Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ThinkGeek: Angry Birds Game & ThinkGeek Twin Sheet Set

thinkgeeklogo If you follow me on Twitter or you’ve read my blog, you know that ThinkGeek is one of my favorite stores. I was tuned into it by my brother. Well, I believe my boys are now fans of the site as well.

IMG_7563 IMG_7564

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past year, you’ve heard about Angry Birds. This is an app my boys play on my Droid2. Angry Birds is perfect for long trips or when the kids are bored with their other handheld toys.

What you may not know, it has taken it to a whole other level! They’ve made an actual Angry Birds Game to play! I was so stoked for my boys to see it when we got it in the mail. Their reaction was exactly what I was hoping for.IMG_7578It didn’t take them long to figure out how to play. I mean, for real, it’s set up just like the Angry Birds app! When you start the game, you use the cards provided. One person builds the example and the other one tries to knock down the pigs with a certain amount of birds.

The boys did this for a while, but then they decided to get creative. Things went from several blocks stacked up to the entire set being used. It was fun to see their imaginations break out. My first thought when the boys called me over to see their designs was, they’re going to have to get expansion packs asap!IMG_7585The cards were put to the side and they spent the rest of the day building and designing. They also ignored the rules of the game by making them longer than 2’ and deeper than the width of the blocks! LOL Rules Schmules

The other item we received, because I thought my son would love them are the ThinkGeek Kids Geeky Twin Bed Sheet Set. As soon as my 18 yo daughter, who is heading off to college saw them, she claimed them. Who cares that their not TwinXL and won’t fit her dorm bed, she’s taking them with her. Sure they say, “for kids 3-7”, but we’ll just ignore that little detail.Geek Kids Bed Sheets

I’m not sure what sealed the deal on these sheets for her:

The pirate


The unicorn


or this dinosaur. I’ll have to go with the dinosaur!


With the dog days of summer upon us, check out these awesome products that ThinkGeek carries and my family would love:

Tie Know Water Balloon Filler ok, maybe I want this one, sure would make my life easier!Tie Knot Water Balloon Filler

With our hot days, I know Rugby would love these Freezy Pup Treats

freezy pup treats


They think of everything, don’t they?

What ways have you been spending your summer days? Any fun and kooky things the family has been up to?

Not sure if you ever sign up for newsletters from online companies, but if you only sign up for one, get the ThinkGeek newsletter! They are hysterical! Ok, maybe they’d rather me say, “informative’ and they are that, too, but trust me, you have to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed (and NO that wasn’t part of me working with ThinkGeek. I really do crack up as I go through their newsletters.

*I received samples for review. The opinions shared are my own and never influenced by the company.


Mrs. Frogster said...

I love ThinkGeek! It's pretty much my go-to site every year for my hubby's birthday. He has a lot of their funny T-shirts:)

PythonKatie said...

We totally could spend every dime we have at ThinkGeek if we'd allow ourselves to!!!!


Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

I never heard of that store, but I need to check it out as a mom of two self-proclaimed geeks. My youngest is addicted to Angry Birds (he brought me to the dark side as well while camping.


Alison Golden said...

I've never heard of it either but I live with three and could perhaps classify as one myself. Will have to check it out!

Hen Jen said...

the angry birds game looks like fun! Loved the sheets, I have an ugly doll in my car...there is just something cute about ugly monsters!

fun set of reviews! (stopping by from the SU group)

The Budget Diet said...

Freezy pop treats are my favorite! stumbled!

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