Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Revell Rebel U-Wing Fighter

You know it's just around the corner, right? Exactly a week from today? Valentine's Day. Yep, I said it. It's already that far into the year!  You know how many gifts I've gotten for my guys? Nada. I keep forgetting that February 14th is almost here!

Well, with that being said, I at least have an idea for you that you kids will love! First, do they love all things Star Wars? Second, have they or you considered models before? If not, now's the perfect time! I was reached out to about doing a review of the SnapTite® brand's line of Build and Play™ for kids 8+. Hello! How could I say, "No," knowing how much my kids love that movie. Both of my boys have done models with their dad before, so it wasn't a hard sell.

We got the Revel Star Wars SnapTite Build & Play Rebel U-wing Fighter™. There were three models released this past fall, which you can find at Target, Hobby Lobby, and Toys R' Us, as well as online at Amazon.

Having had no experience with this brand, I wasn't sure how easy or hard it will be, even with it recommended for young kids. My son is 13 so I figured it wouldn't be too bad, and it really wasn't. I would guess he was done within 10 minutes? Yes, it was that fast.

There were a couple of times we had to un-snap it because he was going too quickly. Thankfully, they make them easy enough to take apart that you're not breaking anything. Whew, that was good because we had to take almost half of it off for the 2nd mistake. lol

With how easy this was for him to put together: no gluing, no attaching stickers, I think I'd go to the really big one for his next model. What's really cool about these, is the sound effects & light! In the picture below you can see on the left the green light inside the cockpit. The younger kids will love playing with it along with displaying it like my son will be doing with it.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?


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