Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Danny Gokey Pop Up Concert

About a week ago I found out that Danny Gokey was going to be at our previous church, Chesapeake Christian Fellowship. 95.1 Shine FM was bringing him to the church to do a Q&A with him and having him sing for the audience. I was super excited until I realized it was the same night as my Bible Study Fellowship. Since I wasn't able to go, I got tickets for my boys to go.

My oldest son decided not to go and I wasn't sure how I was going to get my youngest there and back so I decided I would use my oldest's ticket and miss Bible study. Not what I wanted to do, but realized that this was where I was going to be.

It was kind of a rush to get dressed, get out the door, and get to the church in time to get a good seat. That meant I didn't eat. My stomach was growling for dinner by the time we were standing in line. lol There was no way I was getting out of line to go grab something to eat so everyone around me was just going to have to deal with my loud, growling stomach.

Now, I haven't been back to CCF since we moved churches back in December with Fred's new job. It was like a mini church family reunion. Seeing so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ who I absolutely love just filled my heart to overflowing!

We got in and grabbed our seats, but my youngest ended up going to sit with one of his friends. Turned out ok, even though I thought we were going to have bonding time over the music we love. One of our young adults who we adore came and sat with me and our time together before the concert was so blessed.

Danny came out to do an on-air session with Jack and Erin from 95.1 Shine FM. They chatted for a while, answering listeners questions. After they were off the air, the 3 of them sat at the front of the stage and talked with the audience. This was probably my favorite part of the concert.

I knew that Danny had been on American Idol and that his first wife had passed away just before he auditioned for the show. I have to admit that I don't watch the show so didn't know anything about his time on there. It was incredible to hear his testimony and learn more about his faith. Having never heard anything other than his songs, I had no clue about how much of an impact his faith had in his life. I tell you what, he could easily be a preacher. He knows how to share about the Lord!

Now, this wasn't one of his full blown concerts. He only had his keyboard player with him. Apparently when he "brings the funk" he's got all kind of instruments. Without having all of that there he was limited to what he could sing. Thankfully he sang Come Back, Hope In Front Of Me, Rise, and Haven't Seen It Yet. Then he played a song that he and Mandisa recorded together called Tell Somebody. It was so incredible. I'm so excited for his album to release and for the rest of the songs to be played on the radio. The other songs he sang with us were worship songs.

I want to encourage you to listen to one of his newest songs. It is beyond incredible. The song is called Wanted. The lyrics are powerful beyond belief. If you've been in dark places, know that YOU are wanted. That God was right there with you in that place. You were never alone. You will never be alone. When he sang this song, I was DONE! More that I was un-done! Powerful my friends.

As soon as Danny walked off the stage I was up, out of my seat, into the foyer to find the line to get the CD signed. I had to text the youngest to come find me because I was the first person in line. Only sad part was we weren't allowed to take pictures because he had to get going. I gave the kiddo the CD so he was able to get the autograph and shake his hand. I just moved out of the way. Yes, I did. I'm one of those people who would've just stood there just wanting to connect. hahahaha I'm not the type to fangirl, but I'm a people person and I like chit-chatting. He didn't have time for that so I just moved right along.

I'll definitely have to make plans to see him in concert because we've got to hear him bring the funk!


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