Thursday, September 5, 2013

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It was pretty cool when we moved to our new area and I saw that we had a Safeway here. I haven’t seen one of those since we moved from WA over 15 yrs ago! As we were getting ready for Back to School I figured I’d be nostalgic and get some groceries for dinner.
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Since I hadn’t shopped Safeway since my girls were little, it was cool to find out they were working to give back to schools! Since we’re new to the area, I’m trying to find ways to get involved in the schools, which I loved doing back in Minnesota. One of the easiest ways to do that is with our normal purchases.

It turned out that Safeway has what they call Safeway Back to School 10% School Donation program! It’s so fun to know we’re helping out the schools in the area. Signing up for the program is the easiest thing to do! And I love easy!
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The other thing I was excited to find out about is that Safeway is working with Tyson and their Project A+ Program. We buy Tyson products like they’re going out of style. I checked out the list of products for the Program and found a lot of the things we already buy, but found there are ones I hadn’t even heard of.
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Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the Tyson Project A+ Program and you’re interested in giving back to your school, with each participating product, they’ll give .24 cents for each label sent in (100 minimum). One of my favorite ways to give back to the schools is by helping individual teachers out. It would be so awesome to be able to give to Doodle’s new teacher so she can get items needed for her classroom. It gets personal for us and we always love our teachers!

Ideas for how to use Tyson Project A+ funds:

  • Art Supplies
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Band Instruments
  • School Trips
  • School Performances
  • Clubs & Activities
  • Special Events
So, one of the things I came home with from our Safeway shopping trip was Batter Dipped Chicken Breast Tenders. I had hoped to learn how to make tamales, but I couldn’t find the Tyson Southwest chicken that I wanted. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make for lunch for myself, but had been craving potato salad. Wanting to add in some protein I cooked up the Tenders. It was my first time making potato salad. lol I may need to try a few more times to perfect it.
#ad Tyson Project A  #cbias
Since we’re new to the schools, I checked to see if the school was already signed up and they weren’t so I went through the super easy steps of getting the elementary part of the program.
#ad Potato Salad with Tenders #cbias
If you’re interested in making homemade potato salad I’ve included the recipe below!
#ad Potato Salad Recipe #ClipForSchool #cbias
#ad Recipe for potato salad #cbias
Since this was the first week of school, I forgot to do a couple of things at the elementary so when I head there tomorrow I will be sure to share the information with them about the Tyson Project A+ and that I’ve signed the school up! Can’t wait until the school can start earning money!

If you could give money to your school, what would you have it go towards?


Andrea Kruse said...

What a clever use of the Chicken tenders! I am going to have to try that. Yes, we too go through a large amount of Tyson products. I think it will be easy to rack up the cash for our schools.

Janet said...

I have never thought to add chicken to potato salad, but it actually sounds good. I love both of these programs for giving back to our schools. I think my son's school needs more art supplies!

Allison M said...

I've never heard of this program before, what a great way to help our schools! I'll have to see if my daughters' schools are signed up!

Unknown said...

What a great project... I love when companies do what they can to help others... and your recipe looks amazing... thank you

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