Thursday, August 13, 2020

Back To School With Zonderkidz

Ok, I have to admit that I've had a complete mind shift with the knowledge I'm going to be a grandma. Children's books have taken on a whole new perspective for me. Now I look at everything in light of what I'm going to get to read to my grandchild one day.

That being said, here are a couple of super adorable books Zonderkidz sent me for review as we look at schools starting up again next month and into September.

Pugtato Finds a Thing
by Sophie Corrigan
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 9780310767817


When Pugtato’s simple, quiet life is disrupted after he digs up a strange object in his garden, he enlists his best “spuddies” to help (they are more clever than he is, after all). Tweetroot is certain it’s a new egg for her nest. Tomatoad is quite sure it’s a toy just for him. And Purrsnip simply won’t stop scratching it! Luckily, Pugtato has another very special spuddy to ask …

My Review:

This hardcover book is absolutely adorable! The author/illustrator was able to see a pug as a potato and I don't know if there's anything cuter. Each of the other animal vegetables have adorable "names" such as a Brussels sprout is a Brussels snout and looks like a pig.

The story of Pugtato Finds a Thing is done as a rhyming story which will draw children in. When he finds his "thing" it gives children an opportunity to use their imagination to wonder what the "thing" could be! Each of the animal vegetables use theirs as well! I also liked that the animal vegetable names are larger and colored so it sticks out to the children in the text.

Of course since I love gardening I'll have to sock up on these books so I can share this love with my grandchild and this adorable Pugtato will be a fun way to begin that adventure!

Grandma Snuggles
by Glenys Nellist
Illustrated by Gail Yerrill
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 9780310770749


Grandma Snuggles is an engaging, board book that celebrates the love between a grandma and her little ones. Whether it’s Grandma Mouse who shares her cheese or Grandma Duck who splashes in the lake, this book shows special cuddles and love, relaying a message that all grandmas are special in their own ways.
So, hop, skip, and run with Grandma Rabbit and roll into a ball with Grandma Hedgehog. Most of all, celebrate Grandma who’s as sweet as pie!

My Review:

I love the relationships portrayed by a grandma and a grandchild in Grandma Snuggles! It gives me alllll of the feels! I mean, what grandma doesn't want to snuggle their grandchild like the sweet cover portrays? It's adorable how each of the animals interact differently in their respective species.

I think this book is a wonderful building block for a grandma and grandchild to talk about how their relationship is unique and the fun things they enjoy doing together. It's also a perfect way to infuse our faith into our grandchildren. Each page mentions God with either how He watches over us, made a grandma extra snuggly, or how God made the grandma with something unique. A lovely way to teach our kids how they're made just the way God wanted them to be.


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