Friday, August 20, 2021

The Luthier's Secret By B.M. Baker

The Luthier's Secret
by B.M. Baker
Publisher: Independent
Series: A Melody of Love
ISBN: 979-8694110945

I was so blessed to be offered B.M. Baker's book for review! It has been so fun getting to know her on Instagram. Then to be a teeny tiny part in her book (I won naming the tea shop and the author knows I love alpacas) I was overjoyed with the opportunity to review for her!


Having accepted a dare from her girl friends, Vivian Kaminski must uncover the luthier’s secret...Violin luthier, Seth Layne, has a past he’d rather forget. Full of sorrow and pain, Seth lives a lonely life...thinking that is the only way to avoid further heartache.Vivian meets Seth through a less than ideal chance encounter and her compassionate side roars to life at the sadness in his stormy gray eyes. Dare or no dare, Vivian is determined to discover the reason behind Seth’s sad eyes and far from civil attitude.Seth just wants to make violins and be left alone. His job as a luthier, which is also his hobby, is the only thing that provides him relief from the chains of his past. When Vivian asks a request of Alex Martin, Seth’s co-owner of The Music City Shoppe, even that enjoyment is robbed from him.Will Seth be able to overcome his past and trust God with the future? Does Vivian have the courage to overcome a great loss and fulfill a strange request? Can a melody of love be strong enough to overcome all?

My Review:

If you love a sweet romance, look no further than The Luthier's Secret!

Vivian is a precious, innocent young woman who grabs your heart and you want to protect her just like Seth did the day he met her. Well, except for the fact that he wants nothing to do with her and I wanted to yell at him for not being nice to her. lol Actually their first meeting had me laughing out loud!

I honestly wish more books were written like this, especially for younger women. This is the kind of book I would've given to my teen daughters, and I was incredibly careful with what they read back in the day. If you're the kind of mom I was/am, you're looking for books that keep a young lady's heart and mind focused on the Lord while being able to see what a fictional love can look like. I think the story is lovely for any age.

The faith element was such a huge part of this story and as you well know, this is so important to me. There's good history lessons about hymn writers which made me go searching YouTube for one of the songs I wasn't familiar with. This faith spilled over to Vivian's family, who I ended up really loving! And, hello, who wouldn't love a family who raises alpacas?! When I finished this book I was left wishing I'd grown up in a family like theirs.

Then there was Seth. Poor fella. It was clear that this guy had deep pain, and that's where the mystery comes in. Vivian is determined to find out what's caused him to be the angry way that he is. The dare sets things in motion for her to find out. The salvation message in this story is a powerful one and it gives readers a good dose of hope!

About the Author:

B.M. Baker currently resides with her family in Central Illinois. When not writing or working her medical transcription job, she can be found making memories with her family, or playing with her Yorkshire Terrier, Snoopy. She enjoys crocheting, and is a lover of music, playing the piano, violin, and flute. She has been writing stories from the time she was old enough to hold a pencil, and has forever been a bookworm. She began writing her first novel as a teenager, and has since written twenty-plus books. A few have been self-published, with more to come, Lord willing! Her love of Jesus, music, and medicine is evident in her writing. Her greatest desire for her books is that her readers will be blessed, and be pointed to the Author of the greatest love story of all time.


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