Friday, August 14, 2015

How Many Floors Can One House Have #FredNMimiBuildAHome

We have four kids who will be living with us. I’ve got two who have already flown the coop, but I want to be sure they always have someplace to stay if they come here. My oldest son had the smallest room in our last house in MN, and here he’s had to share a room with his little brother.
Third Floor
With the house plans we were able to choose from, Fred was good enough to use, to choose a house that has a 3rd floor.  Now, let’s not go crazy here when I say “3rd floor.” It’s basically a finished attic. A finished attic that will be the oldest’s bedroom. Not only will he have a bedroom, he’ll have his own bathroom!! At one point when we were walking through one of the other houses that was further along in the process than ours, I told Fred WE should take the 3rd floor. I mean, it’s stinking big! The boy wanted no part of that idea. HA!
Framed house
We recently went back to the house after not seeing it for almost a week, and the second and third floors were all framed in and the roof was on! I couldn’t believe it! It was SO exciting to see. This means we have REALLY got to get connected with all of the subcontractors.

Fred and I went to the hardware store to look at light/fan fixture as well as faucets. Yes, I want the best of the best, and we truly don’t have the money for that, but oh it’s fun to dream. And down the road, we can switch things out as we have the money.
House Building
Mom had another bridal shower for me, and we were given more gift cards, so those will absolutely be going towards things we want for the house. Our first purchases will be for ceiling fans. Next will be the faucets for the house. A cool piece is that Delta is going to work with me on an amazing faucet as we’re building so you don’t want to miss that review AND giveaway! I know, those have been missing quite a bit here at my little ol’ blog.

Now that our house is under roof, we’re going to have the cabinet people come out to measure so we can pick what we want for the kitchen and bathrooms. I’m also excited to pick out the color of the siding, and front door. Yes, I’m excited about a front door.

Our plan is to write scripture in all of the rooms. We’ll be doing that as we go. I loved this one that Fred picked out to write on the door frame into our home. I’ve got ideas of what I’d like to write on the other rooms, and the youngest has already chosen the one he wants for his room!

If you’ve ever built a home, what was the most exciting part for you?


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