Saturday, March 12, 2016

Assembling A Garden Box

For Christmas, my hubby got me a surprise! He was pretty proud and sure of himself leading up to December 25th. I was actually a little concerned. I hadn't hinted at wanting anything, and I was worried he got me something that I wouldn't quite "want." Then the big box came. Then a second big box came. Oh dear...this couldn't be good. I was pretty positive I didn't want anything as big as those boxes were. I was plotting how to pretend to be "thrilled" with his surprise.

Joy of all joys, I didn't have to pretend ANYthing! Whew! I opened my Christmas gift, and I was elated! He'd gotten me a planter box! He totally nailed it! Heck even I didn't even know how much I wanted it.

I finally got around to taking it out of the box today not really knowing what to expect. I hadn't taken it completely out of the box at Christmas. I somewhat opened it, but because it was all boards, Fred explained what it was.

Today wasn't the most gorgeous of days, but I had enough time to get everything done I hadn't had time to over the last bunch of weekends.

Taking the boards out of the boxes today, I started off a wee bit nervous. You know how companies can be with their version of instructions. Most often they're completely pointless, and a waste of time.   Well, lo and behold, these instructions were easy and complete. Step by step, under each photo. Easy peasy!

Doesn't look too tough, right? Everything was already pre-drilled. Even the bottom came already put together. It was in its own box. Are you a separator? I am. I have to, even if the directions don't call for it. Everything is put with "like" items.

The boarder is basically like Jenga, but backwards. You're putting it together instead of taking it apart. Big boards, then little boards. They slide over the poles until you get to the top, and voila! You have your box created! For real, this took maybe 5 minutes?

This truly went together like butter. No issues. No having to drill a hole bigger. No having to force anything to fit. If you can stack something, you can make this box.

The one thing the directions don't tell you is what you'll need in the way of tools. Of course, it's not rocket science. You've got screws, well, you'll need a drill. A screwdriver would've taken too long. At first I started with my light driver, but yea, that wasn't doing the trick. I decided I needed to pull out the DeWalt. Of course, that was just fine with me! These side boards are put on the corners for stability.

Darn, as I posted this photo, I realized I didn't take a partial photo of putting the top together. There are small dowels bringing each of the corners together. Now, I needed a hammer, and it was a bit tricky to get them all flush, but after about 5 minutes it was done. This part probably took me the most amount of time and effort. Again, I'm working with tools, so there's no complaining here.

The last step was screwing the top onto the box. Pretty easy. I'd say I was done in around 20ish minutes? One of the first steps is to decide for sure and for certain where you want this box built because once it's built, it's gonna be a beast to move. Well, it's going to have to stay in this spot for a while because we still have to fix our grass from last fall when the seed was put down, and sod in just a small spot. I'd prefer it to be off of the porch because I don't really want it stained with the dirty water that will come through with watering. I've got a little while because I'll be planting my veggies in here once the weather has gotten better, and it's time to sow them!

Have you ever used a large planter to do your gardening? Any advice is welcome!


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