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Aromatherapy With Essential Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy With Essential Oil Diffusers
by Karin Parramore
Publisher: Robert Rose
ISBN: 978-0-7788-0588-5

I'm excited to be partnering with a new publisher based in Canada! I chose two books to review: 1 for me and 1 for the guys. Today will be the book I was excited about, Aromatherapy With Essential Oil Diffusers. It will benefit my whole family, but the guys were more interested in the 150 Best Donut Recipes. That will be coming soon.


Diffusing essential oils can improve your health and well-being.
Aromatherapy and essential oils are more popular than ever, as more and more people discover that concentrated aromatics can be used in a therapeutic way, to address imbalances in our bodies that can lead to poor health.
In this perfect companion book to your favorite diffuser, Karin teaches you how to diffuse essential oils, from ammi to ylang ylang, to improve your physical, mental and emotional health and to destress your time, your work space and even your car.
Part 1 covers the history of aromatherapy, explains the different types of diffusers and teaches you how to choose, use and store essential oils.
Part 2 provides detailed instructions on diffusing essential oils to treat various health conditions and offers over 160 formulas for specialized oil blends.

My Review:

About a year ago I purchased my first essential oils kit and diffuser. I'd heard so much about the benefits of essential oils, I figured I'd make the investment. My only issue? I had no clue what I was doing or how to use the oils. So, I used them a few times and that was pretty much it. Fast forward to this month and I've learned a lot from this book!

The author starts by talking about the history of essential oils. She talks about scent memories in Saudi Arabia, and having lived there for 2 summers, I could relate to visiting the souk and the "heady scent". I think my first scent memory is going to Catholic church with my mom and the altar boys carrying the thurible filled with incense. Wow, that was overpowering too!

Also, did you know there were so many different types of diffusers or ways to diffuse essential oils? I clearly didn't. Let me just say, there's a lot to learn. A lot of beneficial ways to incorporate them into your life. As expected, how essential oils are created is pretty fascinating. I like that I can now read a bottle and understand how it was created. I also love the large section detailing a variety of essential oils used in the book.

Now, let's get into the practical side of diving into using these products. First of all, it's quite an investment. Initially purchasing the oils you may want to opt for a kit or else build up your supply little by little. Keep in mind that the prices of different oils can vary greatly. You may end up with some sticker shock. Also think of how you want to do most of your diffusing. I think the one I have is an ultrasonic diffuser. I need to try one of the passive ways for my car.

It was kid of funny going through all of the blends. Typically I had at least 2 of the eo's and always needed that third one. I've entered that fun stage of pre-menopause, and have had a delightful time with night sweats. I'll need to get some bay laurel to try this blend out. One I'd like to try for my son is for his acne. For that one I need eucalyptus citriodora. Of course as soon as I started writing this review one of my sons and my hubby had cold symptoms. I really need to get stocked up for colds and allergies!

Now that I understand how to better use aromatherapy around our home, I plan on doing it more in different rooms. I've typically only used one in my bedroom. I'm also going to use my essential oils for cleaning around the house. I'd love to go chemical-less! I can't wait to put more of the blends in the book to use.

About the Author:

KARIN PARRAMORE, LAc, CH, is the owner/formulator of Luminous Presence facial treatments and skin care products. She teaches at both the National University of Natural Medicine and Ashford University in the Bachelor's of Complementary and Alternative Health program.
Karin obtained Chartered Herbalist status from Dominion Herbal College in 2001 and has a degree in Chinese Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine. She has been a practicing aromatherapist since 2002. She lives in Portland, Oregon.


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