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An Uncommon Woman By Laura Frantz

An Uncommon Woman
by Laura Frantz
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 9780800734954

I'm always excited to meet a new author. I had the chance to do that with Laura Frantz thanks to Revell Books. This is also my first read of 2020!


Unflinching and plainspoken, Tessa Swan is not your typical 18th-century woman. Born and bred on the western Virginia frontier along with her five brothers, she is a force to be reckoned with. 

Quiet and courageous, Clay Tygart is not your typical 18th-century man. Raised by Lenape Indians, he returns a hero from the French and Indian War to the fort that bears his name, bringing with him Tessa's long-lost friend, Keturah, a redeemed Indian captive like himself.

Determined to avoid any romantic entanglements as fort commander, Clay remains aloof whenever he encounters the lovely Tessa. But when she is taken captive by the tribe Clay left, his hand--and heart--are forced, leading to one very private and one very public reckoning.

Intense, evocative, and laced with intricate historical details that bring the past to life, An Uncommon Woman will transport you to the picturesque and dangerous western Virginia mountains of 1770.

My Review:

An Uncommon Woman takes me back to reading historical fiction. I feel like it's been forever since I read anything historical so diving in to 1770 Western Virginia was a treat. It's also been quite a while since I've read anything from the frontier days.

First I have to say how incredibly impressed I was at the amount of research that was evident as I started to read the story. Reading the complex language of the Lenape was a vital part of the story for me and it brought in an element of authenticity that drew me further into the story.

I enjoyed the speed at which the story progressed. Sometimes I have that rushed feeling while An Uncommon Woman wound its way along like the Monongahela River. I was able to grow invested in the characters. Speaking of which, Tessa was a character who I appreciated her strength and tenacity. As we got to know her recently-returned friend, Keturah, I wished there was a prequel so that I could've gotten to know her during her time with the Lenape.

The way the author told the story, I could see the fort in my mind, picture the surroundings, and imagine how hard life must've been. I haven't read many novels in this time period or setting, but now I want to read more, learn more.

Then we meet Clay Tygart. He's a strong, steady presence as he comes to the fort that bears his name. His history helps him come alongside Keturah and help her through the changes life has brought her. I appreciated that he wasn't all business and could see the fort through the trees. hahaha

Now, there were a couple of things that made me twitchy. I'm pretty sure I've never read the word "mayhap" in all of the books I've read combined as I did in this one. lol Don't kill me. I get that it lends to the authenticity of the time period, but I actually read the word 3x in one small paragraph.

I'm going to add this to my review for now, but will also reach out to the publisher as well. I think the 3rd paragraph on the back cover isn't accurate to the story. More than 3/4 of the story and the relationship between Tessa and Clay are solidified by the time she's taken captive. I also didn't feel like there was a public reckoning that the reader experienced. It was mostly in the background, but we don't get to read much of that. Personally, with all of the anticipation of the Lenape encounter, I would've liked to read more of that in the story. That last part is personal preference, but I felt like the whole story was leading up to an encounter we'd read more about in detail.

That being said, neither of those points would deter me from reading more of the author's books and I still really enjoyed the story. If you have any recommendations for her next book I should read, please let me know on Instagram!

About the Author:

Laura Frantz is a Christy Award winner and the ECPA bestselling author of eleven novels, including The Frontiersman's DaughterCourting Morrow LittleThe Colonel's LadyThe Lacemaker, and A Bound Heart. Learn more at


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