Sunday, April 15, 2018

Prone To Wander Smartphone Review & Giveaway

A year ago I was fed up with my nearly 4 yr old phone and since my dad was getting an upgrade, he gave me his two year old Samsung S6 Edge. Now, I'm the kind of gal who likes to have her phone completely encased in case anything happens to it. With an Edge, they don't make cases that completely encase it. So, I modified one for a regular Edge. I could only deal with that for so long.

I finally took the case off and I've been caseless for about 2 months. Two very long and scary months. Then the expected happened. I've dropped it a few times, but this time the back cracked. UGH! I haven't told my dad yet, either. I've never cracked a phone in all the years I've had one. Of course a week later I received a beautiful set of three Prone To Wander LA phone cases for review!

My phone cases have always been rather...dull. The previous one was blah white. The one for my 4 yr old phone that my son now has sported my favorite football team. Who knows before that. None of my cases have been feminine. None of them were inspirational or faith based which is where these come into play!

Have you ever seen so many amazing options of an item you're looking for and find it's nearly impossible to pick which one you want? lol That's what it was like when saw my 3 set options. I finally just said, "send me whichever ones because I love them all!" Checking out the beautiful Prone To Wander LA phone cases was, well, heavenly.

I've actually been using the Blessed cover since the day they came. I kept forgetting and forgetting to ask my husband to take pictures for me with his phone because, well, I can't use my phone to take pictures of my phone. HA! We finally got to go out of town for vacation where I got him to snap some pics for me.

The website has more than just phone cases. They also have items for the home. They have pillow covers, canvas banners, letter boards, and prints. Their phone cases are made for most iPhone and Samsung models. I don' know how much longer I'll have my dad's old phone before I finally decide to upgrade, but when I do, I'll be grabbing one of these covers for it.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enter the GIVEAWAY to get a cover for your phone!


Mamawj's Moment Away said...

The choices are so pretty and so inspiring to look at a positive message of faith. I entered. Thanks And Your Review Was awesome.

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