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On Sugar Hill By Ane Mulligan

On Sugar Hill
by Ane Mulligan
Publisher: Heritage Beacon
Series: The Georgia Magnolia Series
ISBN: 978-1645262992

It was such a pleasure to hear from Ane asking me to read her second book in The Georgia Magnolia Series! She sent me an electronic version of her story for me to read!

*I want to make my readers aware in this review that there is a very small scene that alludes to sexual abuse. 


To make ends meet, the Fitzgerald women must open their home as a boardinghouse, but will the secrets they uncover prove their undoing?

The day Cora Fitzgerald turned sixteen, she fled Sugar Hill for the bright lights of New York City, leaving behind her senator father's abuse. But just as her career takes off, she is summoned home.

The stock market has crashed. The senator is dead. Her mother is delusional, and her mute Aunt Clara pens novels that expose the town's secrets. Then there's Boone Robertson, who never knew she was alive back in high school but now manages to be around whenever she needs help.

And the Fitzgerald women need a lot of help, indeed. They are forced to find a way to make ends meet, whether it s mining for gold or doing what Southern women have done for generations in times of need turning their home into a boardinghouse.

But will the people of Cora's past keep her from returning to a brilliant future?

My Review:

What an absolutely delightful story! The first book in the series, In High Cotton, was a really intense story about a group of women trying to survive in a small town where not so great men are trying to control and threaten them. In On Sugar Hill, we once again are introduced to a group of ladies who join forces after Cora's father dies.

I just loved Cora's character! I'm not sure that I've ever read any characters who are ventriloquists! It was so fascinating to learn more about her career. Her dedication to her family, even though her father was a tyrant, is heart warming. She has a lot of grit as she goes about trying to find a way to provide for her mom and aunt so she can get back to NYC.

I'll just say now that my favorite character in the story is Cora's aunt! Clara is mute and she's a mystery author. She's so positive and such a light in the dark time the family is going through. And funny enough, I like Glenice Jo. She's a spit fire who doesn't put up with nonsense and confronts people as needed. lol She's my kind of gal. 

We also meet Boone. Seems he seems like the all-American young man. Because of the message  Cora heart from her father all of her life, she never expects Boone to take an interest in her. He's more helpful  than a guy with no interest would be, so clearly Cora has caught his eye. Unfortunately, he makes some choices that cause the reader to question his intentions. Not just us, but Glenice Jo, too. hahaha 

Another aspect I LOVED about this story is the period language used. Can we go back to that time? Since I read this as a .pdf I couldn't highlight any spots so I could share them here, but the phrases when they're frustrated or going through something are delightful.

On Sugar Hill was a sweet read and I'm looking forward to the next story... but March 2022 seems so far off!

About the Author:

Ane Mulligan has been a voracious reader ever since her mom instilled within her a love of reading at age three, escaping into worlds otherwise unknown. But when Ane saw Peter Panonstage, she was struck with a fever from which she never recovered stage fever. She submerged herself in drama throughout high school and college. One day, her two loves collided, and a best-selling, award-winning novelist emerged. She lives in Sugar Hill, Georgia, with her artist husband and a rascally Rottweiler. Find Ane on her website:


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