Sunday, October 31, 2010

Creepy, Crawly Creations: Do You Know Me?

Yah, I’m not so hot when it comes to creating…anything. I’m not talented or creative. If I do anything, it’s because I’ve ripped off someone else’s idea. Not in a I’m-going-to-steal-your-idea kind of way, but when someone shares something spectacular, I’ll give it a good ol’ try if their idea is a tutorial.

So, what have I done this Halloween? Have I created some fantastical costume that will have the town talking? Have I decorated my house that puts my neighbors to shame? Have I baked and created the most amazing treats all the neighborhood families want to come play at my house?

That would be a resounding NO! Wait a moment while I roll my eyes.

IMG_4224 Let’s face it, I stink at pretty much anything when it comes to decorating or creating. I can’t be great at everything, or even good at it. Nah, not even passable.

So, what are you going to get out of this newest SITS post? A whole lotta nothin’. As I type this, it’s 12:23 a.m. Pretty sure by the time I’m done with Church on Sunday that I’ll not be able to leave this page without something to show for the day. Must be the people pleaser in me.

Let’s see what happens by tonight, shall we?

It’s now Sunday afternoon and we didn’t go to church. I slept in, aside from the dog wanting to go out at 7a.m. I bought the boys one of those cool carving kids. This one I thought would be the surprise that would make the boys fawn all over me as the Best Mom Ever.

Hmmm, maybe they didn’t get the Memo?

They liked the tools and thought that maybe next year they’d try one of the designs. Next year? Excuse me? Did you hear the phone call I just made? That was to your sister who LOVES Star Wars and she’s going to come and get it to use it THIS YEAR on her pumpkin. Take that!

Alrighty, with that out of my system you ingrates (my boys) I finally decided what I was going to make.

IMG_4225 I figured I’d put those pumpkin seeds to work and bake them. I think I tried it like 15 yrs ago, but since it wasn’t yesterday I can’t remember. Thankfully I had seasoning salt. Had no clue how they’d turn out.

IMG_4226 Well, Buddy and I have been eating them non-stop. Doodle tried one and shook his head. Fine, more for me. They are really yummy! Hurray I got something done for today’s activity.

This is in conjunction with the SITS site for the giveaway of the Canon Rebel T2i. Who couldn’t use that baby? Oh, and have I mentioned today that Tiffany is Pretty?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sneak Peek Into Christmas Gathering Partners

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Halloween Pasts: A Trip Down Memory Lane

I have 2 computer towers. Neither of them is the greatest, but both hold the most important things a computer could hold; photos from my camera. Today, after about 6+ months, I unhooked computer #2 and reconnected computer #1.

I needed to find some photos of my daughter and her friends from several Halloweens ago. I have no idea where I came up with this idea, but it was fun to watch the girls dress up. Smooch, her BFF MB, and another friend J decided to go to our church’s Halloween alternative as Miss Girls.IMG_3464

MB is Miss Interpreted, Smooch is Miss Chievous, and J was Miss Fortune. They had foam tiara’s and gowns borrowed from my friend LK. My oldest daughter went as well and her name was more apropos than just any of the others. She was (and IS) Miss Hap. That girl gets into more accidents than any of us can count!IMG_3474

My boys share their costumes. So far it has worked, but this year we’ve changed it up and both boys are wearing brand new costumes. Are you a bargain shopper? I am. I always shop at the end of a holiday to get the best prices! For costumes, I just go up a size. I got both my boys costumes at Walmart last year for a whopping $10. Yes, that was for BOTH.

It’s a bit tricky because what they like this year, they might not find as spook-tacular as the next year. So, I go for a safe choice: Super Heroes or something along those lines. I can guarantee you that I’ll be shopping the sales after Halloween again this year and getting a deal. Who knows, maybe I’ll even shop my own store since we’re carrying costumes for the first time!

On Monday I’ll show you what the boys dressed up as!

This post is part of the SITS “Get Ready For Halloween” challenge. They will be giving out a Canon Rebel T2i to a Random participant. Here’s the link for today’s Challenge: Tiffany Is Pretty. Head on over to participate!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What?! No Wordless Wednesday?

I know! How can that be? Well, let me explain.

This past weekend had me at the Women of Faith conference in St. Paul, MN with my oldest daughter. Then I worked all weekend. Monday I worked and then the reason for being off-blog the last few days…

IMG_4102 My 2nd daughter, Smooch, was at the State Team Tennis Tournament in Minneapolis!!! AHHHH!

I took Tuesday off from work and already had Wednesdays off so I headed down to watch my girl play some awesome tennis.

IMG_4111 Unfortunately, I don’t have a laptop so had no way to create my posts…kinda. I DO have my Droid2, but wasn’t interested in using it to create posts! Seemed like a lot of work on a little phone! I was able to keep up with my emails, to a degree, so I was very thankful for my new phone!

IMG_4121 Yah, so the tennis games…didn’t go so great. Our team played the top team on the tier. We lost fast and easy. I guess the team was from a private school where they have private coaches and year round tennis.

The next team was very equal to ours. Smooch was completely at the same level as the girl she played, buuuut, sigh, she doesn’t have very good endurance. On top of that, she had eaten a 6” sub sandwich about an hour before she played. She should’ve eaten light, but I wasn’t even thinking of that. For the record, the volleys these girls did were insanely long. I could’ve read a couple chapters of a book with how long it took one of them to score a point!

IMG_4137 I would say 1/2 way through the first set, she was grabbing her side and was having a hard time breathing. She wanted nothing to do with her coach or anyone. She wanted to be left alone. Unfortunately, instead of getting mad or frustrated and putting it into her game, she sinks inside of herself and it becomes a mental and emotional game in ways that she just can’t shake.

IMG_4139 And there I sit, watching this all happen. Watching her struggle, knowing that our relationship is so tumultuous that she wants nothing to do with me. For me to try to encourage her would have been like a matador having a sit down chat for a few minutes after he’s stabbed the bull a few times. Not gonna happen.

There were a few times that I thought I was going to start crying and at one point had to go to the other arena where some friends were watching their daughters play. I needed to talk to someone who could calm ME down so my Smooch wouldn’t see me so upset. We all want some success for our kids, right? Even if it’s ONE not-so-measly tennis match?

IMG_4142 Well, our team won so that meant they were to play again today. Wow, today. I had Bible Study Fellowship and half our North of home and the match was about an hour and fifteen minutes South from my house. I could do it! *wink*

I prayed. I prayed a lot. I didn’t try to bribe God, but I did beg and plead that He would be merciful and show his favor on my girl. Throughout my prayers I did go back to, “Your Will be done.” I just hoped his Will would be for her to win at least ONE game at State.

IMG_4155 Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. The entire team lost. They came in 6th place. I believe in their division there were only 8 teams that made it. The tennis department has only been in our district for around 7-10 yrs, if that. Our rinky dinky town rarely goes to State for anything.

As parents and a district we are so proud of each and everyone of these girls! They put their hearts into each match they played and represented our town very well! Not a single one of these girls gave up and played until the very last point!

IMG_4165 So, in a nutshell, that’s where I’ve been the last couple days! Sorry that I don’t have a WW or linky. I’ll be back next week!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Women Of Faith Conference at Xcel Energy Center

I won tickets to the 2010 Women of Faith Conference here in St. Paul, MN. I was so excited to go because I haven’t attended for about 5 years or more.

I knew right away that I wanted to take my 19 year old daughter, Baby. I rarely get to spend time with her being away at college and I knew this would be a great time for us to be together. Plus I had free room and board got to hang out with her and her roomies.IMG_4081Friday I shipped the boys off to a friend’s house and took Rugby to spend his first doggy overnight with a close friend’s family and their doggy Katie. Remember she’s been here before!

I headed down to St. Paul and met up with Baby before the Evening session. We were there for a few hours and then headed back to Baby’s dorm room to “sleep”. I’d just like to say for the record that I wish I could go back and have a Do-Over. I never went to college and being with those girls overnight was just plain fun!

Xcel Center Saturday morning we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed back to the Xcel Energy Center for a day of listening and learning.

Going to these conferences, one of my favorite speakers is Patsy Clairmont. If you EVER have the chance to hear her speak, you will not be disappointed. She’s a feisty little wisp of a woman who will have you really laughing.

mandisa At first I couldn’t figure out who the gal was at the foot of the stage getting her groove on with every worship song being sung. I pulled out my program and that’s when I remembered Mandisa from American ldol was supposed to be performing. That woman knows how to worship all out! She gets in some awesome aerobics! She’s not afraid to show her stuff while worshipping the Lord!

Another gal who can take a regular song and transform it for the everyday woman is Anita Renfroe. That gal knows what it’s like to have ta-tas that aren’t so perky when you get older, that the kids don’t always listen and that marriage isn’t as easy as a teenager envisions.

IMG_4085 The team that I really anticipated hearing were Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman. Steven Curtis Chapman is synonymous with Christian music. I had never heard Mary Beth speak so was excited to hear from her. The only “problem” was I knew I was going to need tissues. See, 2 1/2 yrs ago one of their sons accidently hit his sister with a vehicle and she died. I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

When SCC was introducing his sons, who play in his band, I may have tweeted out something to the effect of “if you ever want to set your son up on a blind date, let me know I have a precious daughter”. *grin* I mean, they are the same age. tee hee hee Don’t tell my daughter she’d have a cow!

One of the sweet songs SCC sang was Cinderella and I sobbed through the whole thing and leaned over to kiss my girl and tell her I love her. Mary Beth spoke of the tragedy, but even more, how life has gone on and they are finding a new normal.

sandi patty I also enjoyed hearing Sandi Patty speak and sing as well as Lisa Welchel, who I grew up watching as Blair on the Facts of Life. I love how down to earth she is.

Lisa Welchel We ended up having to leave early because I had to get back to work. That meant we missed Marilyn Meberg. We got to hear a few of her opening lines and I could tell Baby wanted to stay because she was pretty funny!

I’d like to thank @hopemag for the opportunity to go from winning them at their Twitter party! I was blessed not only by the conference, but the time I got to spend with my daughter!

Friday, October 22, 2010

One Of Those Days

You know how when you wake up in the morning and think everything is going just dandy until all of a sudden you almost eat a ladybug? I know, that can really throw a morning off.

I was sitting at the desk minding my own business when I go to scoop up a bite of my cereal and I just happened to glance down and look back up, then look back down again as it registers in my mind that what I’m about to scoop up isn’t a raisin!

By The Pug Father
Ladybug iPhone wallpaper
Some stupid lady bug fell upside down in my cereal. That’s why it looked like a raisin. Obviously if it had been right side up I would’ve seen its read shell.

The morning went on and the boys and I get ready to head down to the cities to visit the Science Museum of Minnesota. We had been there for Do Good Day in July and didn’t get to see much and I wanted to go back to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. The exhibit was closing on Sunday and Wednesday was the only day we could go.

We finally get in the van, because you know I can never leave when I plan on it. It will never happen.

I start up the van having forgotten the noises it was making the day before. I figure, I put oil in it, we should be good until I can get an actual oil change…sometime.

We drove for about 15 minutes and I decide I better pull off into a gas station because it sounds like my engine is falling apart. I sit at the gas station wondering if I should keep driving an hour to our destination or head back to town for an oil change, because I know that’s what it is.

Have I mentioned I know everything? Just ask me. I’ll tell you it’s true.

I drive for about 5 minutes and it literally sounds like things are falling from my engine, although I don’t see anything bouncing off the road behind me.

I’m on the phone with my estranged husband telling him what’s going on when I lose my power steering. I can still steer, but remember the days when power steering didn’t exist? Well, this was worse.

IMG_4069 I get into town and pulling into the auto shop is kind of a joke. Instead of turning into the parking lot it was more like making a wide arch.

I leave the van on thinking, if I turn it off it may never turn on again. I’m parked cockeyed in front of their doors. I talk to the guy who seems to be the manager and begin to tell him I’ve lost my steering. He looks outside and asks me if the van is still running.

Well, duh, of course it is. Do I look like I’m an idiot?

He runs out to my van and I walk out behind him. Where’s the fire pal?

Oh, look, there, below my engine is a belt hanging down and my antifreeze streaming out, and my, it smells really bad! Thank goodness we avoided a fire!

He seemed to know the moment he looked at the engine that I needed a new water pump. So he drove me to my estranged husband’s place where I borrowed his car for the next day.

These guys had my van fixed within a couple hours! Of course it was a few bucks shy of $500! I knew we should’ve gotten a new vehicle in August when we were looking! I think we should start looking again.

The minivan has 183,000+ miles on it and it’s a 2001. It’s the longest I’ve owned a vehicle and I still love it. It’s loaded and does pretty much everything. If I could take the inside and put it in a new body, that’s exactly what I’d do!

Anyhow, I digress. The boys and I went to the Science Museum of Minnesota and had a great time. I’ll post about our visit in the next couple of days!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: A Cat Cleaning


Apparently someone is in need of a bath.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

The “Dating” Child: Is There A Good Age?

So, I have some funny ideas about dating. Not me, my kids. Specifically my daughters. I say my daughters because they’re of dating age.

When I say “dating age” I mean, they are over 16. Sixteen was a number I chose when my girls were in late elementary school to early middle school. I figured it’d give me time to “mold” their idea of dating.

What is my idea of dating? Well, I have a lot of my-past-really-sucked-in-this-area dating ideas. What else do we have to pass on to our children other than our experiences, especially the ones we want them to avoid.

Holding hands

  photo by soundlessfall

One of the things I would do when my daughters would talk about their 5th grade friends who were dating was ask them, “And how’s that going? What do they do when they date?” Usually the answers were, “They broke up and now they like this other person. They don’t do anything.”

Of course I’d take the opportunity to point out how un-fun it must be to “date” someone for such a short amount of time and all the drama that goes along with it. How lame that they’re dating but they don’t do anything. What’s the point? I wanted my girls to see how silly dating at 11-12 was.

For me, dating should be intentional. Why are you dating this person? What do you expect out of the relationship? I don’t want them to go out with a boy because that’s what the other girls are doing. I don’t want them to date a boy because he’s “hot” or popular.

Seriously, how much baggage did you have as a young teen with the boys you dated? I had plenty that really shaped my future in a pretty negative way.

Broken Heart

photo by

As my girls got older they hung out with girls that weren’t interested in dating either. And when I say “not interested” I mean they were so busy with so much other stuff, dating was waaay low on their list. These girls were involved in sports, church, work, school, etc. They hardly had time to hang out with each other let alone make room for a boy.

I was completely fine with that. I had no desire to deal with dating drama. We’re in a small town and they were able to see the consequences of what dating held for many high school girls: heartache, pregnancy, anger, etc.

We all know that there are successes in dating in high school. Some girls meet their future husbands. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

Dating can also be good, on the flip side of everything I just mentioned. It can help you grow as a person. It can teach you to enjoy another person in an intimate setting. You can learn to think about someone else aside from your family members. If you were to break-up you’d learn to deal with hurt and heartache.

Being a mom to two young ladies, I have to say, 90% of me is very happy that they have yet to date at the tender ages of 17 and 19. They have been able to grow themselves as individuals and become confident young ladies.

Had they come to me and asked me to go on a date, I probably would’ve talked with them about it and depending on who it was (we’re in a small town) it probably would’ve been fine.

Well, tonight my oldest called me and said she thinks a guy wants to go out with her this Friday. I almost broke down in tears. LOL I’m not ready for it as her mom, but would NEVER say that to her. Well, I would, but she knows me well enough to know it’s about me and not her. She knows my love for her and how precious I think she and her sister are.

This is all about me in case you hadn’t noticed.

This isn’t the first time she’s been asked out, but she has yet to have a date yet. She wants to be a teacher and is goal oriented right now. She’s not at college to get an M.R.S. degree.

I know the day will come when she will find a guy that she really digs and is ready to make that leap. I’m the one who will need prayer because she’s my oldest daughter and it’ll just be one more step into her adulthood.

This post was more therapeutic than looking for a response. And to think, I have two little boys coming after my girls! My oldest is already asking me about dating! Sigh…kids.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

He Came Back

Last week a friend’s husband came to the house and surprised me by leaf blowing my entire yard! I have a HUGE yard with trees that seem to have endless amounts of leaves.

IMG_3904 The day after he did the leaf blowing, you never would’ve known he’d been here.

So today he was back with his son and his son’s friend. My boys were home and did what they could to help out. Buddy asked for a good pile of leaves to be left so they could jump in it.


This is just one of numerous piles these boys dragged to the woods

KB and kids spent about an hour and a half blowing the leaves again. There’s no way I can repay him for his time and kindness.

I was going to order pizza for delivery because we didn’t have any here for me to bake. Turns out it’d be $18 for a large one topping pizza. WHAT? I passed.

I want to thank KB, HB and JM for coming to my home and blessing me with another kind deed!

Friday, October 15, 2010

My First Guest Poster!

I’d love for you all to welcome Ms. Jenni from Dearest Me. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook, too! I want to thank Jenni for being my first guest poster!

Jenni When you're married and have a family, that seems to become what defines you. And when you've gone from wife to single mom, it can be hard to figure out who YOU are. You've become so accustomed to being whoever you were in your marriage, that becoming a new you is a foreign concept.

While my marriage falling apart was upsetting, it was also liberating. Probably because in some ways, being married to my then husband, was a bit of a burden. I played the responsible adult, and he pretended he was still in college. It's a frustrating situation when one of you is growing, and the other is perfectly content being stuck in the mindset of a 21-year-old.

In my marriage I had gone from happy to resentful. It wasn't a good feeling. So when I got away from the person who was making me such a stressed out and angry woman, with a heavy heart I still managed to breath a sigh of relief. A sigh of freedom and starting over.

One year and three months later, I am a completely different person. Parts of who I am, is who I use to be before my marriage went south - other parts of me are a new person who has grown.

What I reclaimed was this: Being an equestrian. While I owned my horse before, through, and after my marriage, I lost track of what being a true horse owner was. My ex resented the fact I owned this majestic animal, and that she cost so much money. So I spent less and less time doing what I loved to do - less time being who I use to be. When I was single again, I reclaimed that part of my identity. A part of me that I found a lot of pride in.

I reclaimed my health. I went for my first annual exam in years. I was treated (even though slackly) for my anxiety. I started watching what I ate, how much I ate, and became active again. I went and bought a new wardrobe because my old clothes had become too big. I indulged myself, and developed a positive body image. I smiled at myself every time I looked in the mirror.

What I developed was: Independence. I have never been an independent person. I have always relied on other people. I have always relied on someone else to help me find happiness. All of a sudden, I didn't need that anymore.

I didn't need a man to tell me I was beautiful. I didn't need a man to tell me he loved me. I didn't need a man to pat me on the head, and tell me what a good job I was doing. Nope - I could do that ALL myself. I can look in the mirror and say, "Hey - I'm one hot momma!" I can tell myself, that even though I'm stressed and not perfect, that I still love myself. I can make my own decisions and praise myself for making them.

I am a self confident, new woman. A strong single mom, who takes pride in my children, and how far we've come along. In them, and in myself, we have happiness. And it's really all we ever need.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MomItForward Mom of the Day

I came home from Bible study this afternoon and what do my wandering eyes see on Twitter? A tweet from @MomItForward that I am the Mom of the Day!

Little ol’ me! If they only new the truth! They may have to rename it just for today: Bad Mom of the Day! LOL Although, the boys have been gone all day at school so I’ve been a pretty decent mom. *grin* IMG_3854 IMG_3856In the last few weeks I’ve been joining in the #gno @MomItForward Twitter parties. You know how much I love my Twitter parties. I have really had fun connecting with the ladies and a couple of the guys (@TroyPattee & @Dadventurous, both married).

Recently, as of last week, they began their Mom of the Day!

I’d love to have you check out Mom It Forward. They have some great posts. Check out Troy’s post that had me in tears from laughing so hard during last night’s Twitter party.

Are you wondering if your child should be in sports? Their most recent post will give you some points to consider.

To keep up with the #gno (Girls Night Out) parties on Twitter check out their #gno page.

Thanks to MIF for choosing me to be today’s Mom of the Day! You guys rock!

This was originally posted on Marvelous Mom Reviews…like two minutes ago. =)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: How To Play Nintendo DS


Doodle is rarely in a “normal” sitting position when playing his DS”

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Rugby ~ Our Seizure Dog

Warning, super long post ahead. I just need to talk about my dog.

IMG_8425 Rugby & K.D. his best buddy

No, I’m not talking about the cool kind of seizure dog that can tell when someone is going to have a seizure. I’m talking about our dog that has seizures. Rugby needs a seizure dog.

A couple years ago we had some issues at our house believing someone had broken in and our neighbor caught a graduated teen lurking between our houses in the wee hours of the morning.

So, my estranged husband surprised us with a puppy on my daughter’s birthday. Rugby is a Border Collie mix, a farm dog. He was the scaredest (yes, that’s a word today) puppy I’d ever met. He was terrified of me taking his picture. LOL If I raised my voice, he would run to his kennel.

But he was amazing at fetch. He instantly knew the boundries of our yard and where to do his “business”. He’d come immediately when I called. Never has growled at my kids for taking his toy right out of his mouth.

Rugby was nearing 2 yrs old this past May when my youngest son came down to my bedroom Sunday morning before church telling me Rugby was growling at him. What? Not even possible.

So, I went to check him out and he was freaky looking! He was all glossy eyed and slobbering. I knew he couldn’t see me and he was growling. Doodle was so scared I sent him to his room and told him to shut the door. From the crazed look on Rugby’s face I figured he had rabies. Think Cujo!

I started doing research online immediately and realized he’d had a seizure. It finally started happening so often he had to get on meds. He now takes Phenobarbital 2x a day.

I can not tell you how easy this dog is to give medicine. I’ve never seen anything like it. All I do is call him. He comes right to me, sits down and I pop the pill in. It’s crazy easy. There’s no holding his mouth shut. No rubbing his throat to swallow. Pop them in and walk away.

Well, this morning at 5am was THE. WORST.

He did what I call his “seizure scream”. I can’t even begin to describe it. Imagine a dog who has just been run over by a car. NOT KIDDING. It’s terrifying when you’re sleeping.

IMG_1892 I immediately started talking to him, letting him know I was there, throwing the cats and the blankets off me to get to the light switch. All the while he’s kicking and shaking and chomping. Oh, and peeing. Always peeing and sticky slobbering. He came out of the seizure…almost…when he started seizing again. I just talk to him through the ordeal and pet his hind quarters. WARNING: Never put your hands near a seizing animals mouth. They chomp uncontrollably and could possibly bite off a finger. Again, not kidding.

Well, he finished that seizure so I started the clean up. After his seizures Rugby wanders around aimlessly often times bumping into things and tripping over stuff. I can’t contain him. So he wanders around and lays down by me.

All of a sudden he goes into another seizure. I run to close my door because I don’t want him to wake the boys. His screaming was so loud this time. I don’t know if it’s because I closed the door in my room, the smell, or what, but I felt so sick to my stomach. Watching the dog I love suffer like this is overwhelming.

He had a double seizure again. It was terrible. I ran upstairs to get valium. No, not for me (don’t I wish), for the dog. It’s supposed to relax him so it reduces his chances of having another one.

I wasn’t able to go back to sleep because of having to clean up again. Then my adrenaline was so pumping my brain wouldn’t shut off.

We headed off in the morning knowing I had no choice but to go to work. I called the vet to let her know what was going on. We have been tracking his seizures to have an idea about raising his meds. At this point he has room for upping the dosage.

jake and rugby My oldest son got home before I did and he said NOT to go in the front door because Rugby had pooped all over. I was guessing from having seizures during the day. When I got home I guessed he just had a yuck tummy because of how the “business” was all over instead of in a single location.

Unfortunately, his seizures weren’t done for the day. Right before the boys’ bedtime he had another one. Because he did it in his kennel his bodily functions soaked into his fur. Sigh…that means he needs a bath. The stench from seizure urine is really intolerable. It wafts through the entire house.

As soon as Rugby finished his seizure I popped another valium into him and gave him his meds. He has been wandering around the house like a druggie.

It’s a very sad thing to watch. I know we can only go so “high” with his meds and then have to make some tough decisions. He’s only 2 1/2 yrs old. Still just a pup in my eyes. He’s a cool dog, when he’s not eating books, items on my knick-knack shelf, or boys toys. He’s my doggie and I won’t be happy when that day comes.

Thanks for letting me get this out! Sorry it was so long!

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