Sunday, October 31, 2010

Creepy, Crawly Creations: Do You Know Me?

Yah, I’m not so hot when it comes to creating…anything. I’m not talented or creative. If I do anything, it’s because I’ve ripped off someone else’s idea. Not in a I’m-going-to-steal-your-idea kind of way, but when someone shares something spectacular, I’ll give it a good ol’ try if their idea is a tutorial.

So, what have I done this Halloween? Have I created some fantastical costume that will have the town talking? Have I decorated my house that puts my neighbors to shame? Have I baked and created the most amazing treats all the neighborhood families want to come play at my house?

That would be a resounding NO! Wait a moment while I roll my eyes.

IMG_4224 Let’s face it, I stink at pretty much anything when it comes to decorating or creating. I can’t be great at everything, or even good at it. Nah, not even passable.

So, what are you going to get out of this newest SITS post? A whole lotta nothin’. As I type this, it’s 12:23 a.m. Pretty sure by the time I’m done with Church on Sunday that I’ll not be able to leave this page without something to show for the day. Must be the people pleaser in me.

Let’s see what happens by tonight, shall we?

It’s now Sunday afternoon and we didn’t go to church. I slept in, aside from the dog wanting to go out at 7a.m. I bought the boys one of those cool carving kids. This one I thought would be the surprise that would make the boys fawn all over me as the Best Mom Ever.

Hmmm, maybe they didn’t get the Memo?

They liked the tools and thought that maybe next year they’d try one of the designs. Next year? Excuse me? Did you hear the phone call I just made? That was to your sister who LOVES Star Wars and she’s going to come and get it to use it THIS YEAR on her pumpkin. Take that!

Alrighty, with that out of my system you ingrates (my boys) I finally decided what I was going to make.

IMG_4225 I figured I’d put those pumpkin seeds to work and bake them. I think I tried it like 15 yrs ago, but since it wasn’t yesterday I can’t remember. Thankfully I had seasoning salt. Had no clue how they’d turn out.

IMG_4226 Well, Buddy and I have been eating them non-stop. Doodle tried one and shook his head. Fine, more for me. They are really yummy! Hurray I got something done for today’s activity.

This is in conjunction with the SITS site for the giveaway of the Canon Rebel T2i. Who couldn’t use that baby? Oh, and have I mentioned today that Tiffany is Pretty?


Kita said...

Wow. That pumpkin is wicked!

Anonymous said...

Roasted pumpkin seeds are yummy! My kids begged me to try cooking them, so I found a recipe online. I had no idea how good they would taste.

Liz Mays said...

I've eaten about 2 pumpkins worth of seeds entirely by myself! They're so good!!!~

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