Saturday, March 21, 2015

Do You Take Water For Granted? #WaterEffect #WaterNow

Thanks to World Vision for sending me an umbrella and Royal Silk Scarf made with luxurious silk, using Fair-Trade practices in exchange for sharing about World Water Day!

When we went to Peru on our mission trip a year and a half ago, one of the things we didn’t have to worry about in the city of Lima was a lack of water. We did have to be careful of the water we drank, just like you do in most other countries. There were places on the outskirts of the city that I’m sure had limited or no safe water, and it was overwhelming at times.
Homes in Hills[5]
When Smooch told me she was going to go on a year long mission trip, the first concern at the top of the list for me was her not getting sick because of the water. When she went to India several years ago she got sick right when she got there. It was so hard to be so far away from her when there was nothing I could do for her from the States! Such a helpless feeling as a mom. Now she’s been in 9 countries in the past nine months. I haven’t gotten to talk to her about how she’s been feeling the last couple of months. I know she had issues with her health the first couple of months. I’m hoping to talk to her then next time she has access to Skype.

Did you know that March 22nd, that’s this Sunday, is World Water Day? It’s been a recognized day since 1993, that’s the year Smooch was born! In face, her birthday is under two weeks away. Well, World Vision is encouraging everyone to make a difference on that day. They have some amazing ways to provide a better life for people around the world.

One way to do that is to contribute to their Clean Water Fund. How wonderful would it be to know that for just $25/month you could provide 6 people with clean water every year? A gift of $50 provides one new person with clean water. Truly, it’s such a small amount that could mean the difference between life and death for someone!
World Vision Water Now
I think about what it would look like if the kids and I were in some of the conditions the kids and families are in. Would I let Buddy and Doodle go down to the waterway down the road to draw water for us every day? Give them containers they have to fill, make them walk on a dangerous road, carry those full containers back, and then use it to drink, cook, and bathe with it? I just can’t even wrap my mind around that.
World Vision World Water Day
I also wanted to teach the boys about this day and what it looks like to have to draw your own water, and what that actually looks like. The creek by our house seems to have clean, clear water. I asked my youngest to grab an empty jug and fill it up. I tell you what, that was quite the eye opener. He said to just boil it. Let’s just say we had a terrific conversation after that!

World Vision Clean Water Fund
What is one way your family can make a difference on World Water Day?


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