Sunday, September 2, 2018

Mermaid Pillow Co. Giveaway

My blogging buddy, Trista over at Andersons Angels is hosting an awesome Mermaid Pillow Co. Giveaway. I've seen these pillows advertised before and thing they're so fantastic! Be sure to check out her review.

What I love is that they're not just for kids. Sure they have them for boys and girls, but they have a nice one for a couple who just got married, people like me who love llamas, birthdays, or you could even create your own!

Yes, it's early, but these would make a great gift for the holidays! Be sure to keep them on your idea list.

Here are a few details about these fun pillows:

  • Front: Soft, huggable Dinosaur illustrated print on smooth velvet (Inspirational Wording: “Dinosaurs Discover”)
  • Back: High-quality, reversible Green & Silver Sequins, smooth to slide
  • Size: 12" x 20" 
  • Bonus: Colorful sequins can be moved to produce endless designs (this pillow is a beautiful canvas for creativity!)
  • Includes: Cover + Removable QualityPillow Insert + Hidden high-quality zipper
  • SAME DAY Shipping: All orders (including international) 
  • FREE Shipping: All USA orders
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