Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Neutrogena Wet Skin #CBias #wetskin

spf 30 My boys love to play sports, especially in the Spring and Summer. This summer, Neutrogena Wet Skin came in supremely handy. My 8yo sweats like there’s no tomorrow. It’s terrible. Even in the winter he sweats.

This past summer he played baseball thru July & August and it was  miserable: humidity and heat. My poor Doodle had a hard time keeping lotion on his little body while being active. He would just sweat the stuff off and I really was concerned about the damage the sun would do to him.

So, when it came time for the two water parks we went to and Doodle’s baseball games, we grabbed the Neutrogena Wet Skin. I liked a number of things about this lotion.

  1. It’s a spray on. It was easy to apply and the boys could do it themselves (they’re 8 and 12)
  2. It doesn’t feel heavy and sticky. Once it’s on you don’t notice it’s there. (yes, I tried it myself)
  3. You can apply it to wet skin. If Doodle is playing, his entire body sweats, even his arms, back, neck, etc. This was an important feature for me!

Here’s a look at my shopping experience at Walmart for the Wet Skin products.

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IMG_8322Can you see the spray coming out onto Doodle’s skin? Clear!

At the waterpark we were at last weekend, not a single kid came away with any burns or skin issues. We lathered up the adults and kids! For baseball, through the sweat, Neutrogena Wet Skin was able to cut the mustard! We have a perfect go-to product now for all our outdoor activities. Safety first!

At home, my boys play pick up ball with the neighborhood kids all the time: baseball, soccer, football, you name it those kids are in our huge yard playing it. They play it so much, my mom got Doodle a baseball plate set for Christmas last year.Neutrogena Wet SkinSo, now when all the kids come over to play in the yard, they’ll have Neutrogena Wet Skin lotion to spray on because they almost always forget to put it on before they get here.IMG_8325

Wondering where else we have used the Neutrogena Wet Skin?

IMG_8189 IMG_8303 Waterparks and Gardening

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Unknown said...

We love the stuff too! Works wonders at the pool, on the beach, riding bikes, anywhere and everywhere we go! And you know what? My youngest sweats constantly and he's only 2! Must be a boy thing! My girls just never sweat like that!

Unknown said...

Your kids look they have fun in any outdoor activity they do! Glad you had such a great experience with the Wet Skin!

Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy said...

Cute pics of the kids. It does make it nice to be able to protect your kids from the sun without having to deal with all the lotion junk (on our hands! lol)

Kathy said...

I haven't tried Wet Skin yet but glad to know it has a light feel on your skin - hate the sticky stuff. Great product.

Liz Mays said...

I like that too because some of the other products rub off and get into eyes and start stinging. This is great!

Jayme said...

Cute pics! We love this stuff too :)

Whitney said...

This sounds like the perfect sunscreen for our family. I love that it's spray on, but not sticky and will continue to work even when my 2 year old is sweating like crazy!

Superdumb Supervillain said...

I like the way it smells, too!

Unknown said...

I love the smell too! That is one of the first things I noticed and commented on!

Marina@EBMR said...

I'm always looking for something light, non sticky and Mommy recommended. The fact that it smells good makes me want to try it out on the kids. Thanks for sharing!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

one of my friends was just telling me about that stuff..I really need to go check it out, I usually forget to slather the kids up before they hit the water...#badmommy and then I have to dry them off before I apply...such a hassle!

Digi Stitches said...

I've seen it advertised but have never tried it. Thanks for the reminder and posting this. I'll be buying some the next time I'm out! Love that it sticks to wet skin.

Becky Willis said...

Sounds like an awesome product! My boys never liked anything on them because they didn't like "lotion"...so this would have been perfect. TY for sharing.

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