Sunday, February 9, 2020

Operation Blessing Recipes From Around The World Recipe Book

I'm so glad to be sharing about Operation Blessing. The first time I heard about them was when I joined FrontGate Media to promote the recipe book. Operation Blessing provides relief in 39 countries around the world. They help in a variety of ways: disaster relief, medical aid, hunger relief, orphan care, and much more!

In the recipe book, each of the countries represented have stories where Operation Blessing has been a help. Like for Asia, they helped a family's village by building a well for them. Before the well the family had to walk to another village for fresh water! That's just one example.

After looking through the recipes some of the first ones I want to try are the Imam Bayildi which is a recipe from Israel, Coconut Mahamri from Kenya, and Ahi de Gallina from Peru. Thankfully the ingredients are ones we can get at nearly any grocery store.

There are a couple of offers I wanted to share:

The cookbook is offered as a gift for any dollar amount donation. It has a soft cover with a total of 34 international recipes ranging from breakfast, side & main dishes, breads & desserts and drinks. The recipes originated from 15 countries namely Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Kenya, Israel, Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, and United States.

We are pleased to offer four (4) recipe cards inspired by international recipes from Operation Blessing’s latest cookbook, “Recipes From Around the World.” Anyone can sign up to receive this free gift after which, requests will be processed and delivered straight to their mailbox.

You can even enter to win a copy of Recipes From Around the World!


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