Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Visiting The Eastern Shore of Maryland

A couple weekends ago, Fred wanted to take me to a little crepe cafe because he knows how much I love crepes! He heard about it from one of our friends after he shared that he was traveling over there for work. And by "there" I mean the Eastern Shore.

We typically only cross the Bay Bridge if we're going to Ocean City or going to one of Fred's favorite places, Harris Crab House. While he was over there with work a couple weeks ago, he said I'd love to take pictures there! Close my eyes and over the bridge we go!

He was right. I didn't get nearly as many photos as I wanted, but if you're looking for a day trip, head over to the St. Michaels area! That's where we planned to eat. As you come into town, as they lead up to Valentine's Day, it looks like people have purchased hearts to be hung along the road. It's super cute, and something I could totally see Annandale doing!

We went to the crepe cafe that our friends told us about and we weren't disappointed. The savory crepes were really good, and neither of us finished our own. The sweet crepe was the hardest to pick. I'm not a Nutella fan, and I think half of their sweet ones had that ingredient. I really love them with apples. Fred is pretty open to lots of the sweet ones. We ended up having a banana caramel one. Oh my word! It was fabulous!

Where we parked to eat our crepes, we saw a beautiful church we both wanted to get photos of. We walked over there afterwards, and weren't disappointed. We figured the church to have been around since the 1800s according to the grave markers. It was amazing to walk around! St. Michaels was the "town that fooled the British." Not exactly sure of the meaning, but I'm planning to find out!

From there we headed down the road a bit more to Tilghman Island. That was like going back in time! The gas station was one where you had to go inside to to pay. The drive was great! It reminded me of driving up North in Minnesota.

The homes were so interesting to me! I just adore old homes! Let me explain something about the door and what's inside the windows on the left of this house. First, I wish I would've gotten out of the car instead of having the goofy fence in the photo. The outside is beautiful. The door and storm door are all wood I didn't get a straight on shot of the door. It was amazing. The windows on the right have plain old blinds.

The windows on the left have like wood folding screens in them. They were amazing and looked so perfect in the windows. The right side definitely needed them!

When I shared the one above on Facebook, my bestie researched it and found out there are only 5 houses like it left! Here's what she said about it, "It is the Lee House, built in the 1890s vernacular architecture"
It's now the Tishman Watermen's Museum. I think as we drove we saw 2 more houses on the same road.

Fred literally drove us to the very end of the peninsula where a bed and breakfast is! Can't imagine what that must be like during hurricane season. We turned around and went back the way we came, and this time stopping at a variety of houses along the way to take pictures. This house on the water made me think of an old fisherman's home. It's just so odd and different!

For some reason, I couldn't take any good pictures of this adorable little church, Thank goodness for Fred's iPad. We got some cute pictures with it! He was loving the bell. How can you resist and old bell? Isn't it quaint?

I can't remember if we stopped at this post office as we left Tilghman Island or St. Michaels, but it was right next some water. Sadly it's for sale, so I'm guessing it won't be a post office for long if it even is one still.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful day out! I'm really enjoying our exploring. I wish one of our boys didn't work every Saturday so we could take both boys on our "adventures," but I guess that's what happens when they grow up!

Where do you like to visit locally?


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