Friday, August 23, 2013

Getting Boy Stains Out With OxiClean #sp

OxiClean Disclosure
My boys! Oh how I love those messy two! You know I had two girls who weren’t nearly as mess as these boys and didn’t go through as much clothing as they did either. The difference between how my boys are and how my girls were is huge!

Yes, my boys are getting older and they aren’t making quite the same messes as they used to, but they’re still boys! No matter what it is, if they’re playing or eating or just standing there with nothing around them, they somehow manage to make a mess, spill something or end up with a stain!
Grass Stains
Both boys love playing baseball, and mostly pick up games with the neighborhood kids, but since we’re in a new neighborhood, they’re pretty much left to play with only each other. Thankfully the backyard is large for baseball, football or soccer! Doodle played on a baseball team this year while Buddy decided to take a break.
OxiClean Challenge
Baseball Stains
As you can see, baseball means either grass or dirt stains depending on where the game is being played! The first time I washed the jeans and baseball pants I used detergent and OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover. The stains didn’t come out completely from either! I wasn’t sure how set the stains were so I followed the direction and let them soak in the tub for about 4 hrs.
Visible Stains
I actually added some OxiClean directly to the stains and let them sit while we went about our business. Letting them sit is exactly what they needed! I had them in the tub for about 3 hrs because I wanted to see how long it would take for the stains to go away!
Soaking Clothes
Now, I have to say, the stains on the baseball pants came out pretty well. These have been worn by both of my boys so some of the stains are there for life. The ones he’d gotten more recently definitely came out after soaking. The jeans were more important to me that the stains come out because these are one of the few pairs of pants Doodle has that don’t have holes in them! I figured them being grass stains they’d be a bit harder to come out. The stains are completely gone! Whew.

So, my mom saw me doing the laundry and she said to me, “Oh, that’s what’s on top of the washer. Didn’t you know that?” lol No, actually I didn’t since I never asked and it’s sitting in a different container than what it normally comes in.
OxiClean at Work
As I was reading the back of the OxiClean, I saw that it also works on other fabrics as well. The next goal was for me to try it out on the seats in my new car. Ugh, when we went to Williamsburg in June, both of the boys…BOTH…dropped one stinkin’ piece of candy each on their seats without realizing it and getting stains on the seats and their pants.

I bought cleaner specifically for car upholstery and what a mess! The stuff sprayed everywhere like an explosion! Not only that, the stains didn’t come off. When we headed to Maryland last week, my youngest pretty well destroyed the back seat. There were various spills and stains and to be quite honest, it was very frustrating. I’d like to try and keep the car as clean as possible for as long as possible.
Stains Out
When I get home from the wedding, I’m going to try it out. Well, maybe after our move. I have a feeling the car is going to get pretty messy over the next week!

How do you get stubborn stains out?


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I'm not a diligent stain fighter. I usually hit the stain with some Spray N Wash and pray... I'm lucky to get it all done, let alone let it soak! Have fun at the wedding!

Unknown said...

I've got to say I'm pretty darn impressed! I am the queen of throwing in the towel when it comes to stubborn stains so I might have to tackle it with oxi clean!

Laura Grace Andry said...

That's impressive. I have some clothing I had given up on that this might work on. THANKS!!

Unknown said...

I use Oxi, and Shout. One or both usually work! Boys are awful on clothes! Farm stains are not easy.

Anonymous said...

I seriously can not live without Oxiclean. I use it in almost every wash as a booster and I use it in my whites loads as a whitener and it works wonders! I have never had a stain that can not be removed by Oxiclean - all of my baby messes and even my cloth diapers. Love this stuff. For real.

Sandra VanHoey said...

My daughter works in a restaurant and gets lots of stains.She will not do her laundry without this

Unknown said...

Wow, that works really well! My mom talks about this all the time, guess it's time to believe her!

brandy davis said...

Great product. Works miracles for my clothes.



scottsgal said...

I use oxi combined with a spray cleaner on my son's baseball uniform

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