Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The First Day of School!

IMG_3554 Well, the boys are headed off to school today! I can’t believe summer vacation is over! Apparently the weather agrees that Fall is just around the corner. As soon as September hit, the temps plummeted! I’m not a cool or cold weather girl.

Oh yah, this isn’t about me, it’s about the boys. Buddy is headed to 6th grade. It’s his second year in Middle School. I can hardly believe it. I remember when my oldest daughter was in 6th grade. It seemed like the rest of her schooling would never end. Little did I know it would zoom by faster than I could blink!

Doodle is headed to 2nd grade with a teacher I love. My 17 yr old had the same teacher when she was in 2nd grade so I’m thrilled to have him in her class. 10 yrs later and now I’ll be back volunteering in her classroom again.

The biggest change for Doodle is that he’s going to school with a hearing aid in his left ear. Nearly a year ago, he went to his hearing screening and was flagged to have it checked. That started us down a road I never imagined we’d be traveling.

Sure enough, after he was tested by an audiologist he was found to have hearing loss in his left ear. Not super significant, but enough to be noticed. The audiologist asked if I wanted to get him a hearing aid.

IMG_3556That was a no brainer for me. Doodle does great in school and if it helps him learn easier, then I was all for it. I did everything I could to make sure he knew this was a positive experience.

I thought we’d have had the hearing aid last year, but lots of stuff came up. He ended up getting tubes in his ears in January. Then there were cancelled appts by us and audiologist. Finally we got into Spring and school came to an end. I thought he’d never get the hearing aid.

The middle of July shows up and hurray, we have a hearing aid!

Doodle has been so good wearing it. You can barely even tell he has it on. He picked the color that matches his hair. I think they need to start making grunge designs and such for kids to make hearing loss more “cool”! It would draw good attention to the hearing aids.

Can you imagine a 7 yr old with a Tony Hawk designed hearing aid? Su-weet!

So, we’ll see how this year goes. My desire is to have my sons’ do the best they can in school. If it’s being pulled out because they are struggling in a class or getting a hearing aid. then I’m going to make sure they get the best education possible!

What are some of your expectations for the kiddos in school this year?


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