Sunday, June 3, 2018

Soft Surroundings - Grand Opening The Mall In Columbia

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Soft Surroundings at The Mall in Columbia. They were opening their new store, and it's one of the first stores to have a second entrance to their Beauty & Well-Being. I'm one of the lucky people who also has a store in Annapolis as well! This wasn't a sponsored event, but we did receive a fun gift bag as part of the event.

My mom introduced me to Soft Surroundings several years ago. For my birthday she gave me a beautiful cardigan (see below) that is my go-to! Thankfully they have a Tall selection, and with my long legs, the cardigan fits perfectly.

When you first walk into the store, you get a very feminine, classy feel. You just want to walk around and find every possible way to pamper yourself. From head to toe, you can find ways to luxuriate!
When I walked into the Soft Surroundings store, my first thought was of relaxation, ease, and functionality. In my mind's eye I saw those women who make casual beauty look effortless. You know who I'm talking about, right? They look great head to toe, and you want to figure out how to get the look they have. That's what I imagine when I'm in this store. Effortless beauty is within our grasp. The President and Founder, Robin Sheldon created Soft Surroundings because she knew as women we are always going, going, going and doing so much for others that we needed a way to be good to ourselves. Can I just say, "Thank you, Ms. Sheldon, because I need a place where I can feel feminine and like I'm doing something to take care of me!"

What I didn't realize was they had full skin care & beauty lines, bedding, and even furniture. They had a little of everything inside the store. Their furniture is so elegant and dreamy. The bed was so beautiful I wanted to cuddle into all of the pillows and comforter. I loved seeing that they have silk pillow cases. Guess who's going to fight sleep wrinkles with a new pillow case? This lady!


The ladies who work at the store were fantastic! They were incredibly helpful and knew me by name because they kept putting items to try on in the dressing room. It felt fun to step out of my "shade" comfort zone and try on colors and prints that I would normally steer clear of.  Seriously, Soft Surroundings is a great place to play dress up - the adult version.


After trying on dresses, blouses, shorts, and sleeveless toppers, I visited the Beauty & Well-Being products. One of the girls was very excited to try out the new products with me. The ladies had some great ideas that I was open to. They wanted to try a couple of different products on the skin discoloration I have on my neck. She put some different eye makeup on, but what I liked the most was the eyebrow coloring she did. It was exactly what I'd been looking for. She put my information onto a sheet and thankfully they keep it in their records so I don't have to remember the exact name of everything she tried.

I had a wonderful night, and can't wait to do more shopping! I now have two stores to choose from in the area. I've already convinced my hubby we need to go back asap. Thank goodness my birthday is just around the corner.


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