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Coach by Joel Comiskey and giveaway


The goal of Christian coaches is to move people toward Jesus Christ. The Christian coach strives to lead people forward to conformity with Jesus Christ, knowing that the ultimate crown is the one that will last forever (1 Corinthians 9:25). While Christ-like character is most important, a small group coach also equips leaders with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to develop themselves and become more effective in small group ministry. A cell coach encourages, nourishes, and challenges cell leaders to grow and multiply their cell groups. Coach provides step-by-step instructions on how to coach a small group leader from the initial stages of leading the group all the way to giving birth to a new one. Those who have never coached before will receive clear information on how to take the small group leader to the next level. And someone who is already coaching a small group leader will also find the eight lessons in this book invaluable to empower others to lead fruitful groups.

What is the book, COACH, about?

It's about how to come along side someone who is influencing others for Jesus Christ. My area of writing over the years has been small group based ministry, so I'm specifically writing for people who are influencing others in a small group setting. Yet, the principles of this book are much wider than just small group leadership. They reach into many areas, including how to live the Christian life.

Why is coaching so important in small group ministry?

Coaching is essential to small group ministry because small group leaders are ministering to others on a voluntary basis. They are constantly giving out. One huge question is: who is going to care for them? Who is going to minister to their needs?

The coach comes alongside the leader, not just to dish out information, but to be a friend, to listen, and to develop the leader. Often the best thing a coach can do is simply listen. Most of the time the leader knows what's wrong. More than hearing advice, the leader needs to know that there's someone available to listen.

What are some of the key principles that you bring out in your book?

I've titles my chapters after the key principles of coaching: receive, learn, plan, listen, serve, develop, strategize, and challenge.

I talk about the need for the coach to make sure his or her life is in tune with Jesus. Great coaches will first be successful with God and those closest to them (God, spouse, family).

Has coaching replaced the concept of mentoring?

Mentoring was always an obscure word. Mentor was actually one of the Greek mythology characters. And thus, it's always difficult to explain what mentoring is. Yet, coaching is all around us. We see sports coaches, business coaches, and spiritual coaches. The practice of coaching that we see around us helps explain what it is and thus people have more readily picked it up.

Joel Comiskey (Ph.D. Fuller Seminary) is an internationally recognized church consultant and speaker. He has served as a missionary with the C&MA in Quito, Ecuador and is now founding pastor of a cell-based church in Southern California. Joel's books have sold 130,000 copies in North American and an additional 200,000 copies worldwide. His titles include: Home Cell Group Explosion (Touch Publications, 1998), How to Lead a Great Cell Group Meeting (Touch Publications, 2001), and An Appointment with the King (Chosen Books,2002). Joel teaches as an adjunct professor at several theological seminaries. Joel and his wife, Celyce, have three daughters and live in Moreno Valley,California.
To win a copy of Joel Comiskey's book The Church that Multiplies leave a comment here and I will hold a drawing at the end of Aug/beginning of Sept when the book is available. Please leave your contact information. US residents only please.


Lucie said...

Joel Cominskey's new book, Coach, sounds like a good read to help with relationships in the leader/co-leader area and very informative. I am a co-leader of a small group and would love to be entered in this drawing.


LucieInCA [at] aol [dot] com

Lucie said...

Joel Cominskey's new book, Coach, sounds like a good read to help with relationships in the leader/co-leader area and very informative. I am a co-leader of a small group and would love to be entered in this drawing.


LucieInCA [at] aol [dot] com

joelcomiskey said...

“Thanks for posting coverage about my book on your site. It’s a pleasure to be here, and I’d like to say hello to all of your readers. Please contact me at for any questions or comments about COACH. I look forward to hearing from you.

Joel Comiskey

Pamela J said...

We are a very small group who are trying to introduce Christ to all we meet and grow baby Christians up in our Assembly. We have three active small bible studies and have been working with the young Christians in group settings, even taking turns teaching lessons to each other with supervision. I'd love to win this book, to be able to have pointers in how to do this job of coming along side the upcoming leaders while they become better themselves. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks.
Pam Williams
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

This book sounds great. Love to win.

angelahipp at charter dot net

Anonymous said...

we're going toward home groups in our church, so I would be interested in reading this!

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