Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dressed To The Nines

I love mornings where my daughter texts me and shows me what she's wearing for her OOTD. And by the way, can I just say it took me forever to figure out those letters meant "outfit of the day." Anyhow, my daughter probably didn't get her fashion sense from me because she somehow knows how to match fabrics, accessories, and so on!

When I was asked to check out pieces from Cleo Madison I was on board because when my girls were little until they left my home, the expectation was for them to dress modestly. When I say "modestly" I don't mean they walked around in turtlenecks in the heat of summer. They never wore anything too short short or cut low and revealing. Now I get it, everyone parents differently, and that's fine. This was just the way I did it.

My girls both carried that modesty through to adulthood, and I'm thankful they did. Both of my girls are beautiful and I love seeing them in their own styles. My oldest though works in a setting and in a field that allows her to dress casually, but professionally. One thing I think we can all agree on is that a pencil skirt is always in fashion.

I had her pick out the skirt that would work best and that she liked so she could try it out. It looked great on her and we both liked the fabric. She's a small gal so it's not always easy to get the right fit. She chose to do a review of the Karli Pencil Skirt. The skirt was a good length, but it was a bit tight around the hips and loose in the waist. I guess the difficult part of ordering skirts online is not always being sure of the exact fit.

We got her outside with a few poses, and one of the aspects we like about the skirt is that she can wear it to work and immediately go out to dinner with her fiancé, meet a friend at the coffee house, or head to a church function. It's versatile and comfortable to go from day to evening.

Now, I may be a bit biased, but I think my daughter looks great in everything. I hope she gets to try out more pieces to add to her wardrobe! Cleo Madison also has affordable prices. That's helpful for any budget. I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll have to offer for the winter months. I actually need to find a few articles of clothing that would be versatile and fun during the colder months.


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