Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hanging Out With My Boss

The last time I saw my boss was almost 2 yrs ago. How many people can say that? Actually, it kinda stinks because I have a great boss.

She came out here a week ago, with her stepdaughter, to see her sister. and brother-in-law. She was only going to be in the area for a few days, and I was super thankful she made time for me! So, Sandy (aka boss lady by me) invited me to hang out last Thursday.

I headed over to VA, and one of the things I was excited about other than seeing the boss lady was knowing her sister has Newfoundlands! I've never gotten up close and personal with them before, but always knew how beautiful they are.

When I got to Kathy's house, I was completely wow-ed! It was huge, and the tour was spectacular. What I loved most in her home was her antique furniture. She has a guest bedroom made up of furniture from her ancestors. Wish I would've taken a picture of it! Check out this incredible sculpture in the's a DOG! It's probably 12' tall!

When I got there, like I mentioned, I got the grand tour of the house. I remember when Sandy was there last year, she took me on a video tour of the house. I was in awe!

Of course one of the first things you see when walking into the home is the dogs! They're so massive. Sandy told me to be careful because they drool...a lot! Oh my. I don't do well with drool. It totally gags me. Like Nutella gags me. Shoot, just the thought of it has my belly rolling. Ask my boss, she gets a kick out of it. Glad I amuse her.

So, the dogs drool, but they're still beautiful. Kathy shows the dogs. I believe they've done Westminster with one of them. I can't remember. Most of the pictures of the dogs were taken by Elise, Sandy's stepdaughter. Who knew taking a picture of such a big, lumbering dog would be so difficult. Let me tell you, it was mostly getting photos of blurs.

How crazy adorable are they? One of the older dogs even has the task of bringing in the mail. Peaches takes her job very seriously. Cute, right?

One of the Newfies is a puppy. Allie wasn't feeling well the day before, so she was taking it easy the day I came to visit. She's only 7 months old, but she probably weighs as much as I do. hahahaha Ok, not that much, but she was big.

You can see how much Kathy loves the puppy! Pretty sure I've never seen a dog with so many toys! Little Allie is very well loved.

After I'd gotten the tour, and met the puppies, Kathy decided that she wanted to make Oreo cookie balls. Well, ok, let's do it! I'd never made them, and absolutely love them. Oh man, her kitchen! I tell you what, it was amazing! She had two gas stoves. One large refrigerator on one side of the kitchen with a full length spice rack next to it. Then on the other side of the kitchen, was the full freezer with another full length spice rack. A couple of sinks. There was even a prep counter with butcher block. Oh, and the have no idea. Nothing fabricated in there.

Sandy and I kept both saying how neither of us would ever want a kitchen like that. Pshaw silly little kitchen. I didn't walk away drooling over it or anything.

Watching the three of these ladies work together to make these cookie balls was a kick in the pants. All trying to work together while trying to do different tasks. It was great to be a bystander. I did help roll the balls, but I just wanted to watch them.

Now, as a side note, while we were visiting, Kathy had people power washing her entire house. She also has a gal who helps around the house with all kinds of tasks. Now, here's the interesting part. The gal who helps is Lashawn. As she was talking, I looked over at her with a sense of familiarity. Of course, there was no reason for me to know her. I don't know anyone in VA. Then she laughed, and I felt like I had heard that laugh before. Strange, but ok. I just blew it off.

As soon as the cookie balls were done, I had a couple, but then had to head home. Some of us have to work, ahem boss lady! I knew I could only spend a couple of hours hanging out because Kathy is an hour away from home, and I still needed to finish my work day. I actually ended up leaving a bit later than I'd planned because I just enjoyed our time together so much!

I had an absolutely wonderful time hanging out with the ladies, and was blessed to have human contact (other than my hubby) during the workday. Hopefully it won't be another two years before I see Sandy again. If it starts to get to that, I may have to road trip it to her place so we can have a "work" day!

As I was leaving, Lashawn had come outside, and she said, "I feel like I know you!" I was shocked. I had NO idea how we knew each other, and she didn't either. She's training to work for a dentist. She actually lives about half an hour from us. She doesn't go to our church. I don't go anywhere else to "socialize" other than church, so there was no other way for me to know her. The ONLY thing I could come up with was, I wonder if I randomly joked around with her at a grocery store or something. I have a habit of randomly starting conversations with strangers, and goofing around. I still have yet to place her, and it's driving me nuts. One day it will randomly come to me. It'll probably be at 3am two years from now!

What's the longest you've gone not seeing your boss?


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