Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Advancing Native Missions Gift Catalog & Giveaway

After Fred and I got married one of the actives he insisted we continue doing as a family was giving back through gift catalogs. It's been amazing learning about new ministries that give back. This year I've learned about Advancing Native Missions. I'd never heard of them before. Advancing Native Missions gifting catalog donations directly impact families around the world.  That’s something to feel good about this holiday season.

Find 20 simple ways to transform lives inside this catalog … all in the name of Jesus.

Visit the catalog online: https://catalog.advancingnativemissions.com/

Request a mailed catalog: https://advancingnativemissions.com/request-anm-catalog/

Have I mentioned that my daughter is a missionary in Thailand? Let me tell you how important it is for church planters to have modes of transportation that will be beneficial to getting the Word into those local regions. Her moto gives her the opportunity to help advance God's kingdom in ways that if she were relegated to only the city she's in wouldn't get as far.

I was so happy that they have an option to help Israel's unborn babies as well. The fact that I'm going to be a grandma makes me SO much more aware of babies so when I was given the chance to work on this program to help promote ANM, they donated a Newborn Care Package in my name. So for one month a mother and her newborn will receive baby clothes, essential baby gear like  stroller, diapers & formula if needed, and regular counseling. Isn't that amazing?! And that's ALL for $150!

There are lots of different ways you can give. Your kids could each pick out an item to give like a soccer ball or a pair of shoes. Can you imagine how much fun your little one will have choosing a chicken to give to a community? Maybe you have a large or extended family that would love to group together to give back. Why not send a beekeeping kit as a group? How cool would that be?! There's also an option to give a sewing machine that will help a family start a business from home.

The hardest part for me is narrowing down what we give because I want to give alllll of the things. Maybe a Bible and a goat for starters. Listen, I can't resist the animals! hahahaha I'd probably want to give a cow if I could.

You also have the chance to win a painting! The giveaway winner will be chosen on 11/30/20. Visit the entry form for all of the details.


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