Monday, August 18, 2014

Heading to Middle School with Master Lock & Giveaway

Master Lock Disclosure
Last week I took my youngest to middle school for the first time. It was an open house and he’s never been the middle school here. It was quite the experience. The middle school is currently sharing it’s space with the elementary kids while their school is being rebuilt.
Master Lock & Backpack
We brought along Doodle’s new Master Lock padlock to try out on what could be his future locker. Oh, and speaking of the word “Doodle” while we were walking around, I started to say his nickname out loud, “Hey Dood…dude, check this out.” As soon as I said it, I thought to myself, “he’s going to kill me.” And sure enough, a moment later, he came up to me and whispered, “Can you not call me that in front of people?” Sigh…a little piece of me died.

Moving one, we had a tour of the school. We went to the 6th grade wing and got to see the classrooms. The rooms are pretty decent sized and it was a pretty large wing. We headed to the lunch room and gym. Looks like they’ll be pretty closed off from the big kids. Makes me happy to know that!
Master Lock Practice
After we finished the tour, I had DOODLE (cuz I can say that on my blog still) practice putting his padlock on the locker. He spent quite a bit of time practicing the directions to click. These are so much easier than remembering numbers, going right, going left and going right again. Hoping that you land on the right numbers each time and that it opens. I always had a little bit of stress when I was in school and having to remember a new combo every year.

I’m loving this new Master Lock padlock. It lights up in the direction that you click. Once you have the code right, you hear/feel the click and the center circle turns green. Codes are, in my opinion, much easier to remember than numbers back and forth.
Master Lock Collage
We’re really excited for the school year to start and not having to worry about memorizing a combination on the first day is a relief!

Now through September 7, 2014 visit for a chance to win back-to-school security items, and create a wish list for easy shopping with the Master Lock Photo Hunt Challenge.

Be sure to enter to win the Master Lock dialSpeed padlock below!
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Marti Tabora said...

I think the 1500e dialSpeed Combination Padlocks would be great for the kids. I really love that they have one that comes in pink for the girls. They would like that. Thank you.

nomo wino daph said...

Oh, baby boy is growing up!!
Hope all has been well! I am FINALLY back in the blogging world, obviously I have LOTS to catch up on.
Blessings, Daph

Anonymous said...

I think it would be easy for my nephew to learn the Word Combination lock.

Dee Dee said...

The Combination Padlocks for my sons locker would be great!

Unknown said...

I think the Word Combination padlocks would be best for my boys.

fancygrlnancy said...

My boys are too young to need a lock, but I'd love one of the master lock storage boxes for my important documents.

Amy said...

I actually love the lock that Doodle got! I hated remember number combinations...And after a while when you have multiple combination locks, they all get fuzzy to remember!

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