Sunday, November 1, 2015

Shelby: A Magical Holiday Tail Review

As any of my friends or family knows, I don't do Christmas ANYthing before Thanksgiving. It makes me cringe big time! My oldest daughter on the other hand will start playing her Christmas music in September! GAH!

That being said, my youngest and I watched Shelby: A Magical Holiday Tail for our Friday night movie. He didn't realize at first it was a Christmas movie. Needless to say he was surprised I'd put that kind of movie on. ;)

Now, who can resist a dog and a holiday movie? Shelby is about a stray Beagle (voiced by Rob Schneider) who's locked up at a dog pound run by Doug the dog catcher, played by Tom Arnold. Shelby is an escape artist who once again escapes, but ends up in the home of 10 yr old, Jake.

Doug spends the entire movie trying to recapture Shelby for a family who's willing to pay $5000 for him! Jake's goal is to keep the pup hidden until Christmas morning when he can say Santa brought him a puppy!

Shelby causes a lot of hijinks throughout the movie, and had my son & I laughing quite a bit. This would make a fun movie for the family to sit together on a weekend night. As you gear up to start watching holiday movies, be sure to add this one to your lineup.

The family dynamics are what you might expect. The big brother is a thorn in Jake's side. Then his uncle & cousin show up to make life miserable, as well as depressing. Grandpa on the other hand lends amusement to the audience, and encouragement to Jake. Grandpa's character is interesting. He treats his son like he's a doofus, while he tries to help Jake see the possibilities in life. Did I mention grandpa is played by Chevy Chase? The character fits him to a T!

Now, there are a couple of elements that families with younger kids that you should be aware of. The boy says the word "sucks" several times throughout the movie. There's also alcohol consumption, and at one point grandpa says he needs something stronger than the wine he's drinking.

In the end, this is a heartwarming story, that the entire family will enjoy as we head into the holiday season. Shelby is coming out on DVD, November 3rd!

What movie does your family love watching during the holidays?


averagemeetsAMAZING said...

Thanks for posting this! Our family does a countdown calendar for Christmas and I'm always looking for new, clean movies to add. My kids LOVE anything with dogs, so that's a bonus! Perfect!

Unknown said...

Fantastic! I love Chevy Chase! Even with the few quirks the movie has, my boys are old enough to know what's right and wrong, so I'm sure this movie would be very favorably welcomed. Thanks for a great review!

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