Monday, November 5, 2018

Sampling AriZona Fruit Snacks

I don't know if your family has this same issue, but we seem to go through snacks at the speed of light! I never seem to be able to keep enough things on hand. Not only that, I get tired of bringing home the same thing time after time. I've been asking my 15 yr old to think of some new items he'd like me to put into his lunch box.


This is where the new AriZona Fruit Snacks come in. I was offered a couple sample bags to try them out, and since my kids love both AriZona Beverages as well as fruit snacks, how could I say, "No."?

Well, it turns out these come in what I think of as a family size bag! lol I thought they were going to be your typical small bag, but nope, these are a large size, which is great because it will come in handy in more situations that just a lunch box.

Now, I'm not an iced tea person nor am I much of a fruit snack person. That being said, I did do my "duty" to at least try them, and guess what? I'm also the one who finished the bag! Kid you not, these were so addicting. I had to move the bag back to the kitchen just so I would stop myself from eating them.

Both my boys liked the taste of them as well. When your kids can agree on anything I'd have to say that's a success!

These will be great for the sporting events we go to like my son's baseball games or Fred's son's basketball games. I can even drop some into a baggie for my youngest son's lunch for a better choice for his school snack.

AriZona Beverages all natural Fruit Snacks are gluten free, fat free, contain Vitamin C, and made with real fruit! I also am thankful that they only have 70 calories per serving so they'll be a good snack while I'm walking on the treadmill if I just want to much on something.

The juicy flavors are fruit punch, mucho mango, and watermelon. For only $1.49 or 2 for $3 you can get this latest snack to hit the shelves!


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