Sunday, August 1, 2010

Checking Out Another Site’s Giveaway

Alrighty, on occasion, I find a giveaway that I’m willing to post about to earn an entry. This is one of them for a couple of different reasons.

1) Lisa started making her jewelry to raise $ for her mission trip to Haiti

2) Her handmade jewelry gives God glory

Now, if you follow me on Facebook or my Feel Good Friday posts, you know that my daughter just came home yesterday morning from a month long mission trip to India. So, I have such a heart for those trying to raise $ for their trips. Looks like Lisa has reached her goal!

The first piece I saw on her website Keefer STYLE Creations was one that spoke to me personally. I like to use “jesusfreak” in different forums. For the most part I go by “bigguysmama”, but enjoy using jesusfreak just as much. You’ll see that my email is mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com so I’ve been a “jesusfreak” for a long time.

Jesus Freak Hand Stamped Necklace-Copper with sterling silver

Now, I will warn you. Lisa has music on the bottom of her homepage that plays music automatically. If you’re curious about the music I listen to, this is it! She has an awesome playlist!! She and I would rock at Sonshine together. =)


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