Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cedar Cove's Season Finale #WritersWorkshop

Guess who's doing a Writing Prompt for the first time in ages? This blogger.

Mama’s Losin’ It

I have to admit, I'm rarely on Twitter these days. My passion for the longest time was hanging out on Twitter. I got to "know" so many people that way. It certainly has changed over the past few years, and so has my life. Working in Social Media full time doesn't leave me a lot of time to dabble on my preferred social media platform.

When Saturday night comes around, though, no one in my family better interrupt me from 8-9pm ET. Not only am I watching Hallmark Channel's Cedar Cove, I'm tweeting throughout it with all of the other COVErs.

As with any show, we have our favorite characters and storylines. It's funny how we get split down the line, but it's a very friendly group of people. Not only are there random people tweeting, the actors pop in throughout the show's airing! How crazy cool is that?

Gah, every time @AndieMacDowell3 and @colinferg are together my blood pressure increases. lol #CedarCove
This coming Saturday is the 2nd part of the Season Finale. How the heck did that get here so quickly? Three months of Cedar Cover, over in the blink of an eye! You have to understand, when the season ended last year, we were all moaning and groaning over the fact that we'd have to wait until July for the next season. Pretty much 1st world torture! lol

What I love about tweeting during the show, is reading everyone's reactions to scenes and lines. There are people who are absolutely #TeamWarren. Brennan Elliot has his followers who seem to think his character is endearing even though he can be a really crummy human being. I personally think he's a stinker, and has yet to win my loyalty. Brennan has been fun to tweet with during the show.

Then there's Olivia and Jack, the couple everyone was rooting for until the "Maytag man" showed up on the scene as Paul. Some of the viewers have jumped on #TeamPaul, and I just turn a blind eye. They're crazy. It's #OliviaandJack all the way for me. And Colin Ferguson just razzed me with this tweet response to me:

@MimiBakerMN You mean like.... as we're getting married in a surprise ceremony? Don't worry. We'll invite Jack. :)

— Colin Ferguson (@colinferg) September 22, 2015

Isn't it funny how that happens? And then as I get swept back into the Twitterverse, more responses come! lol Everyone has opinions on the storylines and characters. We have a fun banter! After Colin (Paul) replied to me, I said something about the character Jack sending them a gift of a Maytag washer because most people know Colin Ferguson as the Maytag man in the appliance commercials. Jack then decided to share his thoughts on the matter.

@MimiBakerMN @colinferg Jack will send an entire Maytag kitchen and laundry ensemble. In fact, my whole kitchen is already Maytag. True!

That's my tweet (at the top) from last week. I'll be sad once the season is over this weekend and don't get to chat about the show again until next summer. I've never been very patient having to wait months for shows to start up again. I'm not alone, right?

Have you ever tweeted during one of your favorite shows?

Writing Prompts:

1. Write a blog post in exactly 8 lines.
2. Share a day in your life represented only in pictures and the time the pictures were taken.
3. Talk about something your child learned this week.
4. Find a tweet you shared last week and elaborate.
5. Write a blog post inspired by the word: wait
6. 10 things you would do if you didn’t have to work.


Unknown said...

I tweeted during the Emmys last Sunday and ended up getting followed by a celebrity. That was cool! :)

Cedar Cove is such a sweet show.

Beth Anne @ Beth Anne's Best said...

I rarely ever watch things live anymore but it's fun to tweet about them and read what others are saying about the show...especially if it's a show not many people are watching.

KatBouska said...

I had no idea this planet existed on Twitter! You definitely make me want to catch up on this show!

Kathy said...

I'm not on Twitter so much anymore either but I love being there for The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. The fans are so passionate and some really amazing lines almost always end up trending.

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