Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Pasts: A Trip Down Memory Lane

I have 2 computer towers. Neither of them is the greatest, but both hold the most important things a computer could hold; photos from my camera. Today, after about 6+ months, I unhooked computer #2 and reconnected computer #1.

I needed to find some photos of my daughter and her friends from several Halloweens ago. I have no idea where I came up with this idea, but it was fun to watch the girls dress up. Smooch, her BFF MB, and another friend J decided to go to our church’s Halloween alternative as Miss Girls.IMG_3464

MB is Miss Interpreted, Smooch is Miss Chievous, and J was Miss Fortune. They had foam tiara’s and gowns borrowed from my friend LK. My oldest daughter went as well and her name was more apropos than just any of the others. She was (and IS) Miss Hap. That girl gets into more accidents than any of us can count!IMG_3474

My boys share their costumes. So far it has worked, but this year we’ve changed it up and both boys are wearing brand new costumes. Are you a bargain shopper? I am. I always shop at the end of a holiday to get the best prices! For costumes, I just go up a size. I got both my boys costumes at Walmart last year for a whopping $10. Yes, that was for BOTH.

It’s a bit tricky because what they like this year, they might not find as spook-tacular as the next year. So, I go for a safe choice: Super Heroes or something along those lines. I can guarantee you that I’ll be shopping the sales after Halloween again this year and getting a deal. Who knows, maybe I’ll even shop my own store since we’re carrying costumes for the first time!

On Monday I’ll show you what the boys dressed up as!

This post is part of the SITS “Get Ready For Halloween” challenge. They will be giving out a Canon Rebel T2i to a Random participant. Here’s the link for today’s Challenge: Tiffany Is Pretty. Head on over to participate!


Shell said...

Love the "miss" costumes!

this year, I only had to buy one costume- for my oldest. I bought my middle's last year on sale and the baby had 3 to pick from- that's the beauty of being the baby!

Veronica Lee said...

Happy Halloween!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

What great and creative costumes!

I wish I could go costume shopping the year before, to get stuff on sale. It doesn't fly with my girls though.. they're too picky.

I did put a price limit on costumes this year though. They couldn't exceed $20.00.. they both settled on being cowgirls, but they're different. It wasn't what they wanted, but it's what momma could afford!

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