Saturday, October 16, 2010

He Came Back

Last week a friend’s husband came to the house and surprised me by leaf blowing my entire yard! I have a HUGE yard with trees that seem to have endless amounts of leaves.

IMG_3904 The day after he did the leaf blowing, you never would’ve known he’d been here.

So today he was back with his son and his son’s friend. My boys were home and did what they could to help out. Buddy asked for a good pile of leaves to be left so they could jump in it.


This is just one of numerous piles these boys dragged to the woods

KB and kids spent about an hour and a half blowing the leaves again. There’s no way I can repay him for his time and kindness.

I was going to order pizza for delivery because we didn’t have any here for me to bake. Turns out it’d be $18 for a large one topping pizza. WHAT? I passed.

I want to thank KB, HB and JM for coming to my home and blessing me with another kind deed!


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh I *heart* friend's husband's who are like that... in a totally platonic way of course;) In all seriousness, they know they are doing us a favor, but I really don't think they understand just how much it means!

Before I moved Below The Mason Dixon Line, I had a house with a huge yard and two toddlers. My neighbors were so wonderful with helping me manage. Of course, I also had the only John Deere, so they'd mow my yard and then use it to mow theirs! :)

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