Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Traveling with SafetyTats

Safety Tat
I can’t believe how much traveling the boys and I have done since school’s been out! Traveling of course means we’re taking backpacks and suitcases with us everywhere we go.

The boys are spending the entire month in Illinois and Minnesota with friends and family. They both went with a backpack and suitcase and of course I wanted to make sure they were able to spot their luggage as it came off the plane so we used Anywhere Labels Metal Tags from SafetyTat.
I actually wasn’t sure how well they’d do on an airplane. I thought it would be possible with the travel on the plane, driving with a bunch of other people down to Illinois, back up to Minnesota, and going from one family to another they could potentially get lost along the way.Thankfully, halfway through their trip, the boys tags are still on everything! Yes, I got confirmation from Buddy!
The only difference I’d make is the color I’d choose. Since our suitcases are black, I’d pick something that would stick out better like, orange or red. That’s personal choice only.
SafetyTat Metal Tags
When the boys flew for the first time on their own, they only had one phone. Well, Buddy had a phone. Doodle had nothing and if he got separated or lost, I wanted a sense of security and that came in a temporary tattoo. I put it on him the morning we went to the airport and I added only my phone number. I didn’t want anyone to be able to walk up and see his name on his arm and act like they knew him.

We used the Quick Stick Write-On! tats in the sports theme. I liked that they have a sports option since he’s too old for little kid themed tats, yet he’s not really in that place to go plain. I told him that if he went to any waterparks or zoos that I wanted him to put on a new tattoo and to share them with his cousins or friends if needed.
Metal Tag Suitcase
Several days later when he and I were on Skype, he raised his arm for some random reason and he still had the tattoo on his arm. He’s so funny. Why do I have this sense that he’ll still have evidence of his tattoo.

I then had the opportunity to use the extra two Metal Tags on my backpack and suitcase that were headed to Peru. Yes, international travel. Would they make it?! I have to say, I just kind of toss my stuff around only paying attention to how well my computer is padded.
Both my backpack and suitcase made it with the tags intact. The entire time we were in Peru, my backpack went with me everywhere because it would’ve been too easy to get ripped off leaving anything laying around. The entire time, my Metal Tag hung on with no problem.

After our crazy flight home, I stayed at a hotel before I actually came home so I could get a good night’s sleep before I drove, I opened up my suitcase and for some reason, my tag was inside my suitcase just sitting on the top of my stuff. I guess one of the baggage people didn’t care for it being on the outside of suitcase or maybe they were concerned it might get lost? lol I have no idea, but it still made it home with me, just on the inside of my suitcase. =)
I’ve got more traveling to do next month to Michigan for my friend, Amy’s wedding and a move that should be happening so that means the luggage and our tags will be getting even more use. And don’t forget, the boys still have 3 more families to visit and a flight home so we’ll see how well the Metal Tags fair, but I’m not worried in the slightest.

*I received the SafetyTat products for review. The opinions are my own.


Unknown said...

These are such a good idea for peace of mind. That was a smart idea to put your phone number only, too. These would be especially good for very little ones that might have a hard time communicating if they get lost. Once, I was in a store and a little boy walked up to one of the clerks crying and said, "I lost my mommy!". They said, "What's your mommy's name?" He paused for a second and said, "Her name is mommy!". Luckily mommy found him a moment later so all was well, but something like this could really help in that type of situation!

Bre said...

This is such a good idea! I have never seen something like this before! I have 4 kiddo's! I need to invest!

Christy Maurer said...

Those are great for little ones that love to wander too! I had a child in my class come in with his name and number written on his arm in ink. When asked why, he said they had been to a baseball game and he sometimes wanders away! AHHH! Well, I guess that is a good idea lol. Great for kids traveling alone!

Ondria Witt said...

I love this idea! We'll be planning a trip to Disney soon and I want to make sure that we have these when we go for peace of mind!

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