Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Bookish Items From Once Upon A Page Designs

This past year I've gotten to know some really neat people and small business owners on Instagram. One of the people/small business owners I've connected with is Alissa who owns Once Upon a Page Designs. I was SO surprised when she asked me to be a rep for her business! I never felt like my bookstagram was one worthy of repping for anyone, so with that offer, how could I refuse?!

Well, the fact that the items she creates are AMAZING, I wouldn't have said, "No," even if I were a huge instagrammer. HA! Alissa is incredibly talented and creative. Both come through not only in her bookstagram photos, but also in her bookish crafts. She takes old books and makes them into amazing creations such as:

  • candles
  • necklaces
  • book planters
  • ornaments
  • and wreaths
Wondering what kind of characters or books she uses for her creations? Well, just about everything you can imagine! Just to whet your whistle, she uses books like: Anne of Green Gables, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Naria, and Pride & Prejudice just to name a few.

Here's a Q & A with Alissa:

1. When did you start crafting bookish items?

I started crafting bookish items in 2017! I had a good full-time position but wanted to make some extra money to travel. Working as a cashier on the weekends on top of my regular 40+ hours a week was not great. My mom and I talked about different ideas for businesses, and it was her idea to try to make book page wreaths. I loved the idea because it two of my favorite things: combined books and art! I set up my shop in 2017 and have come a long way since then. I started with wreaths and now have so many different bookish items in my shop, and I am always coming up with new ideas! 

2. What made you think of taking pages to books that are falling apart and making something beautiful out of them?

Like I said, this business started as a way to work with books and art to make a bit of extra money. I think the original idea came from my Mom seeing something on Pinterest. When I first started, I was thinking of just using random recycled books to make wreaths. After a while, I thought to myself: “What if I used stories people love and cherish? Then they would connect with my art so much more!” I took the idea and started using widely beloved books and featuring favorite names, quotes, titles, and illustrations. I moved beyond just wreaths and started making candles, ornaments, necklaces, flowers, and more!

3. What's your favorite thing to make?

I still love making wreaths the most! I love trying different styles with different books. I have used everything from old copies of Pride and Prejudice to Disney picture books. I really love coming up with a new wreath idea because it is when I can be most creative. However, I do love making the candles too because I get to flip through my favorite books and find the best scenes and illustrations to feature. 

4. How long does it take you to make a large wreath?

My most popular wreath style takes at least 3 hours to make, but some styles take even more time. People often do not realize the time I put into wreaths to make them special and long-lasting. I take pride in them, especially since they are my favorite thing to make!

5. Do you have a favorite classic book that you turn into one of your creations?

I love making things from The Chronicles of Narnia! My love of Narnia started early with my parents reading them aloud to me really young. Then of course the new movies came out as I was growing up. I still love the old BBC miniseries too, and I can remember watching the giant VHS sets from the library with my parents. I still regularly listen to the radio dramas from Focus on the Family, which are wonderful. I love the representation of Aslan, and his lines can still make me cry.  It is my favorite series, so I absolutely love featuring it in my art!

6. Do you ever make specialized orders for people?

Of course! I love creating custom orders! If there is a book you love, I can find it and turn it into art for you. Just reach out to me and we can set it up! I can also use other paper like maps, letters, wrapping paper, etc.  One of my favorite custom orders was a wreath made from some letters from a Mother to her daughter. That was a precious project, and I loved it.

Take time to look through all of the goodies she makes! You will absolutely LOVE whatever you order!


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All of those items are really pretty, especially the wreath.

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