for them, but since she started hosting weddings at Bloom’s Farm, he is tortured with the unobtainable love of his life nearly every weekend.

Lily’s wedding venue and Josh’s photography business bring their worlds colliding once again, bringing old wounds to the surface and forcing the question: is what happened twelve years ago going to keep them apart forever? Or can God rescue the pieces of the love they once shared?

My Review:

Ah, this book. While the other books in this series have had strong storylines and have put me on a roller coaster ride, the other ones were like hanging out at the kiddie park and this one is the one with the loop di loops! I think I've given them all 4 stars, so don't get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed them. But this one... hits you where it counts my friends.

Once again, we start off with my favorite, mama Laura introducing us to the characters of this story. First is her daughter, Lily. The oldest of the Bloom sisters. She and Josh, who we also see in Laura's intro, have a past. And hello, cougar on the loose. HA! She's a few hears older than him. You go girl!

Ok, so it's a shift to think of the woman being older than the man. It's just not as common in the books we read. I mean, I never thought about it unless it was brought up. And hey, it doesn't bother me since I'm older than my hubby... by 10 month. *wink*

Lily initially seems like the cold, standoff-ish sister. And she kind of is and admits it herself. She just isn't the light hearted kind of person. She's not carefree. It also makes her different from the rest of the siblings who are a bit lighter in essence.

And then there's Josh. Hey there you fine fella with your tattoos, motorcycle, and leather jacket. I suppose I could just stop there with my googly eyes for Josh. He has had a thing for Lily since he was a teenager. I guess when your best friend has a cute sister it's bound to happen. 

Lily has a lot of weight on her shoulders - some new, some not so new. She uses that weight to keep herself focused on her business, but with Josh spending more time at Storybrook Barn, you can see her resolve melting while she tries to fortify it at the same time.

It's easy to feel bad for Josh. He doesn't really know what they past held fully and without Lily willing to talk to him, he just thinks they ended on a bad note. He's got opportunities coming his way and knowing he has to make some tough choices makes you feel even more for the guy!

Now, I have to say, this story actually woke me up in the wee hours of the morning, and I feel like the Holy Spirit gave me some new insight into my past. It was unexpected, but while hard to reflect on, necessary for me understand my actions in a new way. There's a really important thread that runs through this story and I think it's a very powerful one! So thankful to Tara for being intentional when it comes to the flaws we have as Christians.

Who else is ready for Rose's story? Let's see a show of hands because I know mine is flailing around in the air. lol I also want to get to know Andi better! She's been this "in the shadows" sibling throughout the series so I'm looking forward to getting home so we readers can dive into who she is!

About the Author:

Tara Grace Ericson lives in Missouri with her husband and two sons. She studied engineering and worked as an engineer for many years before embracing her creative side to become a full-time author. Her first book, Falling on Main Street, was written mostly from airport waiting areas and bleak hotel rooms as she traveled in her position as a sales engineer. She loves cooking, crocheting, and reading books by the dozen. Her writing partner is usually her black lab - Ruby - and a good cup of coffee or tea. Tara unashamedly watches Hallmark movies all winter long, even though they are predictable and cheesy. She loves a good “happily ever after” with an engaging love story. That’s why Tara focuses on writing clean contemporary romance, with an emphasis on Christian faith and living. She wants to encourage her readers with stories of men and women who live out their faith in tough situations.

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Winning Miss Winthrop By Carolyn Miller

About the Book

Book:  Winning Miss Winthrop

Author: Carolyn Miller

Genre: Regency Historical Romance

Release date: March 2018


Catherine Winthrop is almost at her last prayers, rejected years ago by the man who stole her heart. When tragedy brings him back into her life, she must suffer further grief in silence, amid her family’s pain and hostility, which eventually sends her to seek solace in Bath.

Jonathan Carlew might be wealthy, but the mystery surrounding his birth has shadowed his life, bringing fresh challenges as he takes on the Barony. Caught between appeasing the Winthrop family’s concerns and doing what he could to salvage their failing estate, he must also weigh the echoes of the past with the demands of his new responsibilities.

Two hearts must decide whether present speculation will condemn them to the dust of their memories, or if the whispers of forgiveness can provide freedom for the future.
Click here to get your copy!
My Review:

This is the first book in her Regency Brides: A Promise of Hope series. Now, I will tell you, you should probably familiarize yourself with the characters in the previous series because they'll make appearances in this story as well. I've only read the first book in the other series. I could tell that I was missing something because the start of this story had me a little befuddled. Like I was missing an entire section of a puzzle. lol

It took me a little while, but pieces started to fall together and the story became more enjoyable. I mean, I enjoyed all of it, but not knowing the history of the characters (I mean, they "must" be in the previous series?) made it a little difficult to get engrossed in the story. Once I did, I was loving it!

Catherine is our heroine in the story. This poor, young woman has to endure SO much. The start of the story sets the tone for her current life. And her mother. I'm not ashamed to say I'd like to have slapped that woman silly on numerous occasions. How anyone could suffer her presence was beyond me. And the fact that no one was willing to put her in her place...?! Kudos to the author's writing for helping me not like Lady Winthrop. lol In fact, the author has skill in writing women who are easy to dislike. hahahaha

And then there's Jonathan Carlew. I liked him. I mean, I was already on Catherine's side when the story started, but I was willing to give him a chance... sort of. I actually started feeling sorry for him every time he was in the presence of Lady Winthrop. Heck, I felt bad for anyone who had to be within a mile radius of her. lol

There's a LOT to this story, but when the characters make their way to Bath, I was introduced to one of my favorite characters in the story - the General. He befriends Catherine when everyone else decides gossiping is what should be done. And I love how snarky he is. He and I would've been wonderful friends! I also enjoyed her Aunt Drusilla, Lady Winthrop's younger sister. She was considerate of her sister to a point and then just spoke her mind. FINALLY! hahahaha

Catherine and Jonathan, for the most part don't spend much time together and when they do, it's really uncomfortable. They both have opposing views (which aren't discussed) as to how and why their relationship ended. The ensuing years they haven't seen each other have only reinforced their pain and sadness. Of course they run in the same circles so they end up seeing each other in Bath.

A couple of crises hit at almost the same time which forces both of them to look at themselves and each other in a way neither expect. Whew, these two! I'm ready for book two in the series because... hello Carmichael. He's one of Jonathan's friends and he and Catherine's sister, Serena are already at odds.

About the Author

Carolyn Miller lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and four children. Together with her husband she has pastored a church for ten years, and worked as a public high school English and Learning and Support teacher. 

A longtime lover of romance, especially that of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer’s Regency era, Carolyn holds a BA in English Literature, and loves drawing readers into fictional worlds that show the truth of God’s grace in our lives. Her Regency novels include The Elusive Miss Ellison, The Captivating Lady Charlotte, The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey, Winning Miss Winthrop, Miss Serena's Secret, The Making of Mrs. Hale, A Hero for Miss Hatherleigh, Underestimating Miss Cecilia, and Misleading Miss Verity, all available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Koorong, etc.

More from Carolyn

In 2015 I was fortunate enough to visit England and see my sister who was living there at the time. What followed was three weeks of visiting parts of England, Ireland and Scotland in a whistle-stop tour of some of the places I’d long dreamed about visiting, but never thought I’d get the chance: London, Brighton, the Blarney stone in an Irish castle, Chatsworth in the Peak District, Loch Ness and Culloden in the Scottish Highlands, the gorgeous grounds of Dunrobin Castle, and the beautiful Cotswolds of England, which includes World Heritage-listed Bath.

I’ve used many of the places I’ve visited as inspiration behind my historical stories, but none as much as the places I visited while in Bath. Pretty much every place I visited – Sydney Gardens, Bath Abbey, the Pump Room, The Assembly Rooms and more – were mentioned in my story Winning Miss Winthrop, which I view as my homage to Jane Austen’s Persuasion, which vies with Pride and Prejudice as my favorite Austen novel.

I loved my all-too-brief time in Bath, and I love this story, with its depiction of two people learning to overcome the misunderstandings of the past in order to find a future. Winning Miss Winthrop is the first book in the Regency Brides: A Promise of Hope series, and has the attention to period detail, romance, banter, and faith threads that readers in the Regency Brides series have come to expect. I hope readers enjoy Catherine and Jon’s story.

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